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August 1, 2010
Salem News

These are the real heroes

To the editor:

Twelve years ago, the Salem Police and Fire Department were called to the scene of a little boy who fell into a backyard swimming pool and became entangled in the cover. Acting fast, the officers and firefighters leapt into the water, freed the boy and revived him. Those individuals, who without concern for their own safety, were recognized by the city for their "heroic action."

Some of your readers may recall those events. That is just one example of the countless heroic actions that our safety forces take every day. I am proud of our police and fire personnel who work together every day, performing remarkable deeds so that the rest of us can have some peace of mind.

After reading Mr. Presley's letter calling two councilmen "heroes" for following the orders of the party chairman, I thought the public needed reminded of what real heroism looks like.

Incidentally, the day those brave souls saved that boy's life, they were what Mr. Presley's boss, Dave Johnson, calls a "bogus first responder." I doubt the citizens of Salem share his opinion.



Caring of Salem is shown

To the editor:

I have never lived in a community that is as caring as Salem.

My husband and I moved here in 2002. We retired, left Colorado and he chose Salem.

The only connection to the area was that I attended United Local my senior year and graduated in 1960.

When my husband passed away in 2007, I wasn't sure what was in my future. I know now I couldn't and wouldn't live anywhere else. Some of you know me, I'm connected with the Salem Community Pantry. Everyday someone calls with a donation. Everyday someone donates a product. Everyday someone calls to donate their time. Companies donate the use of their trucks so we can pick up supplies. Everyday is a delightful surprise.

Even the kids care about each other. The grade school, middle school, and high school have gotten involved. Actually the whole community has gotten involved. Your caring, kindness and generosity is overwhelming to me and just plain awesome. It's not like this everywhere friends. Thank You Salem.



Our voices must be heard

To the editor:

Never in the history of the republic has an attempt to silence the voice of the people been so strong. Over the last decade, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, has evolved into a government of people who are for themselves, and themselves only.

Consider the case of eminent domain, where land has been acquired without respect for the individual and with respect for special interest. Pleas for justice and redress have fallen, for the most part, on to deaf ears.

In Columbiana County, a sales tax that was repeatedly defeated at the polls was levied on the citizenry by "emergency order." The majority vote was ignored and soft insinuations with extortive overtones began to emerge: if the levy failed at the polls again, property taxes would be raised to subsidize lost revenue, even though a property tax reassessment had just been completed.

Most recently we've witnessed the pain experienced by the citizens of Salem, as their right to be heard regarding annexation and taxation was set aside by yet another "emergency order."

My friends and neighbors, lawful eminent domain serves a necessary and useful purpose in government. Taxation is the price we pay for infrastructure and to support the general welfare of the people. Annexation of land into the city of Salem may or may not be beneficial. Each of these issues are debatable. But when the rights of the people are subjugated in the name of issues something is wrong in government.

The feet of our elected officials must be held to the fire-not to singe, but to remind that during difficult times and during prosperity, it is the citizens who supply its tinder. We must not stand by and have our voices silenced by those who would steal our freedom through legal maneuvering. The above represent overt examples, where the covert intent is to subvert the rights of the individual and manipulate the majority into compliance.

If we allow our officials to muzzles our voices directly or by deferring our right to the ballot, then it is only a matter of time until we are strapped with laws and tax burdens we can never sustain. The backs of many businesses are already straining under the weight of a legislative yoke that cuts into profits. Families are no less affected.

Autonomy, self-determination, free will - it is our heritage. It is was given to us first by God and second by those who fought for our freedom. It is kept secure by those in uniform today. Keep the fire burning. Speak-up, stand out and reclaim what is rightfully yours. Go to the polls in November!



Responds to letter to ed

The policy of the Salem News is to allow one reply to each article or a "Your Side" comment in the paper. I expressed my views as printed on July 24th, regarding the comments of Mr. David Johnson, whose remarks were on the front page a few days prior.

Cynthia Baronzzi Dickey referred to my reply in today's Salem News, July 27th edition.

On Saturday, July 24th, after arriving home from a men's church breakfast, my wife informed me I had a phone call from a Cindy Dickey.

I returned her phone call. She had informed my wife she would be writing a letter regarding my accusing Mr. Johnson of being behind the petitions. It was nice of her to call me prior to writing her letter to the Salem News. I asked her to read my comments again. Apparently, she then realized, I didn't say he created a political ploy or orchestrated the recent petition.

She stated, " I believe that Mr. David Johnson was the person to contact in this process because he is the HEAD of the REPUBLICAN PARTY and the most accessible person who had been informed of all of the committee's concerns."

I was told, the committee met at the Salem Republican Headquarters to discuss circulation of the petitions. However, my source of information has been wrong before.

Mr. David Johnson is concerned because he isn't pleased with steps taken by his Republican mayor, his Republican third ward council member and anyone else that doesn't agree with his views on the tax credit repeal. I have to point out, the vacant council seat of Joe Radin, will be filled by another Republican when Mr. Johnson makes the appointment

I must acknowledge the fact, that Mr. Dennis Johnson (no relation to David), Chairman of the Columbiana County Democrat Party, has stayed out of the tax credit repeal ordeal. He's doing what he was placed in his position to do and that is tend to Columbiana County business and stay out of Salem City politics. No one wants to call the repeal of the repeal of the tax credit politically motivated but it certainly is beginning to appear that way in the papers.

As usual, my comments and mine alone.





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