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August 15, 2010
Salem News

Praise for those involved with 'Health and Safety Day'

To the editor:

Thanks to the Calcutta Rotary for the very nice "Health and Safety Day" conducted on Saturday, Aug. 8, for the community!

Kudos to East Liverpool City Hospital and their fine staff for participating along with Life Team, North Star, local fire departments, Donna's Bike Shop, Camp Fire, YMCA, Dr. Ricciardi, Ohio Valley Home Health, local law enforcement as well as the County Drug Enforcement Task Force, etc! It was very nice!



'Blessed' person shares her happiness with others

To the editor:

A few weeks ago, five members of Leetonia High School, class of '43, had gathered for our monthly luncheon "get-together" at the Dutch Haus. We were all finished eating, the waitress had given us our bills and we were just sitting around talking.

The waitress came back to our table and asked us each for our bills ... a younger woman ... was sitting across the aisle with her left foot propped up on a stool ... had asked the waitress to get all of our bills ... she wanted to pay them. None of us knew her ... but we all stopped by to "thank her."

She said she had been house-bound with her injured leg and this was the first time she had been able to get out ... and she felt so "blessed" that she wanted to do something for some one else. I hope she reads this article.

So ... some people do care.



Disappointment with the Columbiana County Fair, 4-H

To the editor:

I am a true believer in thanking people for a job well done. I'm also a believer in standing up, and speaking out, when I perceive a wrong. Some of our fair experiences this week were great, however several were also quite disheartening.

On Friday evening, my husband, two of our children, and myself attended the fair to see the Truck and Tractor Pull. We arrived at the fair and took our seats about an hour after the pull began.

At approximately 9:35pm, with the grandstand and bleachers packed, an announcement was made that there was a transmission problem with the sled and that the pull was over for the evening.

They also stated that the "big rigs" scheduled to pull tonight would instead pull on Saturday night. We immediately began to question whether our tickets would be honored Saturday night, and we heard others around us expressing the same concerns.

Upon leaving the grandstand we went to the ticket window where we were told if we had questions we would have to go to the fair office.

A group of approximately 35 people had gathered at the fair office when several men with "Columbiana County Fair" shirts (including at least two labeled "Director") came to speak to us.

After much discussion from all, we were told there was nothing they could do for us. We were told that giving our money back was "out of the question," as was honoring our tickets, giving us tickets for the fair Saturday, and/or giving us tickets for Saturday night's pull.

The "director" stated that a similar situation could occur in the event of bad weather. This was not an act of God, but a mechanical failure. Where was their back-up plan? You have 1,000 people in attendance without having a plan B?

With today's economy, going to the fair is a luxury for many. Admission for four runs $32, with admission to the pull costing another $20. One couple stated to the fair officials that they had saved for weeks to be able to attend the fair. Their response was that it would be unfair to everyone else if they did something for those of us at the office.

In my mind, there was plenty they could have done for all who had been in attendance. How about folding chair seating, or removing the blue tarps put up to block the view of the pull from those who haven't paid, or rescheduling to finish the pull before Saturday night's pull? Instead, they chose to do nothing.

This also was our first year in 4-H with two of our children becoming members. Before the fair, 4-H members were given raffle tickets to sell. Instead of selling their tickets, our kids decided to spend their own money and buy their tickets themselves.

On Friday, a friend told us that our daughter had won something and she was excited for us to pick it up. We went to the 4-H office at the fair where the 4-H Director said, "The chicken wire is up and I'm not going to take it back down. You can pick it up on Sunday before 6." First of all, we're talking around the corner. Secondly, what if we weren't planning on going to the fair on Sunday?

4-H also had a large number of baskets on display for a silent auction. Each basket had a corresponding paper for which to write your name and bid. On each sheet was printed, "Bidding will end Saturday at 5 p.m." This is also stated on page 61 of the fair's 2010 Premium Book. I was excited to bid on a basket and checked throughout the week in case I needed to up my bid.

My husband checked the outcome of the bidding at 6 p.m. on Saturday and called to tell me I had maintained the highest bid and won the basket I had wanted. Imagine his surprise on Sunday when he went to pay for, and pick up my basket and was told by the 4-H Director that she had decided to extend the bidding until Sunday and I had been outbid.

How many other people went to pick up a basket they thought they had won only to be told they now hadn't? I assume it's all about money, however that is hard to believe when many baskets had bids over $100, including one with a bid of $350! Or, was it to assure that only certain people would have the highest bids? Either way, it's very sad and has caused us to question how this program is being run and what its goals are.

As small business owners, my husband and I have learned the importance of customer satisfaction and of delivering goods and services as promised. If there is a problem, we do all we can to make it right, we don't change the rules mid-stride, and our customers get what they paid for. These were simply perfect examples of bad business and bad customer service with residents of Columbiana County as the unfortunate recipients.

Julie Duke,


Encourages seniors to participate in program

To the editor:

To all senior citizens:

If you have never heard of the health and fitness program called "Silver Sneakers" I would urge you to check into it at the Salem Community Center at 1098 N. Ellsworth Ave.

They will give you all the information needed. Your health insurance company could be a sponsor of this nationwide program and underwrite any costs to you SCC will know.

I personally and many others seniors, will heartily endorse and attest to the many benefits we have received.

Our motto is "Keep Fit, Have Fun, Make Friends."

Why not check it out? What have you got to lose? Beside a few aches and pains.



Readers should think three words:?Gov. Ted Strickland

To the editor:

One man, U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker, has thwarted the will of 7,000,000 California voters by striking down the homosexual marriage ban they approved, while one man, Governor Ted Strickland, has thwarted the will of Ohio voters by undercutting the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board created by a large majority of voters last fall.

Strickland, behind closed doors in concert with pliant officers of several Ohio agricultural organizations-without public hearings or input by the voter-approved livestock board-caved to the threats of Ohio non-resident Wayne Pacelle, head of the radical vegetarian Humane Society of the United States.

The governor did this by brokering an agreement that furthers Pacelle's radical agenda of one day seeing the elimination of the consumption of dairy, poultry, beef and pork products of all kinds.

When in the coming months your readers find themselves becoming livid over the increase in the cost of these products, they should think three words: Governor Ted Strickland.





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