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Our readers write...

June 28, 2009
Salem News

Lauds chief for cruiser placements

To the editor:

I would like to congratulate Salem Police Chief Bob Floor on a great idea of placing police cruisers around town for added visibility.

On one of the first days of the program, a cruiser was positioned on our street and had the desired effect of slowing down traffic.

Police cars are an asset and crime deterrent. Putting them to use 24 hours a day is a good idea!

Good thinking, Chief Floor, and keep up the good work.



More praise for the Salem Police

To the editor:

While attending the after party downtown with wife and grandchildren, it occurred to me how lucky we are to have a great police department. Because of Chief Floor and his fine staff, my grandchildren and other children were able to run and play and enjoy themselves without fear of criminal elements bothering them.

I do not think this occurred on a short term, but from 365 days a year of good work.

Thank you Chief Floor and your fine staff for a worry-free weekend.



Librarians warn of repercussions

To the editor:

The Columbiana County Librarians' Association met to discuss the serious repercussions that can be expected if Governor Ted Strickland's proposed cut to Ohio's Public Libraries is approved by the State Legislature.

While we understand that libraries will also have to shoulder their part of the economic recession in the state, we feel this proposal far exceeds an equitable proportion.

The impact in this already hard-hit area will be devastating for the libraries and the communities they serve.

Libraries are more important than ever to the residents of Columbiana County and Ohio. The county libraries receive 95 percent of their funding through the Public Library Fund.

With the economy declining, patrons are flocking to their local libraries for information and recreational use. The seven public libraries in Columbiana County circulated more than 1.2 million items in 2008 to over 77,000 borrowers.

With the unemployment rate at 13.3 perent the reduction in the funding of public libraries is sending the message to our patrons that education and personal betterment is not important to Ohio's leadership.

All the county libraries have partnered with the local Ohio One-Stop to provide information and help to the unemployed.

The county libraries also provide 80 internet access computers and WiFi for patrons that can no longer afford to have or never have had internet access in their homes. The public depends on the computers to search for jobs, send resumes, and respond with information required by the state.

Public libraries in Ohio have always been good stewards of public money. Each dollar we receive benefits every citizen through the services we provide.

With the reduction of state revenue at approximately 20 percent, we are already cutting services.

Another 30 perent reduction will force our libraries to dramatically reduce staff, hours of operation and materials.

We request that you would voice your opposition to the Governor's proposal to more than double the reductions projected by the Ohio Department of Taxation for the Public Library Fund. Please help us save Ohio's Public Library system.

The Columbiana County





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