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April 14, 2010
Salem News

Women's Night Out was a wonderful time

To the editor:

A fun time was had by all! That doesn't even come close to describing the incredible Women's Night Out sponsored by the Salem Community Center. The entire building was overflowing with wonderful vendors, mini seminars presented by SCH's finest doctors, a yummy light luncheon served on the walking track, and a keynote speaker every woman could relate to. We laughed until we cried!

There was something for everyone, and the special camaraderie of meeting up with old and new friends alike was beautiful. There was everything from men in tuxedoes greeting us at the door, to a chocolate fountain and massage.

Thanks to all who planned this successful event, and the sponsors, who so generously provided the means. Special thanks to Salem Community Hospital for their planning and input. I hated to see the evening end -it was that good!



Encourages support of library at the voting booth

To the editor:

Advice is often given to "check at the library" for needs in a myriad of situations, even in this computer age. The library is a permanent part of our past and present, always there, for pleasure and dependable assistance. The Salem Public Library needs to continue into the future also. Despite careful fiscal policies, assistance is now needed in the voting booth. It is up to each of you.



Appreciates those backing benefit dinner

To the editor:

Thank you to everyone that donated a food item for the dinner, an item for the Chinese auction or a bake sale item for the Jayden Barber benefit spaghetti dinner. Also big thank yous to everyone that volunteered your time to help set up, run raffles, serve pasta, and clean up all day. And thank you to all that attended the dinner making this a huge success to help this family out. Thank you.


East Palestine

Suggests voters educate themselves before May 4

To the editor:

As the primary election is coming on May 4 - I would like to remind voters to educate yourself on the candidates and issues before coming to the poll places.

Also please remember we do not have the punch cards anymore. You have to fill in the circles of the persons and/or issues of your choice. We have not had the punch cards in years. Seems every year, long time voters forget we no long have the cards. Also there is a machine for the voters that are hearing and/or vision impaired that can be used, just ask us. And that we have a scanner machine that scans your votes. Again voters forget that we have come along way since the metal canisters.

One more thing, there are two sides of the ballot, we cannot discuss what is on the ballot with you, you need to know this before you come. And we will ask you to declare your party, this is a primary after all.

All we ask is that you read and educate yourself about who and what is on the ballot. Of course we can assist you in voting, just cannot discuss the ballot with you.

You can also contact your political party or your board of elections for more information.



To the editor:

Our Salem Public Library is in serious need of voter support for its proposed levy of $0.125 per one hundred dollars of property valuation, which request will appear on our ballots for the May 4 primary election. The reason for this urgent request is the present and continuing reduction of state support for basic library funding support across the state of Ohio. If a majority of us vote "yes" on this levy, a homeowner whose home/property is valued at $40,000 would pay a total of $15.31 per year; a home/property valued at $80,000 would pay $30.63 per year; a home/property valued at $150,000 would pay $57.42 per year. This levy is intended as a continuing operating levy for our Salem Public Library.

Our own library is experiencing a $26.7 percent reduction in state funding support for year 2010-a $243,000 loss. There are no indications that this level of loss of state funds will be rescinded or replaced. Therefore, our library's independent board of trustees has voted to request support from us, the patrons of our library and the citizens of our community, to grant them sufficient funds to prevent the further crippling of library services, and to allow the library to continue to serve us as it has done so ably in the past.

A few facts: while state funding has been cut by nearly 27 percent, the number of borrowers from our library has increased nearly 28 percent. Each day our library averages between 660 to 700 persons who visit it. Our library has already eliminated two staff positions; other staff members have had their service hours reduced; needed maintenance has been delayed; replacement of public-use computers has also been delayed; subscriptions have had to be canceled.

A very small annual investment on each of our parts through this proposed levy will enable our community to continue to have the remarkable center of excellence that is our Salem Public Library. Please join with me in enthusiastically supporting the Salem Public Library Proposed Tax Levy for continuing operating expenses at the polls on May 4.



To the editor:

When I was proposing the memorial to Strotter Brown, I met with Brad Stephens, director, at the Salem Public Library. He was very helpful and enthusiastic about the renaming of the adjacent Street. Brad moved the process along through his board of directors and with little or no problems. The members of the board also had a host of good ideas about the project.

I am more than pleased with the operation of the Salem Public Library. They have always been helpful to me in whatever ventures I've been involved with.

I also informed Brad that I was happy to donate a certain amount of money each year. This is to cover the increased costs involved with the memorial.

I am pleased to support the Salem Public Library whenever I can.





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