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Tweeting Daly riling up his fans

January 31, 2010
By B.J. LISKO, Salem News Sports Editor

John Daly quit golf. Again. Then he came back. Then he quit again. Then talked to his sponsors. Then talked about commentating. Then talked about selling his golf course and his bus. Then talked about problems with his girlfriend. Then he came back to golf. Then got his DirecTV working ...

It was easily one of the most wildly entertaining span of career moves by a professional athlete, and it all happened in a 48-hour period on freakin' Twitter.

John, give the Twitter and Facebook accounts a rest. Play if you want to play. Don't play if you don't want to play. But for crying out loud, is the internet your new cross-addiction since you don't drink hardly at all anymore?

Daly was filmed by the Golf Channel for his reality show after missing the cut Friday at Torrey Pines. A frustrated Daly said he was done with professional golf. He then got into his SUV and drove off. Made for quite a scene. For a reality show.

If Daly or the Golf Channel were going to script this to add drama to his upcoming series "Being John Daly," they could've at least filmed it and kept it to themselves. And if that wasn't the case and Daly knew the cameras were rolling and wasn't sure about hanging it up for good, he should have thought for a half second about his decision before changing his mind online over the weekend. Lots of people struggle to make choices. But wait until you know for sure what you're going to do before making yourself look bad.

Daly said he was tired of embarrassing himself in front of his fans. John, you shot 79-71. Not great, but you've done far worse. You didn't embarrass yourself at Torrey Pines. You embarrassed yourself on Twitter.

Your fans I'm sure appreciate the updates, but post them when you've done something concrete. All you did over the weekend was scare most of your followers half to death with the idea that you were done playing for good. And if anyone doesn't believe me, go read his Facebook page.

Daly plays again in two weeks at Pebble Beach. Unless he decides he's not playing. Until he decides to play again.

John, it's great that you wear pants that make you look like the world's biggest piece of Fruit Stripe gum. It's great that you guest host television shows, and that you seem to be healthier and happier for the most part. But what would be even better is if you cut out all of the sideshow and got back to playing golf. You still have the ability. The question has always been, and seems to always be, do you have the motivation?

I've written more columns on you than I've written on any other subject. Sometimes I defend you. Sometimes I am critical. But John, you make it way, way, way too easy to write a column. No one should be able to write a column in five minutes. A blog, maybe. But not a column. You are information overkill. This is why ESPN golf writer Jason Sobel said you regardless whether you retire that you're "finished." It's why AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson didn't even approach the topic when it happened at the event he was covering.

Personally, if this how you act sober, I've got some Miller Lite with your name on it.

Knowing you, you'll either finish in dead last in two weeks or win the whole damn thing. I think just about everyone would like to see the latter, no matter how improbable you think it is.

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