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Our readers write...

July 26, 2009
Salem News

Council members speaks out

To the editor:

On page 3A of the Salem News on Saturday July 11, Mayor Wolford stated he was responding to my remarks in his press release published on Friday July 10. Larry Shields called me prior to printing the article. He saved me the valuable time necessary to decide if I wanted to reply. The mayor, sometime on Friday, contacted the press and made further remarks regarding my voting to have the ordinance prepared and claimed I reversed my decision.

The mayor stated, my (Clyde Brown's) reverse stand from preparing the ordinances to pulling my support from them, left no choice but to have extra meetings. I have no problem with additional meetings. By voting to have the ordinances prepared doesn't obligate me to vote "yes" on placing a tax increase on the ballot.

Ordinances have to be prepared before going to council, they have to be read and voted on by the elected members. I made it clear at the meeting, I voted to have the ordinances only prepared. Any other assumption by the mayor was his mistake. The time he used to write the press complaining about me could be better utilized by talking directly to the people who elected him to office. Especially about "The Wolford Income Tax" and other economic concerns.

It wasn't necessary for the mayor to remind me of logistics of council and filing deadlines to place voting issues on the ballot. He knows because he served on Salem City Council and prior to being elected mayor a Perry Township trustee.

I canceled my Rules and Ordinance meeting because it could have been a long session and I knew the "Special Meeting of Council" was important to the mayor. My meeting can and will be rescheduled but the mayor stated he had a filing deadline.

I told the mayor at the grand opening of the City Health Department he had his four votes to get the "Wolford Income Tax" on the ballot. I knew, it was going to happen with or without my approval.

Why didn't he mention Mr. David Nestic and Mr. Bud Schory in his articles.? All three of us voted "no." Maybe because Clyde Brown is up for re-election in November.


Council at Large,


Excited to see house refurbishing

To the editor:

When I visited Salem last week I was excited to see the 1884 house at Ellsworth and Pershing being restored. Thank you, Mr. Clark.

Salem's history is something I treasure. I hope that other buildings can be restored and be used for visiting tourists to learn about the early settlement of Salem. The tourists first stop should be the wonderful Salem Historical Society.


Edgewater, Md.

Thanks for helping Lions Club out

To the editor,

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the 5-K run and 1-mile walk. I would like to especially thank Andy and Mary Ann Dzuracky for their work on the run and walk, and for the organization of the event. I would also like to thank the club members, AMVETS POST 45, and ham radio operators for their help and participation as well.

I would also like to thank the sponsors of the 5-K run and 1-mile walk whose donations made the event a great success. I would also like to thank the runners and walkers with their continued sponsorship of the Lions run and walk made it a great success. We all hope to see all of our workers, sponsors, runners and walkers next year for this great event.


President, Salem Lions Club


Event Co-Chairpersons

Unhappy with national health care plan

To the editor:

This new national health care plan being proposed will be a money draining boondoggle that will bankrupt us. America is full of non-contributing irresponsible miscreants addicted to drugs and alcohol and who have brought children into the world without any thought as to how they will be cared for. Many are on Social Security and most live in low-income housing where rent and utilities are free. The medical services provided to them at no cost are enormous.

The hard-working people who try to pay their bills and contribute to the general welfare will be punished for their prudence and commitment to decency. They will be taxed to death. They will not only be relieved of health care options but they will have months to wait for treatments of life-threatening diseases. In fact, the government can make decisions denying you any care at all or an operation because of your advanced age.

Our Medicare system for the elderly will certainly be compromised. Dick Morris, a prominent political commentator, is questioning why the retirees and the elderly, aren't up in arms over all this mess. Well, it's because the AARP is in the tank for Obama. That organization is leading the older folks right down the path to destruction knowing full well that these people trust them and respect their opinions. Buyer beware! The fox is in the hen house.





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