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January 3, 2010
Salem News

Suggests ex-Congressman

writes a no-holds barred book

To the editor:

I, like many people in our valley, am happy to see Jim Traficant back home and reunited with his family.

Whether you like or dislike Jim you have to admit that things tend to be a little more interesting when he is around.

Many people are also happy to see that Jim in considering another run at Congress.

Though I disagree with Tim Ryan, Charlie Wilson, and John Boccieri and believe all three are vulnerable incumbents, I would like to see Jim set his sights higher.

I think Jim could better serve our valley, and our country for that matter, by writing a book.

This book could be along the same lines as Jose Canseco's book "Juiced." In his book Jose threw major league baseball under the bus. It was a no-holds barred tell all by a bitter man that believed he had been black balled by MLB.

This way Jim could kill two birds with one stone. He can service the public in his own unique way and he can settle some scores in D.C.



Offers views on census

situation existing in Ohio

To the editor:

An article lamenting the census in Ohio because it shows a loss is actually ironic.

First the governor worries about the number of elected officials that would be lost.

The fact that more than 57 percent of Ohioans didn't want government health care but Ohio reps voted for it anyway speaks volumes.

Second the article talks about "residents" in the census not American citizens while heralding the influx of immigrants not necessarily legal.

This census could mean redistricting in Ohio with a partisan flavor to include an amendment that encourages a bonus for "influx."


East Liverpool

Encourages supporting local

businesses by buying locally

To the editor:

I went to the mail box this morning and a friend and small local business man sent me a letter about the struggles of trying to sell to local merchants, even doing his service at a cheaper rate.

Remember when Salem and Columbiana County tried to keep WalMart out of the area? It was good fight, but we lost.

China owns 1.6 trillion of our dollars and our federal government is now 14 trillion in debt! We cannot afford to do business at the rate!

Now back to the point: we as a community have to be a light and an example of how to become that picture on a Christmas card.

You know, steeples that aspire with a bustling of people talking and wishing each other Merry Christmas; a colorful array of street lights and small stores with sleds, toys that will last a lifetime; a hardware store where advice is plentiful; and a butcher who cuts you that perfect slice of meat and gives you a bone for Fido.

When we do business with these large stores we fuel the fire for the loss of good jobs here locally.

For example look at the natural resources and talents in our own neighbors. I would rather buy my son or grandson something that was spot welded like Tonka Trucks than a plastic toy that will be in a garage sale next year.

So I make this plea to all in this area. If you're a business buy from a local business. If you're a customer, buy from a small hardware, food store or a shop that makes wood toys, crafts. It may cost a little more from our pockets in the beginning but the payoffs at the end.

Jobs, honest revenues and honest money.

There are ways to keep it local and to pay it forward just ask Frederick J. Haiss, a citizen under God in a country that has fallen apart from our greed and our apathy!





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