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October 13, 2009
Salem News

R and O Committee

serves its people

To the editor:

On Sept. 29, your Rules and Ordinance Committee of Salem City Council met to discuss preparing an ordinance to list requirements for a "bed and breakfast."

The residents present were informed they would have the opportunity to address the committee. That commitment led to the meeting lasting nearly two hours. It was decided to schedule another session for Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. The sole purpose will be for the Rules and Ordinance Committee to draft an ordinance stating the requirements to apply for a "bed and breakfast" permit.

The ordinance, when completed, will not change existing conditional usage within single family zoned districts.

As chairman of the Rules and Ordinance Committee, I want to thank Mrs. Carter, Mr. Wright, Mr. Ostarchvic, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Grilli, Mrs. Motherwell and others for voicing their opinions on a "bed and breakfast in their neighborhood or in the city of Salem.

Special thanks to Housing and Zoning Officer Mr. Pat Morrissey for his assistance both in preparation for and participation in the meeting.

I believe the purpose of the Rules and Ordinance Committee is to listen and address concerns of the people of Salem.


Council at Large,

Chairman Rules and

Ordinance Committee,


Clarification on grant

for skateboard park

Editor's note: The following is a response to a letter to the editor by Doris Boughton published Oct. 4.

To the editor:

Doris:?I would like to clarify the situation for you concerning the $10,000 grant secured by the Skateboard Association for the building of a skateboard park through the Department of Natural Resources. I was the author of this grant which was requested through State Representative Linda Bolon's office.

This grant was under the Department of Natural Resources to be utilized as a "brick and mortar" project. Essentially, anything which is permanently built using brick, mortar, concrete, etc within the parks system. The money had a turnaround period for usage, if not utilized; dollars would have to be returned to the department.

Due to the lack of support for the skateboard park, a request was made to Representative Bolon's office to keep the monies for usage in one of our parks.

After paperwork was processed by the department, approval was granted for the monies to be kept within the parks system utilizing the same guidelines, "bricks and mortar" project.

At this point in the process, Mr. Hannay is not an active participant in earmarking the monies for any specific project within the park's system, since the monies belong to the park. I do believe the parks should thank Mr. Hannay for acquiring the monies, since they have become the sole beneficiary of those dollars, which might not otherwise have been awarded.

I am hopeful this explanation answers your questions and those of others who are wondering how the situation evolved.



Have a chance to

change our governments

To the editor:

With elections coming in November, we have a chance to change our local and state governments. We have three issues on the state level and two taxes proposal on the county level. And a bunch of people running for something.

My question:?Are these reelected or newly-elected people going to bring jobs to our county? I doubt it. This county and most of the cities/townships are anti-business! The proof is empty storefronts and dormant factories, unemployment workers. What can you the politician do to bring the businesses back to this area? This is what I am asking you: what can we expect of you after you get election in November?

Probably much of the same. I am just fed up with the standard political baloney. How about the politician who was not up for reelection - are we going to have more of the same baloney from you? What can we as taxpayers and citizens of this county do? I suggest we investigate a different form of government. Is this the answer? Does anyone care about if we even get any businesses or job in this area?

I am asking you: the citizens of this area to do something. Anything to tell your mayor, councils, trustee boards, etc. to do something! We can not rely on big box stores to keep our cities alive. We need manufacturing jobs. We have willing people to work, give us the jobs. I am not going to continue to be subservient to China, how about you? We cannot continue to rely on China or other regimes to provide us with our stuff. This is not United States of America a wholly-owned subsidiary of the People Republic of China! Or is it?



Appreciates support

for scholarship event

To the editor:

In today's tight economy, it is very hard to help take that extra responsibility on helping others in your community. However, we are very fortunate to live in such a town that is willing to go above and beyond the need in helping others. Recently the Salem High School Boys Golf Boosters held a night golf fund raiser to build funds for their scholarship program. Several businesses stepped up and took part in sponsoring the event. Many community members entered the tournament and took the challenge to come out and play in the dark. It was a huge success and everyone who participated had a wonderful experience.

The parents of the booster club would like to thank the following sponsors for the charitable contributions: Hyde-a-way Golf Club, Dunkin' Donuts, Family Video, Salem Sport Shop, Spread Eagle Tavern, Freshmark, Windmill Lakes Golf Club, Salem Hills Golf Club, Jerry Meals, Tim Kenreigh, Bart and Margie Wyss, Dr. Lauren Fredrickson, Geoff Goll, Drs. John and Michael Madison, George Morris and Morris Financial, Kathy Hendricks and Stamp Realty, Dr. Matt Yerkey, Herron Foods, Salem Giant Eagle and the Salem Community Center.

Salem should be aware of how supportive this community is. As parents and members of this community, we value and respect the kindness of others and appreciate their generosity. As parents and members of this community, we thank those sponsors.



Upset with the band, kids at Salem football games

To the editor:

My family and I attended the Salem-Liberty football game.

It was not our first, and I noticed that:1) the band doesn't celebrate first downs, good plays, or sometimes even touchdowns; and 2) that there are too many young people running around and standing in front of people who would like to watch the action. My question is: why?

The band in previous years was a big part of the cheering section, even though some nights there just wasn't much to cheer about. Friday's band just sat there-as opposed to Liberty's band, which played and drummed, and generally supported their team's efforts. It was an exciting game! Where was the band director? Does he not know the game well enough to know when the band should play? Do the band boosters say anything to him or anyone else associated with the music program about their meager display while in the stands? Someone should. Our band is a great source of pride in this community and it is more than a half time show. Bring back the celebrating and support.

As to the young people running around, that is an accident waiting to happen. Someone is going to get hurt falling or sliding on wet surfaces. Not to mention that it is annoying to those of us who try to watch the game in between the runners. There are signs clearly posted stating that no running is allowed, so why doesn't someone enforce the ban? To whom does the stadium belong? And the bigger question: where are the parents of these children?

Please allow me and my family to enjoy being spectators in a venue where we pay for the privilege to watch some good athletes.



Misinformation put out

over Taxpayer March

To the editor:

This letter is in regard to the Sept. 12 Taxpayer March in Washington, DC. There is a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation by those who mean to misinterpret and misrepresent the event.

Since I was there, I felt it necessary to report the information about the events truthfully. I urge the many, many others from Columbiana County who also went to Washington that Saturday to write additional letters to clear up these misrepresentations.

It was not an anti-Obama march, not an anti-Democrat march, not an ultra-conservative "million moron march" as reported by MSNBC.

That phrase itself is in disrespect of the many doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, laborers, farmers, business men and women, caretakers, parents, teens and others who attended the rally. It was an anti-big government, anti-Congress (both Republican and Democrat) and a "we, the people" march.

It was a response by over 1.7 million citizens, not the tens of thousands that was reported. It was a march of Democrats and Republicans, older Americans who were fearful of changes in their Medicare, and young families concerned about losing their jobs and not being able to provide medical benefits for their children.

Every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, was represented. Every walk of life and every age group joined as one voice to object to out-of-control spending and its consequences.

There were African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanics Americans and Euro-Americans standing together as concerned Americans on this day. When David Shuster of MSNBC described the crowd as "white, whiter, and whitest," that offends all of us who stood together that day as one.

Many, if not most, of us have never marched or been to a rally before. The group was in favor of fiscal responsibility, rejecting higher taxes to pay for ballooning debt, and a concern about the repercussions of the out-of-control spending on our children and grandchildren. Speakers spoke of sticking to a budget, listening to constituents, and a reminder to government officials who they work for. They spoke of answering to the U.S. citizen and not only having an ear for the special interest groups. Google "Conservative Woodstock in Washington DC" for more pics and information about the rally. Bet what you heard and saw was different.



Thanks to those helping

with Kin and Kids

To the editor:

The YWCA of Salem staff and the participants in the Kin and Kids relative caregiver program wish to thank the Salem News for the excellent coverage of the "Kin and Kids Family Fun Day."

Our thanks go to the local businesses and individuals who generously donated items and time for the families that attended the event on Grandparents Day, Sept. 13. This special day was planned as a way to honor grandparents and others who take on the responsibilities of parenting and caring for their relatives' minor age children and as a means for members of the Kinship Family Support Group to personally introduce the program services to other area families who find themselves in the same circumstances.

Our thanks to the Salem City Parks and Recreation Commissioners and staff for the wonderful accommodations for our picnic at Centennial Park and for providing convenient, well cared for recreation areas for all to enjoy. Along with them, the businesses that responded so enthusiastically to support the families with donations of items that also helped make the day such a wonderful occasion are: Gordon Brothers Water, McDonald's of Salem, Salem Dairy Queen, Bruster's Ice Cream, Salem Home Depot and McMasters Farms of Columbiana.

Individuals who helped so much before, during and after the picnic and/or provided food are: Frank Zamarelli, Kit and Desi Rickman, Lois Rickman, Daryl Bixler and Teresa, Jesse and Gary Cornwell. Those who directed the children's activities are Kathy Mertens, youth minister at St. Paul Church in Salem, parish youth group members Hannah Mertens and Justine Bensur, along with regular program volunteers as members of the Salem High School Rotary Interact Club, Danielle Perry and Alexandra Hoopes.

Our gratitude, also, for the funding sources and donations given specifically for the Kin and Kids program and its activities which include the Brookdale Foundation, the United Way of Northern Columbiana County, Salem Rotary Club and the Loyal Christian Benefit Association (L.C.B.A.) of St. Paul Church.

Most of all, our thanks, respect and gratitude is extended to those families who attended the picnic and to all grandparents and others who take on the responsibilities of the children who need them! If you know any kinship families, give them your support! For any questions about the program or for referrals to Kin and Kids, call the YWCA office at 330-332-9944 or toll free 1-877-233-9945. The purpose of the Kin and Kids program is to offer on-going personal support to kinship families in ways that make a difference in the success of their family life, such as linking them to food, clothing and medical resources as well as by advocating for the children in school, courts or with other agencies when requested. The program Support Group provides peer support for the adults and children through their experiences with personal interaction, sharing information and enjoying social time with those in similar circumstances. In addition, recreational activities such as this picnic are planned for the support group families and other participants' relaxation and enjoyment.


Kin and Kids director,




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