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July 28, 2010
Salem News

Responds to letter to editor

To the editor:

I am writing to clarify a few things that were written in Clyde Brown's letter to you which appeared in the Salem News July 24th.

Mr. Brown's letter left me with the impression that he believes that the recent petition regarding the tax credit repeal was a political ploy created and orchestrated by David Johnson, Chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party. This may not have been his intention, but I want to be certain that no one else erroneously gets that idea,

On the Friday following the Salem City Council's vote to repeal the tax credit, I called Summitville Tile to discuss my dissatisfaction with the tax repeal and ask for David Johnson's advice and possible assistance in getting a petition prepared. He informed me that he had received many calls like my own in the past few days. He also told me what was required to prepare and file a petition. At that time I let him know that I wanted to proceed with the petition process. I asked to be a member of the petition committee and actively recruited other members.

In the meantime, my husband and I attended a special meeting of the city council regarding the tax credit issue and were instructed that no comments on the issue would be allowed, but we could return the following Tuesday to comment. This would be four days after the ordinance was scheduled for the final reading and vote.

When the petition was completed, a meeting of the petition committee and volunteer circulators was held. Circulation of the petition began and the result was, over 900 signatures were obtained in three days .

So, the truth about the creation and orchestration of the tax repeal petition process might squarely land on my shoulders, though I must admit, there were many residents who played every bit as large a role if not larger. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am nobody's pawn. I am an independent thinker, who believes in using my voice to bring about positive results.

I believe that Mr. Johnson was the person to contact in this process because he is the head of the Republican Party and the most accessible person who had been informed of all of the committee's concerns.

I was not the author of the facts sheet to which Mr. Brown referred. I believe it was a compiling of facts released by our city treasurer and statistics from the government internet site for Salem, Ohio, facts such as: Salem has collected 4.4 percent more city tax this year than last year to date.

In reference to Mr. Brown's question about the location of jobs in the private sector, there are jobs out there, mostly out of town according to an interview just this last Friday on WKBN with Jessica Borza, COO of One Stop. I also know that there are many jobs available in the health care field.

Unfortunately there are not a vast number of jobs in any one place and they are difficult to land. When a person does land a job, 99 percent of the time even the good jobs do not have nearly the generous pension or other benefits available to our city employees. Nobody likes to give back benefits but before you ask taxpayers to contribute more of their hard earned money, the playing field as far as benefits needs to be a little bit more equitable.

In closing, I would like to thank all the voters who signed my petitions and so generously shared their views and opinions with me.

Cynthia Baronzzi Dickey,

Salem resident

Suggests Salem Police Chief resigns

To the editor:

Police Chief Bob Floor should consider resigning

His job is to protect the people of Salem, not get involved in self-serving politics.

Salem has a fine police force, but when the chief steps out of bounds and applauds certain city councilman for raising taxes, he tarnishes the badge.

America is not a police state and when Chief Floor takes political sides, he raises the question of how those who oppose the tax will be treated by police.

The job of police chief is not to take sides.



Council acted in 'cowardly way'

To the editor:

Since when is it a good thing to rob the people of Salem of $1.9 million?

Salem City Council acted in a "cowardly way" when they ignored economic reality and raised taxes.

The real heroes are Dave Nestic and Brian Whitehill, the only two councilmen who stood up for the people of Salem.



Our great county going downhill

To the editor:

My name is Dave Tedrow. I am a 72-year-old, retired businessman, and have had a great childhood and business career. The current state of this great country has forced me to express my concern.

I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, you can't be happy with what is going on in Washington! Our great country is rapidly going downhill!

Government spending is completely out of control. They are spending money they don't have. Our national debt has increased three trillion dollars in the last two years. Soon China will own us.

Our economy is in horrible shape. Our unemployment is at almost 10 percent and getting worse. Our current government has done nothing to help small business where most jobs are found. The only way to create new and lasting jobs in the private sector is to lower taxes. If people have more money to spend, they will spend it. Manufacturing will increase and new jobs will be available. If more people are working, they will pay taxes- hence total tax revenue will go up. If "cap and trade" passes, and offshore drilling is stopped, like the liberals want, we will lose thousands more jobs.

Our problems started in 2006, when we elected a liberal, Democrat controlled, congress. The problems got worse when we elected Barack Hussein obama, an admitted Muslim, as our president in 2008. He ran on a "change" platform, and boy did we ever get it! Many question his citizenship today.

The so-called "bailout" helped no one except those companies and banks that overextended themselves. The "bailout" did, however, help increase our debt. We can thank certain members of congress for convincing Fannie May and Freddie Mac to lend money to people who could never pay it back.

Obama worked hard to get "healthcare" or "Obamacare" passed. He didn't care that 67 percent of the American people didn't want this monster, 2,200 pages that will hurt working Americans. Our congress passed this thing without even knowing what was in it.

Illegal aliens are coming across our borders at an alarming rate, bringing drugs and taking away jobs from American citizens. While Arizona is trying to stop this atrocity, the U.S. government does nothing. WHY? I'll tell you. The current government wants their votes in future elections.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf was a horrible accident. Why did this current government take over 60 days to do anything to help the people there?

I have never, in my 72 years, seen the state of the U.S.A. in such horrible shape. Please take a careful look at this President, Obama, and what he has done, or not done. Look at who he has appointed as his "czars." This is a total laugh.

We are a Christian nation, based on Christian principles. Recently, The National Day of Prayer was canceled by Obama. Yet, thousands of Muslims were seen praying on the White House lawn.

Please, when you go to vote this fall, 2010, don't listen to all the political trash. Check out the candidates and see what they really stand for. In 2012, we finally have a chance to elect a president who will honestly put our country first, and not his own personal agenda. Now we know what "change" means to Obama.

If we don't get our act together soon, our kids and grandkids will have a huge debt to pay. We have a Constitution, given to us by our forefathers. Please, let's follow it, and save the United States of America





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