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Our readers write...

April 26, 2009
Salem News

Says council member

should be voted out

To the editor:

It is almost time again for the May Primary. I have seen several Democratic signs posted all over town. The one sign that I see is for Clyde Brown. It is my opinion that Mr. Brown should be voted out of his seat in the primary for all the chaos that he has created in this city.

Mr. Brown has been a detriment to the council seat that he holds, due to his private agenda. He has only accomplished one item in the three and a half years that he has been on council, and that is the leash law in the parks, that was brought to light by a person who doesn't even live in the city. He has raised the hopes of the elderly with his constant stand on a light at Marc's, with the result being no light. He doesn't seem to be on board with the East Pershing Project, which will alleviate the traffic on State Street. We all know about the debacle with the house in the park, I have to wonder why the press wasn't invited to tour the house with the three council people, who sit on various committees together, an infraction of the Sunshine Law, a law that he so heartedly quoted to the previous council people when he thought that they were breaking it.

He also had the folly of thinking that he could single-handedly bring a major car manufacturer to the area, without conferring with other members of council. He grandstanded on voting for the traffic light signalization almost causing the city to lose a grant worth $800,000 that would have funded the project. Now he is wasting time trying to rewrite the city code. Over the past three years it seems that Mr. Brown has had a bone to pick with every department in our city government and the persons that head those departments. He seems to forget that all board members are working to better the city not deter it.

This letter is my opinion and I for one do not want to see Mr. Brown back in that seat, it seems that he has his own agenda and he is not working for the betterment of the city, but for the betterment of Clyde Brown. It is time for new ideas and new blood.



Unhappy with treatment

of their daughter

To the editor:

We are Rick and Tina White. We are employed, tax-paying citizens who own a home in Sebring, Ohio. We have raised three sons here who are college educated and employed.

Our daughter is Ricki. Ricki is a 10th grade student at Sebring McKinley High School. Ricki has been receiving specialized services for her specific disabilities since she was 4 months old. Since preschool, Sebring Local District has been the lead educational agency responsible to oversee and pay, (with ours and your tax dollars) for these services. Since Ricki was 4 months old and we relocated from Columbus, Ohio, here to our hometown, I, as her mother, have worked tirelessly to insure that she become a valued, included member of her church, school and community. This has not always been an easy or successful task.

Many of you know her story and if you do, you know what a joy it is to spend time with her and have her in your life. In seventh grade Ricki had a desire to join the choir ... Since that time, she has been a member and as her health has permitted ... she has attended choir practices, performances and put all of her heart and soul into this opportunity. Nightly she prays for her choir director, his family and the scheduled performances. Sadly, Ricki has not been included nor valued by the choir director, school board members or administration.

During Ricki's time as a member of the choir her name has been omitted out of numerous concert programs. She has been left out of assigned jobs and tasks assigned to members of the choir. Her name has been left off play cast T-shirts, and omitted from the cast list in the local newspaper. And appropriate accommodations have not been put into place to allow for her success in being included in past performances.

The most recent "exclusion" and "discrimination" took place surrounding the recent performance of "Little Women" at Sebring McKinley High School, the first weekend in April. Ricki's name was again omitted from the cast T-shirt and off of the cast list in the local newspaper. Of course the apologies were tossed our way as in the past- "copy and paste" error we were told. This time, we chose not to accept apologies, we felt they really didn't mean anything anymore. Especially considering each time prior that we met with/discussed with school persons, superintendent, special education director, and school board members concerning these same matters; we were informed how sorry they always were and then we were reassured that "it would never happen again."

We were informed this time that new T-shirts would be printed and attempts would be made to collect the T-shirts already distributed. It has been 13 days (as of April 15) since this information has been relayed to us and we have been given no new T-shirt, nor have we been asked to return our T-shirt with our daughter's name omitted.

We were also informed that these T-shirts would be paid for out of the "drama fund." Interesting, since the students raise the money that goes into this fund. Should they really be paying for this mistake? We think not.

Thank you for taking time to read our letter and for those of you who support inclusion and value persons with disabilities, we thank you.

By the way for those of you keeping up on Ricki's progress. She now has a paid position filing and copying at a medical office, volunteers 8-9 days a month at Alliance Community Hospital, and volunteers in her church. So in this world filled with discrimination and exclusion, we are very blessed to have people in our life who value our daughter and see the potential that she has as a person first. Thank you to those people for your continued support.



Crime Watch group

thankful for support

To the editor:

We would like to thank the Salem Home Depot for hosting the open meeting for Salem/Perry Township Crime Watch on Tuesday, April 14th. The manager, Lori Weston and the employees, Michelle and Mike, did a great job of presenting their home safety products.

A big thank you also to Officer Rob Keister (who came in on his day off) and Firefighter Aaron Loper who both added their input to safety issues.

Mayor Jerry Wolford was there also and gave a proclamation that the week of April 12 to the 18th will now be Salem Crime Watch Week. We certainly appreciate this and want to add a big thank you to him.

Anyone interested in joining Crime Watch can pick up an application at the office at 230 E. State St., 1 p.m.-3 p.m Saturdays or 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening.



Salem/Perry Township

Crime Watch

Opposeds to city

acquiring raceway

To the editor:

When I looked at an online poll by a local newspaper, 65 percent are opposed to purchasing the Quaker City Raceway. I , too, am opposed.

This is another ploy to merge public service with private enterprise using tax money.

Why would the citizens of Salem want to foot the bill for the purchase of barren land, the costs of annexing that land, and a drag strip at a time when industries are laying off and/or moving to other countries, gas prices are again climbing, and paychecks are dwindling?

It was reported that two phases of the current industrial park are filled. The other phases need filled before more land is purchased with tax monies.

Stimulus money is for immediate, shovel-ready projects that provide jobs. The only one benefiting from this deal is Mr. Swindell. He gets a million of our tax monies and gets to continue operating the raceway for us as long as he wants for a yet undisclosed salary. This deal does not meet stimulus funding criteria.

We need to let our state and federal representative know that we are opposed to this spending.

Rep. Linda Bolon, 77 S. High St., 13th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215; phone 614-466-8022.

Sen. Jason Wilson, Senate Building 050, Ground Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215; phone 614-466-6508.

Rep. Charles Wilson, 226 Cannon HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515; phone 202-225-5705 in DC; 330-532-3740 in Wellsville.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, 713 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510; phone 202-224-2315.

We need to also support Councilman Schory in his "no" vote and get back our $10,000.



Unhappy with Ohio

Gov. Strickland

To the editor:

Choices! November 2006 we had the opportunity to choose a new leader and a new direction for the State of Ohio.

On one hand you had a proven leader, a former mayor of Cincinnati, a former treasurer of Ohio, and the sitting Secretary of State; he was also successful in the business world as well. Our other choice was a non-descript congressman who in 12 years representing the 6th district had never sponsored any meaningful legislation, a former prison physiologist and teacher.

If you would take out party affiliation it would seem like a no-brainer and the choice would be obvious. You select the most qualified candidate, the one who has shown the executive leadership skills needed to get the job done, and the candidate that you feel would be the best for the job.

However in November 2006 having the Republican brand next to your name in the voting booth was not an ideal situation to get yourself elected. The less qualified, more inexperienced candidate won in a landslide.

Fast forward to today and the old saying you get what you paid for can not be more accurate. Our current governor ran on the slogan "Turn Ohio Around;" little did we know that he was going to turn Ohio into a larger version of the Congressional District that he represented! Today our unemployment statewide rivals that of the 6th district in November 2006.

Governor Strickland was supposed to be one of us, he of the fictitious Lisbon address. He was supposed to make sure that this area, particularly Columbiana County would not be forgotten.

Well let's look at the results of that decision in November of 2006, unemployment in the county has now reached double digits, the county did not receive a single dime of the federal transportation stimulus money, he wants to levy a tax on hospitals that will put a lot of smaller hospitals like Salem and East Liverpool out of business, his outright assault on charter schools threatens the very existence of a charter school in East Liverpool that employees 80 people, and after waiting two years for his education plan his initial proposal would strip even more money away from school districts like East Liverpool and Wellsville at a time when neither can afford to lose a penny.

We will have the opportunity in November 2010 to show this guy the door and take a new direction. Please when looking at the choice that you make remember what this guy has done for this area. Take Republican and Democrat out of the equation and really look at the person and their body of work. We can not afford another four years of this failed leadership.


Larry Long Jr.

East Liverpool

GOP needs to decide

on a future direction

To the editor:

Political activism has benefited this country since its inception, and it's nice to see people getting involved when so much of our nation seems to be utterly apathetic.

The true ideology of these TEA Party protests is not over-taxation, however, but a rejection of where they see our country moving after this last election. The fact that so many in this movement don't understand economic systems or terms points to this fact.

If this movement truly were about government debt and overspending, then where were they during these last 30 years?

Libertarians were against the bailouts as well as Reagan's Star Wars. The true identity of this movement is that it is made up of the extremist fringe of the Republican Party.

While some GOP hopefuls see this as an opportunity to gain momentum leading into their next political campaign, they should be more cautious. By lending this movement credibility, they may very well create a political Frankenstein that will splinter into its own third party when it realizes that its goals aren't being met.

The emergence of an Americanized version of the BNP (UK) or Front National (France) isn't something anyone should hope for.

Our society is best served when we have viable and relevant options at the voting booth, and if one party decides willingly to sell its credibility in return for the extremist vote, then we are all left with only one responsible option.

It's time for the GOP to decide whether it's a party of pragmatists or a party of ideologues.

Nathan Henceroth,

Nashville, TN

(formerly of Salem)



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