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March 28, 2010
Salem News

Salem Library influenced

this reader's life

To the editor:

When I think about the Salem Public Library, I think fondly about how it has been a part of the different stages of my life.

As a young child, I remember going to dance lessons at the Memorial Building and then being able to go check out a couple of children's books to take home for the week. I always looked forward to it.

In high school, I remember writing a term paper on the Rolling Stones (still not sure why I chose that topic), but I do remember that the librarian at the Salem Public Library helped me to find some great resources that I wouldn't have found on my own.

After college, when I chose to return to the area, money was tight, and it was a blessing to be able check out movies from the Salem Public Library.

When I was pursuing my master's degree at YSU, I didn't want to to drive to Youngstown on the weekends, and so once again, the Salem Public library supported me and the inter-library loan program was very beneficial.

When I supplemented my income by tutoring, I met students at the Salem Public Library.

When Internet service was not yet up to par in "the country," I was able to use the Salem Public library for the Internet services I needed.

When my employment required weekly drives to Bowling Green, the Salem Public Library provided the books on tape that made those drives more tolerable.

When I needed books to read for beach time vacations, the Salem Public Library became a part of my pre-trip planning.

These days, you are most likely to find me in the children's section of the library again, as I hope that my daughter gets to enjoy the library and all of its benefits as much as I have. She loves checking out "fairy books" and listening to stories. It truly has gone full circle.

The library is an important part of Salem and of peoples' lives. I hope that everyone will vote "yes" for the Salem Public Library levy in May. If you aren't registered to vote, please get registered. Your vote is important. The voter registration for the May ballot is April 5.



Appreciates support for

Karlie Stith fundraiser

To the editor:

What a great show of support from the community for the March 20 Karlie Stith fundraiser. The fundraiser was a great success. Thank you everyone who participated. Your kindness has been a comfort and your donations a great help to Karlie and her family.

Thank you one and all, and please keep Karlie in your prayers.



Upset with Rep. Wilson's

decision to back health bill

To the editor:

Representative Charlie Wilson (Democrat - Ohio Sixth District) and 218 of this fellow Democrats decided to ignore the wishes of majority of the United States population with regards to the Health Care bill, and voted to force something on us we don't want (nor can we afford).

Rep. Charlie Wilson does not care what you, his constituents want (or in this case, don't want). He decided to be Nancy Pelosi's lap dog and do as he was told. If you talk to him or his staff, you'll hear he's an "independent" thinker. If he truly was an independent thinker, he would have voted against his party's line and voted as his constituents wanted him to. That would be independent thinking.

If you believe like I do, that someone who refuses to listen to the people who elected him and to whom he represents but instead obeys a crazy lady from California, then that person must not be allowed to serve us any longer.

Thankfully, Rep. Charlie Wilson is up for reelection this fall, and anyone who is upset with his blatant disregard of your wishes, must work between now and November to ensure he is not reelected.



Community pulls together

to support Baker family

To the editor:

The Baker benefit dinner is a great example of how the community pulls together to help a family in need.

From church groups, to individuals and businesses baking desserts, to Beloit Elementary teachers and staff, individuals and businesses providing raffle baskets, to the West Branch Area Ruritan Clubs and Brent Baker's Class of 1996, the elementary staff working to serve all of those who came to support the event.

Any additional monetary donations can be made out to the Damascus Ruritan Baker Benefit and sent to P.O.Box 94, Damascus, Ohio 44619-0094.

The committee wants to thank everyone who had a part in making the event very successful.



Setting the Tea Party

record straight

To the editor:

Two recent letters to the editor have taken issue with the role of the Tri-County Tea Party, both, in terms of our position on the renewal of the county sales tax and on our alleged involvement with the Republican Party. Allow me to set the record straight, as follows:

Firstly, the Tri-County Tea Party is on record as supporting the renewal of the county's sales tax because it would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

Considering that the tax renewal represents 44 percent of the county's operating budget and that passage of the measure, by a vote of the people, would not raise anybody's taxes in this county-what possible benefit could be gained by its defeat?

Would the citizens of this county be well served by having the court house shut down, our sheriff's department neutered, and our courts idled?

Make no mistake about it, the defeat of this tax renewal would place every office of the county government in jeopardy, likely forcing the state to place us in receivership. Would this serve the interests of the citizens of the county? We think not.

Secondly, is the Tri-State Tea Party somehow in the "hip pocket" of the Republican Party? Hardly. But let me assure the critics that we are certainly more at home with the Republican Party...local, state and national...than we could ever be with the Democrat Party. And why shouldn't we be?

To be perfectly clear about it: we oppose the reckless spending spree that is going on in Washington. We oppose socialized medicine. We oppose cap and trade. We oppose the bailouts of Wall Street.

We oppose the whole socialist agenda that the Democrats in Washington want to thrust upon us. And to the extent that local and state Democrats support all of this, we oppose them, too!

On the other hand, we favor principles of limited government. We favor lower taxes at all levels. We favor the free enterprise system of economics that have made America the envy of the world.

And, we favor bringing the costs of government down even if means concessions by the unions that are running the local, state and federal government. Most, but not all, Republicans champion the issues we favor.

Let's not forget that the very genesis of the TEA Party movement in this nation can be found in the spontaneous, grassroots protest over the radical left agenda that has been put into motion by President Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Ultimately, it is our fervent hope that we awaken America's (and this region's) great silent majority, that we rally them to action and to the polls...and hopefully that we deliver the sort of electoral results that have occurred in Virginia, in New Jersey and in Massachusetts. This is what our movement is all about. This is what guides our every action. (



Salem Band Boosters offer

thanks to local businesses

To the editor:

The Salem Band Boosters would like to thank the following local businesses for their generous support in donating food or paper products for our recent spaghetti dinner: SuperAmerica, Suburan, Ponderosa Steakhouse-Alliance, Pizza Joe's, East of Chicago, Pizza Hut, Ezio's, Annabell's, DiRusso's, BB?Rooners, Wing Warehouse, Hickory Rib, Gezo's, Subway-East, Ricky's English Pub, McDonald's, Papa John's, Wendy's, Arby's, KFC, Sparkle Market, Bob Evans and Salem Computer Center.

These businesses and individuals donated product or services for our Chinese raffle:?Yuhanick's Cleaning Fair, Salem Hills, Spread Eagle Tavern, MV Scrappers, Akron Aeros, Das Dutch Haus, Salem Community Center, Sport Connection, Salem Car Wash, The Muffler Man, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, DeRienzo's, Heggy's, TanFastic, Shear Beauty Salon, Jen Christopher (Pampered Chef), Salem Twin Cinema and Pet Zone.

Please frequent these businesses and let them know you appreciate their constant support of Salem Schools' instrumental music program and "The Pride of Salem."

Thanks also to all those who helped set up, clean up, cook and serve our meal our meal, and especially to those who came and ate and listened to "our" kids. And special thank you to the Salem News for its great publicity.!



Salem Band Boosters, Inc.

Healthty School Meals Act

critical in fighting obesity

To the editor:

We could soon see more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy plant-based meals in school cafeterias across the country. A new bill in Congress would help schools add plant-based vegetarian options and non-dairy milk options. As a dietitian who works with school food service directors, I know the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, H.R. 4870, is critical to conquering childhood obesity.

Children who eat school lunches are more likely to be overweight or obese than children who bring packed lunches, according to a new University of Michigan study. Researchers also found that children who eat school lunches are nearly four times more likely to consume two or more servings of fatty meats like hot dogs and fried chicken daily. With shocking percentages of overweight and obese children in every state, and with millions of families relying on school lunches, we must take immediate action to improve school nutrition.

The Healthy School Meals Act of 2010 would make healthier options available and affordable, helping schools fight obesity, comply with federal nutrition standards, and meet all children's dietary needs. Learn more at


Staff dietitian

Physicians Committee

for Responsible Medicine

Washington, D.C.



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