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Our readers write...

July 19, 2009
Salem News

Thanks for the fireworks show

To the editor:

I hope you enjoyed the fireworks display as much as I did.

As chairman of the Fireworks Committee of the Salem Memorial and Patriotic Association, I would like to express my appreciation to all of the members of the Association; Zambelli Fireworks; all of the employees, director and board members of the Salem Parks Department; the Salem Police and Police Auxiliary and the Salem Fire Department.

As you know, the display was provided with no taxpayer funds and would not have happened without donations from the Salem Rotary Foundation, AMVETS Post #45, AMVETS Riders, Salem Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 892, Salem Amateur Radio, Butech Bliss, D.A.V., Williams and Apple, Joe Wojtecki, Hazel Tibball, Karen Carter and those who stopped by the association's spaghetti dinner and those who bought half and half raffle tickets. The association has to raise $8,000 in donations for the display.

I would also like to extend a special "thank you" to Mrs. Mary Lou Popa who worked so diligently, along with so many others of the Salem Memorial Patriotic Association, to provide a fun-filled Fourth of July for all of the citizens of the city,

We are looking forward to another great celebration next year.



Fireworks Committee

Sign issue becoming burning issue

To the editor:

I have a hard time understanding the issue with Brian's Barber Shop lighted sign. Are you kidding me? This is what village officials are paid to do? What's up with Hillman trying to be on both sides of the fence? Trying to look good under the glowing light of his lighted sign?

Give Brian a break, have you looked around Lisbon? Nobody is trying to come open businesses here and you want to try and run out a reputable one. Look at Crosser's diner, that place was/is an eye sore. Nobody did anything about that place for years and then they only got lucky when someone bought it and hauled that mess away.

How about the Temp Agency on Market Street, it's a show stopper. Look at Subway, paint falling off the place. I just don't get it. Almost all of the downtown business buildings are in need of face lifts and nobody on the city council or chamber of commerce cares.

But then we have Brian, painting his building, fixing the parking lot and installing a new sign. How dare he, just sit back and let the place fall apart. Lisbon might be only a town of under 3,000 people, but the city council and chamber commerce act like its 10, meaning they have nothing to do except find idiotic things to do.



Community supports All Play

To the editor:

Thank you to everyone who helped support All Play through the purchase of the Mark Seiser Memorial T-shirts prior to and on the Fourth of July this year. Through the generosity of our community members, All Play was able to raise almost $3,000 in revenue, bringing us just one step closer to realizing our dream of an all-inclusive playground in the Mahoning Valley.

We continue to be amazed at the enthusiastic and charitable disposition of our community. If you would like to help support our cause, we encourage you to contact us for more information.

Thanks again for helping us take a step toward a future where a physical disability will not limit a child's ability to experience the power of play.


Board member,

And the All Play board members

Blames free trade for economic woes

To the editor:

Today's economy problems started years ago when free trade opened the door to cheap foreign steel. Companies bought the cheap foreign steel to make quick profits and to get big bonuses for making the bigger profits.

Greed was the big culprit. Then it was a domino effect from there on. Steelworkers started losing jobs, the the companies that supply the steel mills, and so forth. Now the car companies are getting the feel of the greed. When all the little people are out of work, they don't have the money to buy the cars.

What we need now isn't more stimulus money, but jobs. More taxes on the companies aren't going to make more jobs either. All Obama is doing is cutting the throats of even more little people in this country.

Our politicians aren't any better these days. They all seem to go along with what Obama wants and they don't seem to care about the people they put out of work.

It's time to clean out Washington and put representatives there who will uphold the Constitution and help the people of this country, instead of their own pockets.

We can't even go back to the ways of old using horses and buggies right now, because with the Cap and Trade Bill we will be taxed on the manure from the horses. It is time for Americans to wake up and do some serious house cleaning. Time is almost over for us here in this country if we don't do it now.


New Cumberland, W. Va.



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