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January 17, 2010
Salem News

More of the same label

To the editor:

Is it possible that the election of Barack Obama was just what we needed? I believe it was, but not for any of the reasons people voted for him.

Remember the label of "more of the same" that was attached to Sen. John McCain during the campaign? I was hard to argue that label. It was what Sen. McCain had to offer. But isn't that what we are experiencing with President Obama? The growth of federal government, entitlement programs, corporate welfare, erosion of personal freedom, fiscal irresponsibility, and on and on. The only difference is the speed at which this administration is moving.

Sen. McCain would have used the Republican playbook which calls for a slower methodical approach to expanding the role of government in almost every aspect of our lives. Whereas President Obama is calling his own plays and moving at a pace that is difficult to keep up with at times.

In one year we have seen, to name a few, an economic stimulus package, cap & trade, cash-for-clunkers, health care reform, and the bailouts of GM, Chrysler, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

So why in the world would I believe this is just what we needed? Because it caused us not take notice. The once complacent are now attending tea parties and town hall meetings. People are reading the Constitution, refamiliarizing themselves with the founding of our country, and most importantly, paying attention to what the government is doing.

If Sen. McCain was elected the "more of the same" label could have been attached to us.



Elections have consequences

To the editor:

Elections have consequences. For those of you who voted Democrat in the last few Federal elections, I truly hope you're ready for what you've set this country up for.

Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, by now you know the Democrats have forced an abomination of a Health Care Reform bill onto the American people, even though every poll taken shows a clear majority of Americans do not want the proposed changes being forced upon them. By early 2010, the President will sign some version of this bill into law.

Are you aware you begin paying for the new system in 2010, but the actual benefits don't kick in until 2014? Why would that be? The Democrats know that when the people of America start to find out what exactly their health care will be like under this plan, the public would vote out anyone who put this bill into place. So rather than risk President Obama's reelection in 2012, the Democrats are not going to allow you to truly experience the effects of this bill until after that election. If this bill is as good as the Democrats claim it to be, why wait?

After the Senate Democrats completed it's half of the abomination they refer to as Health Care Reform, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid stated two Americans die every 10 minutes due to not having any health care. Since the changes they just passed don't take place for four years, that would mean that between now and then, over 400,000 Americans will have died while waiting for these changes to begin. Why would any political party deliberately allow that many people to die needlessly? Why? Because they know what they just passed will not help in any way to solve those kinds of problems. If it would, they'd have the benefits starting the day after the bill was signed into law.

This bill has nothing to do with Health Care Reform. It has everything to do with the government taking control of more and more of your life. If you look forward to and embrace that idea, I truly feel sorry for you. Elections have consequences.



Where's the transparency?

To the editor:

Where's this transparency O'Bama promised during his campaign? This health care fiasco is being negotiated behind closed doors. The corrupt Chicago political system with its "vote early vote often" mentality has completely permeated our White House.

Because of blatant dishonesty there were counties in Minnesota that had more people to vote in the last presidential election than were actually registered. The election of Al Franken to the U.S. Senate from that state provided the majority O'Bama needed to ram through an unpopular agenda that is really a tyranny of the minority.

Think of the trillions of dollars and the untold hardships that will burden the American people as a result of that one election in the land of ten thousand lakes.





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