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February 14, 2010
Salem News

Upset with snow

removal in city

To the editor:

What a poor job of snow removal during these storms. Where have you been?

Service director should be in his office to answer calls. I called city hall over the weekend but no one there. Should be when these things happen.

I had to hire someone to open an alley so we could get out. No money for salt but money for traffic cameras. WHY???

I understand main streets are more important but so are some alleys. We are told to get off streets so the plows can go by. When it's blocked we can't.



City should partner

with Habitat group

To the editor:

When you drive down almost any street in Salem you see one or two houses in serious need of repair, looking disgraceful.

Why doesn't the city of Salem partner with Habitat for Humanity to give the houses some help?

If they are rentals the owners would have to pay for the material and paint needed.

If the people own or are trying to buy, they would pay what they could and provide labor. It's a crime to have them deteriorate until they need to be torn down. It's better to repair a house than to buy a lot and build a new house for the needy.



Impressed with

compassion for senior

To the editor:

Every two weeks I take my grandmother to Bob Evans in Calcutta for lunch. It is priceless and a wonderful time for me and we always have a great lunch. Yesterday during our lunch I witnessed something that really blew me away.

There was a elderly gentleman who came in and sat by himself. The restaurant was busy and the waitresses were really working hard. I watched this man the entire time and was so touched by the way the staff treated him. I don't know these girls personally but they had name tags on and I made note.

A girl by the name of Tracy Cline sat down with this man for a long, long time. Talking to him and listening with genuine interest in what he had to say. Another girl, Nellie, would stop and chat every time she walked by the table. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

These girls were in the weeds and yet they took the time to make this man feel like his presence was the highlight of their day. They could have ignored him and went about their tasks, leaving him to dine alone with no one to talk too.

Unfortunately, the value of our seniors is lost on most of the younger generations. These folks have amazing work ethics, a sense of pride and personal responsibility and a moral fiber that runs to their core.

The stories they offer about the good ole' days are fascinating. Most have lost their spouse, the right to drive and so much more and are they are lonely and just want a good cup of coffee and a meaningful conversation. They want and deserve to be treated as equals and talked too with respect and dignity. These girls get it.

Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of this gentleman and all of those seniors whose value is immeasurable. There is a special place in heaven for gals like you!



CHS Committee

praised for efforts

To the editor:

On the weekend of Feb. 5-7, the Columbiana High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee was faced with some difficult decisions. The festivities of the annual CHS Athletic Hall of Fame Induction and Banquet had been well planned and the inductees and their families had traveled long distances to attend.

Little did the committee know, they would be dealing with a record-breaking snow fall that would jeopardize the Saturday evening banquet. A postponement to Sunday afternoon was considered; however, airline plans of the inductees would not allow for the change. Therefore, the committee had to go to plan B.

So, working with the school officials (they should be commended, also), the snow was removed from the parking lots and sidewalks. Furthermore, the employees from Heck's Restaurant were not able to get to work to prepare the food for the banquet. (Kudos to Heck's for pulling it together just in the nick of time.)

The meal, even though we ate one and a half hours later than planned, was outstanding. The delay allowed the committee to begin the program during the designated mealtime. We were informed that we would eat when the caterers completed the preparations.

In the mean time, we were able to complete approximately one half of the program before we took a break for dinner. Having the break in the middle actually made for a nice flow to the program.

My thanks and gratitude goes out to the committee. The Induction Banquet was a class act, and CHS should be extremely proud of their efforts. By going the extra mile, the committee made for an enjoyable evening for the seven inductees and their family and friends.



Elected officials need

to start doing jobs

To the editor:

Our elected officials should finish the job we elected them to do-enact comprehensive health care reform and do it right: let those who have coverage keep it, don't tax health benefits; make all employers contribute to health care, after all, they benefit from a healthy workforce; make the wealthy pay their fair share.

If our elected leaders are unwilling to take on the difficult issues facing our nation, and enact meaningful changes to a broken system, I am unsure how we will ever put this country back on track.

I urge Congressmen Ryan, Wilson and Senators Brown and Voinovich to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.



Feels U.S.'s real wealth

being sucked from us

To the editor:

Has anyone given much thought to what real wealth is? We have recently seen the "value" of our portfolios of digital dollars plunge to approximately half of their original value.

We have been told that the dollar is weak against a basket of world currencies and since our money is backed by nothing more than the "decree" or fiat of our wonderfully trustworthy government should we at all be worried that communist China covets our "resource."

If you have been paying any attention to the radio or the "gold dealers" popping up all over the place offering you a basket of greenbacks for a few trinkets out of your grandmother's jewelry box do you ever wonder where that gold is going?

It used to be that doomsday prophets would want to sell you gold as a hedge against the falling dollar. They would willingly take federal reserve notes in return but it seems now that as many people are buying (giving you the paper for your gold) as selling. Where does it all go?

If you have noticed the "high" prices paid for all sorts of scrap. (Or the declining value of the dollar against them). You might be surprised that much of it is going to China to be melted down and sent back as value added garbage of poor quality and perhaps safety issues, but never-the-less at a profit.

Has it ever occurred to you that the things or "real" value-actual things, resources and yes, "wealth" are being bled from our country at an alarming rate. I still have shovels made in America that my grandfather and father bought. Compare those to the things coming here from China or Mexico.

Then, what about the jobs? We have-or rather our irresponsible government has-through trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO etc against our wishes, eliminated them. If you look at figures from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) for Columbiana County and indeed much of our region and much of the U.S.; we earn less in buying power than we did in 1971. There is a reason for this. We in spite of the number of "things" we have from China, are not as wealthy.

Remember I asked you what wealth is? Wealth-in real terms is being sucked out of this country. You should perhaps ask, why? Can you honestly say that this is a benefit to you? Who has done this? Well. There are two answers. One that you have the most control over is "you."

The other is the government and the people we elect. Isn't it time we start sharing our wealth of knowledge by sweeping them into the unemployment line with many of our ranks?



VooDoo suppressing

private businesses

To the editor:

We have the Humane Society of the United States (National Lobbyist Group) preparing to add issues to the November ballot.

These issues will force Ohio farmers to do the bidding of this lobbyist group. Ohio just voted for a livestock board to stop this intrusion but of course that isn't good enough.

There is also the NRDC and Sierre Club (National Lobbyist Groups) who have stopped the construction of the Wellsville coal-to-oil refinery.

These not for profit lobbyist groups receive massive federal funding or if you like bailout money.

They're perfect examples of Progressive VooDoo where a surrogate to big government restricts then controls private industry.


East Liverpool

Operation Gratitude

thanks SCC for drive

To the editor:

On behalf of the U.S. troops deployed overseas in hostile environments and Operation Gratitude, the Salem Community Center would like to thank those who participated in the Operation Gratitude Holiday Drive from June 1 to Nov. 15.

Recently, the SCC received a letter from the Operation Gratitude organization thanking us for our generosity. This letter is posted on the SCC website at (Program/Events/Facility/General Information). The SCC also wishes to say a special thanks to Geri Patterson and the staff at Stadium GM, who graciously paid to ship 10 boxes filled with the donations from the community.


Facility scheduler,

Salem Community Center

President's act toward

judges was classless

To the editor:

The liberals are railing against the recent Supreme Court Decision overturning the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill. Dissent is fine. They have a right to their opinion. However when the President of the United States openly chastises the justices who made that ruling during his State of the Union Address it smacks of vulgar behavior.

Look at the boot lickers who clapped in derision when he made his smart remarks. This man has no class. He remarked that the decision permitted foreign corporations to make contributions to the campaigns of American candidates. This is absolutely false.

Now here is a man who claims to be a constitutional lawyer and a Harvard graduate. I don't know about these Ivy League lawyers. The stupidest attorney I ever met was a graduate of Yale. The smartest was a graduate of the McKinley Night School of Law in Canton, Ohio.

O'Bama advisors might do well to buy him a booklet on the constitution and while they're at it one on etiquette and public decorum as well.





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