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Random acts of senseless sporting

Your weekly dose of (in)sanity in this (in)sane sports world

November 1, 2009
By B.J. LISKO, Salem News Sports Editor

Editor's Note: Salem News Sports Editor B.J. Lisko is starting a new, weekly column with a humorous, quick look at the week in sports. It will jump from topic to topic regarding anything and everything in the sports world from high school to professional athletics.

The Cleveland Browns can't beat themselves when they play in practice. In fact, I heard they've even stopped keeping score all together and everyone gets an ice cream if nobody spikes himself. Would it be bad to can everyone in the organization, owners included, except for Phil Dawson and Joshua Cribbs and start over again as an expansion franchise? Oh, and by the way, I actually am a Browns fan.

Before the end of the volleyball season, Salem senior Amy Scullion will kill me and or my camera with a colossal spike. She's come close already, and I think they've got at least a few more games to go.

Salem head football coach Mike Kopachy is the Division III Ohio Coach of the Year. I'll spoil that surprise for you. If he's not, someone in Columbus needs their head re-examined.

Iowa might be the worst team in the history of the BCS-era that could very well run the table and end up in the title game. The only team that looked this paltry on its way to a national title was Ohio State when it beat Miami. Whatever works, I guess. Just keep winning. Maybe if Iowa makes the title game the BCS computers will automatically self-destruct. Oh, wait, that's right. That will only happen if one of the teams is TCU or Boise State.

Despite the correct way to refer to the conference as the "Big Ten," for the purposes of this column, it will referred to by it's complete name, "the conference that's a little better than the Sun Belt, but not quite as good as Conference USA."

Manny Acta? Really? Manny Acta? He couldn't win a baseball pool if he picked the games the day after they happened.

The Salem Quaker Crazies are arguably the best student section in the area, even more so this season given the success of many of its fall sports. Don't believe me??Come to Stow on Thursday.

Brett Favre will only stop playing football when someone bans him from the stadium. In which case, he'll change his name to the way it actually sounds, Brett "Farv," come back and lead another team to prominence, just as long as it isn't the Browns.

The Image Works' Nick Cool says "Pink Floyd." I say "AC/DC."

'til next time ...



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