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June 28, 2010
Salem News

Unhappy with sale of Prospect School

To the editor:

I think that was wrong selling Prospect School for $10,000 and to think they were offered $75,000 at the last auction.

And who knew the school was going to be for sale? There was never anything in the newspaper. Just my thought. Thanks.



Goshen Center Ruritan Club offers appreciation

To the editor:

On behalf of the Goshen Center Ruritan Club, I would like to express thanks for the many, many individuals who attended our first tractor/truck pull of the season at our park behind Bunker Hill United Methodist Church on June 11.

With our largest crowd ever and limited parking due to the many recent rains, it took longer to admit attendees than we planned.

We planned for a good event and even though a mechanical problem meant a delay for repairs, a good event was delivered.

Our July pull promises to be our largest event yet. We anticipate pullers from several surrounding states.

We hope for dry parking conditions, but suggest that you plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the event at 7 p.m. Car pooling with others planning to attend can also assist your evening enjoyment.

We hope to see you again the second weekend of July and August.


Secretary of Goshen

Center Ruritan Club

Offers praise for City Auditor Armeni

To the editor:

I take exception to the recent letter to the editor signed by local Democrat activist Larry Bowersock regarding the role that City Auditor Jim Armeni is playing at city hall. I say three cheers to Armeni for doing his job.

I would expect Mr. Bowersock to disapprove of anybody that exposes the bloated benefits package of Salem's unionized work force.

However, my view is that Salem is fortunate that it has at least one elected official, City Auditor Jim Armeni, who has the courage to lead in good times and bad without a personal agenda. That's what leaders do!

I ask you, Mr. Bowersock, why should Salem's police and fire forces be entitled to a lavish pension plan to which they contribute zero when not a single public union contract in all of Columbiana County has such a benefit?

Frankly, it took Jim Armeni to bring to our attention that this is costing the city some $350,000 per year. If both groups would contribute their share of pension the workers could have and would have been called back; so much for solidarity.

Why should Salem's city employees have a health care package that costs range from $17,500 to $23,000 for family coverage when this sum is double the cost of some of the leading private sector employers' health care plans in Salem?

Should we all dig deeper into our pockets and support a big new tax increase so that the city's 80 employees will have something that the other 12,000 city residents cannot afford for themselves?

Why should Salem city police officers get upwards of nine weeks paid time off per year, when nobody that I know in this town gets anywhere close to this "free time" off work? How much is this costing the city in overtime and additional staffing?

This is not an attack on police officers or city employees; this is a common sense idea on trying to get the city budget in line to protect our Salem residents from another tax increase in very tough times.

However, the opposing side will try to build a straw man to divert from the numbers that threaten our city budget. I am confident Salem residents will see the bottom line, which means more tax money out of their hard earned paychecks.

The bottom line is that it took the city auditor out of frustration of not seeing any sense of concern from unions to offer relief with costs, which financially threatens to break the city budget.

Mr. Armeni is thinking out of the box like so many in the private sector have had to do during these difficult times.

If anything, Armeni ought to be given a raise so that, as chief financial officer of this community, he could at least make as much as the city's zoning officer.



Wilson has drawn the line and it is 'I'

To the editor:

There is a fine line that runs between the words run and ruin. That line is the letter "I."

If you run your life and business you will do just fine. If I run your life and business you will fail. Congressman Charlie Wilson has posted all his latest legislation to help the individual and business. The line has been drawn by Smilin' Charlie with his legislation and that line is "I."


East Liverpool



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