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March 14, 2010
Salem News

Mayor resorting tactics

to get support for tax

To the editor:

Scare tactics! That is what our mayor is now using to get the people of Salem behind the 1 percent city income tax. The recent layoffs of city employees is nothing more than a way for the mayor to instill fear in us to reach into our pockets in an already strained economy and take our hard earned money.

The city just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on traffic lights we didn't need and even more to pave State Street which was not worth the investment during these tough economic times. Both the police chief and the fire chief are paying overtime in order to cover shortages in their workforce so these layoffs will not save money.

Our city officials need to be working toward bringing high paying manufacturing jobs into the city. With the current 1 percent income tax, that would increase revenue.

So my fellow citizens of Salem, don't be swayed by the mayor's strong-arm tactics. Stand firm when they bring up this income tax again and remember these tactics when these officials are up for re-election and lay them off permanently.

My thoughts and prayers are with those employees and families who have to be the victims of such politics.



Unhappy with mayor

and council's decisions

To the editor:

I would like to commend the Salem city administration for laying off the employees of the fire and police services. It's about time.

Now we have the money to buy the race track and the land along U.S. Route 62. And the money to use to buy road salt and maybe get those aging trucks fixed. And even fix our roads since we do not have to pay those employees anymore. Thanks Mr. Mayor and city council.

Now that the criminals and arsonists who can read a newspaper or watch the media on TV, now know that there isn't anyone there to stop them, now we are going to have actual crime in our city -thank you for that.

Maybe the police chief will have to put more auxiliary police officers on patrol, that will give them something to do.

Besides they don't cost anything, they are free. Then there is the fire chief, what's he going to do? Say, "Sorry about your house we did not have enough people to put the fire out."

Thank you for laying those people off Mr. Mayor and city council. Maybe this a drastic ploy to get us to think about voting for a tax hike, etc. The problem with that is there are no jobs to pay the workers because they are laid off or unemployed. Why?

Maybe the "brains" in this city can work on a solution on getting better paying job in the area.

Or is it too late for our city? We are becoming more and more like a ghost town -just existing - nothing more.

My idea is a council-manager form of city government. Not sure if that will help but it would be a start.

Do you have a solution?



How can city add land

while subtracting jobs?

To the editor:

I was listening to the news and reading your paper this morning (March 5). I am motivated to write this letter to you regarding the news of Salem releasing eight of its workers.

Lately the news in Salem has been about the annexation of Quaker City Dragway to the city of Salem. How is it Salem can feel it has the right to annex the area there, but yet they are releasing personnel?

What are they thinking? If they cannot afford to keep what they have in the city already how are they going to afford more?

I know they will receive more tax money and I believe this is the reason they are doing it. If they are not able to manage what they have, why would they want to take what appears to be a good operation at Quaker City Dragway, chancing losing the business it brings in to their community? Do they really think it is best for them to add more, if they can't run their city already? I don't think so. Sorry but growing just to grow is not a good idea. Who is going to protect a larger area?

In my opinion if they are releasing personnel then they don't have enough personnel to accomplish this, nor can they afford to protect what area they already have.


New Middletown

Merchants of misery

should just take flight

To the editor:

When I see all this bitterness permeating the halls of Congress the Capitol Building actually reminds me of Wiccan. We have the witches of the Toadstool Trinity, Barbara Boxer, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Nancy Pelosi stirring their cauldron of rats and snails and puppy dog tails.

Then there are the warlocks Anthony Wiener, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid shouting their hateful incantations and threatening their opponents with curses and spells.

This druidic milieu has cast a dark and depressing cloud over Washington. I think it would be better if these merchants of misery would just jump on their brooms and fly away.



Annual dinner reflects

support for Hunting Club

To the editor:

The Salem Hunting Club is holding its annual dinner on March 20 at the Salem Saxon Club. As is the custom, sportsmen and women will congregate to enjoy great prizes and deliciously prepared food.

This event signifies the most important fundraiser of the year. It's been reported that this year's dinner sold out in record time. The continued support from patrons and merchants alike is immensely appreciated.

Founded in 1945 as a non-profit, 100 percent volunteer conservation club, The SHC has been educating area families how to protect the natural resources of our country; its soils, minerals, forests, waters and wildlife from waste.

Because the future of our resources are in their hands, significant emphasis should be placed on educating our children. This is why The SHC continues to send local youths to Forestry Camp, as they have for many years.

The experience of Forestry Camp combines fun with learning about natural resources with hopes of giving a greater understanding and appreciation of Ohio's forestry heritage. When we hear reports from the kids of their experiences at camp, it's incredible to hear how much they absorb in a modest amount of time.

Working with departed club member's families, an annual memorial scholarship trap shoot is held each year. The proceeds enable deserving young adults in need of financial assistance to offset their tuition costs for their education.

With trap, rifle and pistol ranges and the possibility of archery in the future, as well as educational classes that are regularly offered, many family oriented events take place at the club throughout the year.

If it's true that it takes a village to raise a child, then a safe and supportive environment within the village to educate the child is fundamental.



High speed rail system

doesn't make much sense

To the editor:

The proposed high speed rail system to link the major cities of Cleveland, Toledo, and Columbus is in folly.

This rail system will be in direct competition with other public transit systems all of which are cutting back in service. In retrospect why was "Cash for Clunkers" even executed if no one is going to need a car?

Another flawed argument is that new businesses will be built along the rail system. How much does a piece of property cost in Calcutta or how much is it too rent business space in Calcutta just as an example of speculative marketing? How about the Buddy's Restaurant deal before the bridge was torn down?


East Liverpool

Concerned about national

security and how it's handled

To the editor:

The editorial (Feb. 10) "Plan to try Terror Suspects in New York Big Mistake" really caught my attention. I have been following this story for quite some time and it has made me very concerned about the safety of our nation.

It seems that some of our current administration's Cabinet appointees have little or no concern for our national security. The decision to try the 9-11 terrorists in a New York City court was a big mistake.

In my opinion the mistakes that have already been made in this case are totally uncalled for. Our legal system needs to bring swift and lawful justice upon these criminals.

The Justice Department needs to clean up their act and quit playing political games. Examples should be made of these terrorist to the rest of the world showing that our court system really does work in bringing wrong doers to justice.

It has been a great disappointment to me not to see them tried in a military court that would be held behind closed doors and away from the public eye. The rest of the world does not need to see and hear about the weaknesses that we might have in our security system.

The families that lost loved ones on Sept. 11 also need to have some type of closure and vindication for the pain that they have endured.





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