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October 18, 2009
Salem News

Supporting Banquet of Lisbon

To the editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform the residents of the village of Lisbon that I decided to make a donation to the Banquet of Lisbon in lieu of buying campaign signs. I feel my money would better serve the community by supporting this worthwhile cause, instead of purchasing campaign materials.



Not a big fan of Congressman Wilson

To the editor:

Congressman Wilson won't tell us if he'd move his own health care to the same plan being forced on all Americans! As the debate raged on this past August and September with regards to forcing Americans to change their current health cover to become covered under the proposed plan being put forward by the Democrats in Washington, on three separate occasions I asked Congressman Charlie Wilson whether or not if this piece of legislation were to pass, would he commit to have his own health care cover be under the same plan. Mr. Wilson has yet to reply.

Each time I asked him, (through staffers in his office) I stated I felt a simple yes or no answer was all that was needed. He could answer "yes," he would agree to be covered under the same rules as you and I would have to follow, or he could answer "no," which to me, would indicate that he knows the plan you and I are being forced into is so bad he doesn't want to be in it. You may or may not be aware that currently all members of Congress (Representatives and Senators) are not required to be covered by the plans being debated in congress. When Congressman Wilson was sworn in, he became eligible to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), which provides health care cover to him and his family. Mr. Wilson has a choice from a number of different "private" plans (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, etc.) all of which are paid for from tax dollars you and I pay to the federal government.

There was an attempt in the House of Representatives to have an amendment added to the health care bill that would require members of Congress to forgo their FEHBP cover and they would have to participate in the same plans you and I will be forced to use, but that amendment was defeated. Why would they do that? Because they know the plan they are forcing on to you and I is a bad plan. They seem fully prepared to force you and I to take a plan they wouldn't use themselves. A clear majority of Americans have expressed their opposition to the plans being put forward by the Democrats, yet those very same Democrats are planning on ignoring the people and will, within weeks, pass legislation forcing us into the plans we don't want. Remember that on Nov. 2, 2010 when we go to polls to decide whether or not to send Congressman Wilson back to Washington.



Not all kids of Salem are 'punks'

To the editor:

I think this newspaper erred in their judgment in printing an article inferring our children are punks, specifically, your column "Roses & Thorns" a while back, and your comparison of an incident with Struthers' skate board park and what could happen in Salem due to the "punk" factor. To compare what happened in Struthers to what "might happen" in Salem is totally wrong, lumping all kids into a "punk" category. This newspaper is doing a disservice to the kids of Salem. While I'm not ignorant to the fact that we have had vandalism, I do not believe all kids are out to cause trouble and destruction. What I do believe is that without something positive to do, something that uses their energy, something to call their own, kids will get in trouble. That old adage, idle hands are the devil's work is true. However, give the kids something to be proud of, something that is theirs, make them responsible for its success and I think they'll monitor each others actions to take care of a skate park. Remember we were once kids too, who sometimes did impulsive things that got us in trouble, but that didn't mean we were punks.

While visiting my daughter in Cary, IL we went to one of their town's parks and saw this nice skateboard facility right in the park being used and enjoyed by quite a few kids. They weren't being loud or using profanity, just having a great time. I have had correspondence with the parks department in Cary about their skate park and have the information to present to city council. The skate park is camera monitored and has meshing surrounding it, like around trampolines, for the kid's safety. They have had no problems other than littering for which they have closed down the park for three days and put a sign up as to why it's closed. The kids know if they litter it will be closed. It's only been closed a few times in the years it's been open. The park is open year round and they have not had any problem with the kids using the skateboard park or with vandalism.

Now, as to no place for a skate parkSalem has the perfect place for a skate park, right behind the police station! Surely Salem's finest can give up part of their parking lot for a skate park for the kids or what about purchasing the old Sears parking lot across the street? Both are more than big enough and what a perfect place, clearly visible, plenty of room, and easy access. For whatever reason, not all kids are into team sports, but there are kids who want to participate in something. They just need a place to go that's open to them all the time.

When I was a kid, a long time ago, we had the Canteen in the basement of the ME (Memorial Building) that was open two nights a week. We had a jukebox, pool tables, and a soda fountain area w/seating. There was a nice auxiliary policeman at the door and yes, once in a while he had to send someone home, but all in all it was just good clean fun. We also had summer basketball teams, special theme teen nights (like a luau) at the pool, and even night time teen dances on the b-ball courts during the summer months. During the winter there was skating on the pond at Waterworth Park, bonfire included. I realize that the kids today have different interests but I'll just bet if this city tried, it could get a few things going again. I'm sure some of our civic organizations would be willing to sponsor some fun things for our kids too.

People, our kids are our future! If we want to keep them here we have to get them to feel this is their town too so when they go off to college and graduate and are looking for a job, just maybe, just maybe, they'll take the job closer to home because they want to live in the town that cared. Think about it, why do you live here? Probably like me, because it's a great place to raise a family and people still care about their neighbors. We need to continue being a great little community and care about out future.

Let's give our kids the opportunity to have fun and practice and who knows, given a place to practice, maybe Salem could have an Olympic contender in skate boarding someday.

Sandy Capel,


Former trustee shares his thoughts

To the editor:

As a former Fairfield Township trustee who served for 32 years and now retired, I am still greatly concerned for the people I worked for as a public servant. I am going to share what I believe is in the best interest of the residents.

1. I do not want a township handed over to adverse interests.

2. I do not want to pay city income tax.

3. I do not want to be charmed into the death of a township handed over to a city.

4. I do not want mandatory exorbitant cost of water and sewage lines to township owners to make them financial distress and degrading of the tax payers bank deposits and their personal income.

5. I do not want to sacrifice and lose the rural tranquility of Fairfield Township to big city problems that come with development of a city.

6. I do not want to sell Fairfield Township at election time Nov. 3. I have shared crucial areas of concerns.





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