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Random acts of senseless sporting

Your weekly dose of (in)sanity in this (in)sane sports world

April 6, 2010
By B.J. LISKO, Salem News Sports Editor

After The Masters, no one will care about what Tiger Woods did. Really, he's already been forgiven. Sure, there will be your heckler here and there, but golf needs him so badly, and he's practically the only story-line worth watching these days, that fans really just want to see him golf. Sure, he cheated on his wife, and as a person, is generally what we refer to as a scum-bag. Doesn't matter. So are a lot, dare I say, most people in this world. Everyone's done things they aren't proud of and obviously no one is perfect. Tiger certainly showed that he's not. But at the end of the day, yes, he hurt his family and those around him, but I didn't need him to apologize. Neither did you. He didn't hurt us. We may look at him differently, but he's not going anywhere as the world's best golfer anytime soon. Frankly, with the Tim "Lumpy" Herron's, the Phil "Trudge" Mickelson's, and the Lucas "Oh my God do something colorful, smile, wave, yell, react, anything before I gouge my eyes out with a golf tee because you're so boring" Glover's of the world, Tiger is the sport's freakin' savior.

Keeping with the cheater's theme, Mark McGwire returned to the MLB diamond on opening day with very little fanfare. Forgotten. Basically forgiven. There will be no Hall of Fame for Big Mac, not in his lifetime, anyway. But there will still be big paychecks as hitting coach of the Cardinals. So they took away a couple street signs named after him. Big deal. He cheated, the world forgot. All anyone wants to see is the game. Generally speaking, people watch sports to escape their everyday drama. When drama seeps into sports in every way, shape and form and eventually turns into total media overkill, fans get sick of it and basically just want to watch the game. Again, see "Tiger Woods."

I had Duke-Butler in the final game with Duke winning in my office pool and still lost. That doesn't happen often. Then again, neither does a game like Duke and Butler. The Bulldogs were good. Better than just about anyone expected, including me. I'll let you in on a secret. You know how every year some random person picks everything right? Well, I didn't pick everything right, just the final. But like those people, I gave it basically no thought whatsoever and got lucky. And still, I did it so poorly I didn't win.

Let's not talk about the Indians. No, seriously. Let's not talk about the Indians. And don't get me started on the Reds. Stupid Reds.

And finally this week, a thank you to ex-Salem basketball coaches Will Klucinec and Jeff Andres for their absolute cooperation over the past four years regarding anything and everything having to do when dealing with the Salem News. Ask any sports editor/writer in the area, it's not often that you get coaches who help you out with quotes no matter what, always are sure to send you results, and are really nice people in the process, too. You can argue about results on the court all you want, when it comes to seeing local athletes covered properly in the sports pages, a lot of that has to do with the local coaches.

"Strikeouts are boring. Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls. It's more democratic."

'til next time ...

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