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May 30, 2010
Salem News

Giving out some thorns of her own

To the editor:

Thorns to whoever blamed the downfall of Salem City Schools on simply the economy. The terrible teachers of Salem High School and the community of Salem are largely to blame as well.

I am a 2007 graduate and when people ask me where I went to high school it is embarrassing and more often than not I get laughed at or an "Oh, I'm so sorry." Our schools are nothing to be proud of. The community as a whole puts more emphasis on the sports teams than academics. The community has such high hopes of having a young person that is a sports star they forget about the young people who have talent in other areas.

Do you know the students who are in the high school right now with a 4.5 GPA? What about the members of the National Art Honor Society or the National Honor Society? Did you go see the recent production of the high school musical "Seussical" that the high students and Attila Samu worked hard to put on? I'm not saying emphasis and recognition of the talents of athletes should be ignored but perhaps the talents of other students should be recognized and applauded as publicly as well.

It also saddens me to see teachers who do not care about teaching or their students who are kept on the staff because they are coaches. There are also many teachers who are overlooked and they are fantastic teachers to the students of Salem High School because they care about the students and what they are teaching.

I would like to now applaud the few amazing teachers I had and one I didn't have in my four years at Salem High: Brian D'Angelo, Melanie Dye, Robert Viencek, Janis Yereb, Frank Parks, and last but certainly not least, George Spack. These teachers all in some way helped mold me into the student I am today. Isn't that more important than who can throw a football or dribble a basketball? It's no wonder parents are open enrolling their kids into West Branch!

Salem as a whole needs to take a second look at what is more important to prepare their students for beyond college, academics or athletics.



Doesn't agree with mayor's suggestion

To the editor:

What is next in your suggestion box mayor?

Let's do it the easy way and double tax the citizens of Salem and repeal the reciprocity tax.

Why should citizens that have to go out of town to get a job pay both cities just because there are not enough jobs here? There are other fair ways to get the money, but you want to solve it the quick way.

So, you put a tax increase on the ballot once, let's try it again or go for a property tax.

Also, what citizens of Salem need to realize is that Salem tax is one of the lowest in Ohio.

Youngstown for instance is 2.75 percent of which I pay and now the mayor wants me to pay an extra 1 percent. As much as I would rather pay Salem 2.75 percent, I hardly think it's fair I pay 3.75 percent.



Salem Hunting Club thankful for support

To the editor:

On May 23, 55 kids between the ages of 8-15 spent a wonderfully sunny day enjoying the activities provided by the Salem Hunting Club at their 28th annual Youth Day celebration.

With the weather being so contrary from day to day, we felt blessed to have Mother Nature cooperate with us for the sake of the kids.

Participating in various shooting disciplines under the supervision of safety officers, some of the children were experiencing this type of activity for the very first time.

Then there were the obviously more seasoned youths who really showed their stuff on the ranges. The kids really impressed the club's members. Those who placed well enough earned trophies that I'm sure will be displayed proudly.

All participants received T-shirts and very nice door prizes as well as snacks, drinks and deliciously grilled hot dogs.

I'd like to thank all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who took time from their busy schedules to bring their kids to this event. It's moments such as these that the kids will fondly look back on for years to come.

I'd also like to thank Salem City Schools, The Fun Factory of Salem and East of Chicago Pizza for all their support for this year's event.

Hope to see you all next year!


Salem Hunting Club

Responds to letters to ed from 'local apologists'

To the editor:

Oh how I love letters to the editor from local apologists for Obama, Pelosi, Charlie Wilson and Linda Bolon.

The recent letter to the editor by Richard Presutti of Wellsville is the classic case in point. Of course, Presutti's wife has a cushy job with Congressman Charlie Wilson. So maybe he has a vested interest in the myopic worldview he espouses.

This notwithstanding, most of us are getting fed up of hearing liberals (i.e. Democrats) blame George Bush for all that ails the nation, the state and

The facts of the matter are that you Democrats, Mr. Presutti, are running the show - you have the White House and both houses of Congress.

In Ohio you have the governor's seat and majority control of the Ohio House of Representatives. And, your performance record so far isn't so hot.

You liberals blame Bush for deficit spending and yet proceed to outpace his spending tenfold.

By Mr. Obama's own projections, within the decade, the nation's debt will amount to 90 percent of gross domestic product. This is the debt level that brought Greece to its knees, threatening the strength of the Euro itself.

You liberals pushed nationalizing health care without Congress even reading the 2,000 page bill - which will cause health care costs to skyrocket and health care service to plummet. When will all this be granted to the illegals?

You liberals have nationalized the auto industry, a big chunk of the insurance industry, and to some degree, the banking industry.

Next will be the oil industry, if not the entire energy system of the nation. Hmm, sound socialistic?

Then for those still not working for a government controlled industry, you propose shoving a union down their throats with your "card check" legislation - which would deny workers the right to a secret ballot vote on unionization. Why are you so afraid of a secret ballot in the work place, anyway?

The end result of all of this is an economy in ruins. Despite trillions in so called "stimulus" spending, unemployment is at record levels and getting worse.

Family incomes are declining while home foreclosures keep rising - unless you work for the government, like Presutti's.

Folks, if all of this looks, feels and smells like a socialist agenda - then maybe it is? Only history can judge. But, in the meantime, a very heavy toll is be exacted upon the American people.

This, Mr. Presutti, is what the "tea party" movement is all about - to counter misguided liberals like you and Charlie Wilson and Linda Bolon.


President, Tri-County

Tea Party


Wants to pull the plug on Rand Paul

To the editor:

The major news networks need to stop talking about Rand Paul.

During the media blitz, Rand never said that he wanted to get rid of the Civil Rights Act, but only that he disliked the parts that had to do with private businesses.

Journalists like Rachel Maddow know that Rand, being a libertarian, believes that the government should not interfere in the private sector and that it has nothing to do with racism. Rand said several times during the interviews that he would have walked beside Dr. King.

Rand Paul was a toddler when the Civil Rights Act was passed, and now it is just being used as an attack piece to get the voters minds off the current issues which Rand won the primary on.

Rand Paul is a great candidate and the idealism behind his campaign will win the day.


East Palestine



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