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September 12, 2010
Salem News

Upset with speeding

on West 14th Street

To the editor:

Why does everyone think that West 14th Street is a racetrack?

This is a family-oriented neighborhood. The neighborhood has many young children and pets. The people who are speeding down the street are placing the families at risk of someone getting hurt.

Many of the residents walk their pets. For instance, one evening this week, after dark my mother was walking her dog. A car came speeding down the street and almost hit her dog even though the dog was near the curb. No sidewalks exist on the street so residents have to walk on the street. Residents have contacted the police, but nothing has been done.

The posted speed limit is 25 mph! Let's obey this speed limit and protect the kids and pets of the neighborhood!



Thanks to those backing

the SCC's poker run

To the editor:

The Salem Community Center held a poker run on Sunday, Aug. 29, to help fight childhood obesity. The poker run began at the Salem Community Center and made stops at four area ice cream shops along the way ending with an after-party at Mike's Penn Avenue Grille.

Much of the success of the poker run can be attributed to the participation of Kensington Dairy Bar, Lisbon Dairy Queen, Handel's Homemade Ice Cream of Columbiana, Bruster's of Salem, and Mike's Penn Avenue Grille.

The Salem Community Center would like to send a special thank you to these five businesses for helping out for such a great cause. All proceeds will go toward the addition of the new Children's Fitness Center at the Salem Community Center. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. Thank you again.


Wellness director

Service man grateful

for support from home

To the editor:

I would like to send out a little thank you to my local VFW 5532 Ladies Auxiliary in Washingtonville, First Christian Church in Salem, as well to MaryAnn Milsom.

I had received a package in the mail just the other day and had no idea why I was getting this mail. I had opened it to find out that it had a lot of much needed items that a lot of us (military members) depend on.

That is not the reason why I wanted to write this, the main reason I am writing this is to say thank you for thinking of me and my fellow members. I want everyone who had a part of this package to know that I had shared all of its contents with the guys in my unit, which they are also grateful.

The other members in my unit kept saying thank you over and over again, then it finally hit me. We all were just overwhelmed that other people still care and think of us on a day-to-day basis especially since we all know how busy life can be.

Don't get me wrong, we do receive packages from loved ones, but to have a group of people to reach out and do something like this makes the military members grateful for the people from their home community, and other communities that we have. That is one reason of many that makes our country the best in the world the people.

So with that being said, again a special thank you to MaryAnn Milsom and to the VFW 5532 Ladies Auxiliary (my unsung heroes).

Thank you very much.



(and all others deployed)

Displeased with way

vet bonuses handled

To the editor:

Well fellow voters ... to those of you that voted for what you thought was a "high five" to Gulf War veterans ... you're in for a surprise just as we were today.

My husband went to the county Veterans Service Organization to sign up for this bonus. When put forth to voters, the idea was to give veterans of that was "up to $1,000" for their service time ... $100 a month in a war zone.

Non-war zone veterans are also eligible. Dan served from Jan. 9 to Sept. 12 all that time being paid hazardous duty pay from the federal government. Ok, war zone, right? Well, the service organization told him today that the war ended on March 3. The time he could receive this bonus was from August through March 3. The VSO then informed him that he was only eligible for $150. The VSO himself ...who did not serve in the war zone would be receiving $300-$50 a month for his time spent.

Now, let's do some basic math:

A: Up to $1,000.

B: From August to March 3, let's count on our fingers, kiddies ... August-one; September-two; October-three; November-four; December-five; January-six; February-seven; and March-eight. But March doesn't count as a full month so just drop it back to seven.

C: Multiply 1,000 times seven ... what do you get? Answer is 700 ... my guess is they knew no one could get the amount of money they reported but it would make them look good after the fiasco of 1993 ... I think it was. In 1993 the state of Ohio promised a bonus to Gulf War veterans, just like with veterans of the other wars received. It was to be $300 ...but they decided against it after they had it posted all over the newspapers and TV ... it was silently shelved.

Dan filled out his paperwork ... wrote across it "Go to Hell keep your money" ... and signed it.

I just wonder, if the war was over in March, why did they keep giving him hazardous duty pay and why did they not ship him home?


New Waterford

Columbiana Area Meals

on Wheels appreciative

To the editor:

The Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels would like to thank everyone who generously donated to our annual fund drive which started July 1.

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful individuals and businesses that helped us out. The Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels, whose sole purpose for existing is to provide two meals a day, one hot and one cold, to anyone who is in need of this service.

If you know of anyone who can use this service, please let us know or call us at 330-482-0366. Again we would like to thank everyone who gave to the meals' program.



Wants to hear from all

Sixth District candidates

To the editor:

Our right to vote is what makes America a democratic republic instead of a dictatorship. I therefore go to great lengths to research each candidate before casting my votes.

Running for public office is no easy task. It is even more difficult for some candidates because they do not have the money nor the advisors like those candidates backed by a long established political machine. Third party candidates must rely on their own limited finances and the support of friends, family, and "we, the people" to get out their message.

There are four candidates running for the Sixth District congressional seat. In alphabetical order, they are the Constitution candidate, Richard Cadle, Libertarian candidate; Martin ElSass, Republican candidate, Bill Johnson and Democrat candidate, Charlie Wilson.

I want to hear from all four of these candidates, not just the two major party candidates. Any candidate scheduling a debate should be courteous and confident enough to invite all of the candidates to participate.

The Sixth District electorate deserves no less. To eliminate candidates when holding a debate is an attempt to control the election process.



Congrats to Southern

for excellent rating

To the editor:

I would like to congratulate Southern Local Elementary School for receiving an excellent rating from the state of Ohio once again this year.

Too often it seems that the good things that happen in our district get overlooked by the media.

Southern Local deserves its place in the spotlight as do all of the hardworking women and men that put the time and effort in helping to educate our children.

So from our family we send a great big thank you to everyone at Southern Local Elementary and please keep up the great work!



Words on comedian

who died a tragic death

To the editor:

Recently learned that Robert Schimmel died in a car accident. He was about as raunchy as a comedian can be, and that makes his death seem all the more sad, since his legacy is not marked by appealing to the best in humans, but by a desperate attempt to move to the farthest edges of the animal instinct.

I don't speak as an authority about Schimmel, and actually had to do a bit of research about him.

His death brings to mind the death of perhaps an even more desperate comedian, Sam Kinnison. Earlier in life he attended a little Bible school that I also went to in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains, and something bad must have happened to Sam, religiously speaking.

His humor was not only crude but he ventured into spiritual territory in a very sacrilegious manner. Also not a fan, but I have this horrible image of Sam banging the microphone on the stage floor to re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus. Horrid stuff by a man who had been a Pentecostal preacher.

Then there is Richard Pryor too. Sad health issues and a sad death. What fascinates me is the irony of all this. Men who spend their lives trying to make others laugh, even at the expense of common decency, but who die such dreadful deaths.

Sam Kinnison was heard to say at the scene of the crash, "I don't want to die." I don't condemn these men. They were talents in their own way. They had good sides to them. But I just wish the punchline had been different.


North Lima

Objects to the opinion

of another on Beck

To the editor:

Some time back Connie Schultz, a talented writer, devoted one half page to the verbal destruction of a well-known female politician. In my opinion her remarks were untrue, unfair and gave off a strong tone of vindictiveness and I felt compelled to respond. The dear lady is at it again and once more I feel the need to respond.

On Sept. 2 she comments on Glen Beck and what she describes as "Beck's fear extravaganza." Of course the lady is referring to nearly one half million people who gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, Aug. 28. After reading her column one could come away with the impression the half a million people gathered there were all religious freaks and Mr. Beck a modern Piped Piper was leading them to a misguided nowhere.

Her comments would indicate she doesn't know or refuses to acknowledge what really went on at that gathering. The theme was to restore honor in people and government through faith, hope and charity and with the help of Almighty God. Mr. Beck believes the restoration of honor must begin with the people.

Beck, a scholar of American history, sees a close parallel between honor, the Founding Fathers and Divine Province.

She writes, Beck's interpretation of American history and scripture is so weird and warped even conservative Christians winced. Of course she has a right to her opinion, but I watched the entire program and acknowledging there were thousands of Conservatives there, I saw no one winced.

Connie Schultz writes very well, but it's a shame she doesn't use her talent for more creative work instead of criticizing people and events she knows nothing about.





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