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May 9, 2010
Salem News

Grateful for support

To the editor:

Thank You Salem!

On May 4th, in the midst of serious economic challenges, the Salem community stepped into the voting booth and made a clear choice to continue Salem's tradition of excellent library services.

I would like to offer a sincere thank you to the many Salem area residents who turned out to the polls to support the library levy. Please know that your support is greatly appreciated and that we will continue to work hard every day to serve Salem and make the best use of the monies which you have entrusted to our care.

I would also like to thank the Salem Public Library Board of Trustees for their years of leadership and commitment along with the levy campaign's nearly 40 volunteers including the executive committee which consisted of Lou Ramunno, Campaign Chair; David Hazen, Treasurer; Harry Hofmeister, Madeline Patton Shivers and Jeff Hochadel - each of whom contributed a great deal of expertise and numerous hours of hard work to help make the levy campaign effort a success.

Brad Stephens,

Director/Fiscal Officer,

Salem Public Library

Offended by letter to ed

To the editor:

Regarding the letter criticizing Patty Colian in the Salem News on May 1. She is a longtime friend and she has worked hard for the success she has achieved.

I feel the letter by V.K. Dolence was done in very bad taste and Patty was done a great injustice.

What is next??Kicking little puppies?



Agrees with Arizona

To the editor:

The state of Arizona is utilizing its state's rights to protect itself and do the federal government's job.

Illegal is just that; against the law is just that. You can't make anything right from years of wrongs. They are to be commended for protecting American citizens.



An immigrant's view

To the editor:

I would like to start by saying I am not against Immigration. I am for LEGAL immigration.

In fact, I myself am an immigrant to the United States. I was born in Canada, and in 2001 I applied for and received my Resident Alien card (better known as a 'Green Card'). That application was done by presenting myself to the Immigration office in Pittsburgh, having my finger prints taken, and filling out a lot of paperwork.

After a period of three years (reduced from five since my wife is a US citizen), I was allowed to apply to become a US citizen and enjoy all the privileges that go with that, including the right to vote. At no time before gaining citizenship did it ever occur to me to go and vote in ANY election here in the US, as I was not yet a citizen.

When I attended the Naturalization Ceremony at which I became a citizen, there were people from all over the world there doing as I had done. Each of them had come the United States LEGALLY, followed all the proper channels and ultimately obtained what they were seeking, namely US citizenship. Many in the room had tears of joy from knowing they had just become citizens of the best country in the world. I dare say none in the room would have felt as proud had they come into the US illegally.

When we see, from time to time, as it is happening now, a movement to try and grant amnesty to all those who entered into the US illegally, mostly by sneaking across borders in the dead of night, it bothers me and others like me, who followed the laws as they were meant to be followed.

If those who are in our country illegally truly want to live here to gain a better life, they I suggest they return to their native country, and do like they are supposed to do, and apply to be allowed into the US. Don't start your "new life" as a criminal by breaking our laws right from the moment you stepped into the country.

To our politicians (and Congressman Wilson and Senators Brown and Voinovich this is directed to each of you), DO NOT consider granting amnesty to the 12 to 25 million illegals currently in the US. That was tried once back in the 80s, and you can see that it didn't help.

Richard Drummond,


Bridge to nowhere

To the editor:

An states that the county commissioners authorized the county engineer's office to seek a federal grant for 80 percent of about $540,000 to move an historic 105-foot long bridge to the fairgrounds to be used as a foot bridge.

It goes on to say that the county engineer emphasized that no local tax dollars will be spent on the project. Presumably, Dawson emphasizes that no local tax dollars will be spent because he believes that many/most local residents would not think this a prudent use of their local tax money. If so, I believe that he would be correct.

The statement that "no local tax dollars will be spent" is not the case - if he gets the grant. The grant will come from the federal government - and there are a lot of local taxpayers who contribute to the federal government. If it is a waste of money for local taxpayers it is a waste of money for federal tax payers.

I am tired of all of the pork-barrel projects that the federal government (US tax payers) is paying for.

Can't we understand that the US now has a deficit of $13,000,000,000,000? The US debt is now approaching 100 percent of GDP (Greece approaching 120 percent).

Yet, daily we are adding to the debt for things that we do not need and most of us do not even want. Don't we understand that this money will have to be paid back - by our children and grandchildren, by inflation, and by job loss because the federal government will have so much debt to service that it will crowd out the private loans that actually create productive jobs - not one-time bridge moving jobs?

Hasn't everyone seen what has happened to Greece - and by the way we are providing money for that temporary bailout!

The GAO (Government Accountability Office) January Update states: "...different assumptions, all show an unsustainable long-term fiscal path."--not news. But they go on to say "...roughly 93 cents of every dollar of revenue will be spent by entitlement programs and net interest cost by 2020."

This means that in less than 10 years there will be only 7 cents of every dollar to pay for education, armed forces, homeland security, welfare, unemployment and everything else. And that is assuming that everything goes well. The GAO goes on to say "However, the longer action to deal with the nation's long-term fiscal outlook is delayed, the greater the risk that the eventual changes will be disruptive and destabilizing".

Too many of our politicians are thinking like the high school kid with a credit a card - I am not spending money - it's credit. When are the adults going to come to the table? It is time to stop unnecessary, projects.

And before anyone goes there - don't tell me that if we don't get that federal money then someone else will - that is the same justification that looters use during riots.

If we need to get "our piece of the pie" we could at least use it for something important, useful and hopefully revenue building.

Hugh Nile,


Soccer team thankful

To the editor:

On Saturday, March 20, the Salem Girls Soccer team held a pancake breakfast to help defray costs for the girls' trip to Columbus for soccer camp.

The meal was of no cost and only donations were accepted. On behalf of the Salem Girls Soccer team and staff, we would like to thank the patrons who donated to help support the girls soccer program.

The girls would like to send a special thanks to the Salem Giant Eagle, Salem Sparkle, the Westside Sparkle in Youngstown, and all who may have donated goods or services to help the cause. Your donations were very thoughtful! Also, the girls would like to thank the parents who spent their valuable time planning and helping with the breakfast.


Not a big Ben fan

To the editor:

Ben Roethlisberger. Not so long ago that name could bring thoughts of a good pro football quarterback and Super Bowl winner.

Today, he is simply the latest in a long line of overpaid, arrogant, pro athletes who have no respect for civil law (or God's law), and are quite sure their money can get them out of any scrape-probably true.



Appalled by treatment

To the editor:

I did not vote for the sales tax.I was on the fence about it for a while but what really tipped me over the edge was my sister's recent dealing with our local bureau of support. I was totally appalled at the way she was treated.

Trying to get information out of the clerk or the case worker was like pulling teeth. Two days and several phone calls later, I was finally able to get an administrator's name and extension and her questions answered. The administrator was very apologetic.

I understand what it's like dealing with the public, however in the private sector, hanging up on someone, cutting them off in mid-sentence by saying "bye bye now!" and then when calling back and asking to speak to a supervisor being put through to a fellow worker's voice mail, would never be tolerated.

It is virtually impossible to lose a civil service job and there will be few repercussions for the way my sister was treated. However they need to remember that as the private sector's money shrinks that no job is "safe." I am tired of dealing with rude government workers. They are there to serve and if they don't like or want their jobs there are others that do.





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