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Our readers write...

April 19, 2009
Salem News

Public option only way

to guarantee healthcare

To the editor:

If Barack Obama's healthcare plan gets changed to exclude a public option like Medicare, then it is not healthcare reform. A public option is the only way to guarantee healthcare for all Americans.

Any legislation without it is just more of the same broken system. America deserves a choice. Let people choose between keeping the for-profit insurance they already have-if they want it - or a public healthcare option like Medicare. Insurance companies and HMOs are afraid of a public healthcare option because competition will force them to provide better service at lower cost. There are one in six Americans are are uninsured and millions more are under insured for the coverage they need.



Broadband and job

creation go hand-in-hand

To the editor:

On Wednesday (April 8), state Sen. Jason Wilson and state Rep. Linda Bolon spoke before Salem business leaders at Mayor Jerry Wolford's business luncheon.

In her remarks, Bolon encouraged using stimulus monies to fund the expansion of wireless broadband access to areas of Columbiana County that will otherwise remain unserved by this critical technology.

While she mentioned the importance of attaching job numbers to applications for stimulus funds in a separate idea, broadband and job creation needs to go hand in hand.

A $10 billion investment in broadband network deployment this year will spawn some 500,000 new U.S. jobs, according to The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Bringing broadband access to the rural areas of Columbiana County will connect small businesses to their customers more effectively and help them reach new potential customers often overlooked by the mega-mall corporations of the world.

With the success of reaching previously unreachable customers, local small businesses can cut out a larger piece of the pie for themselves, and as they grow, so grow the local jobs. They will hire more help to keep up with growing demand, and they will spend more in local shops, restaurants and stores.

Let's help Columbiana County grow by using our local stimulus funds to bring a technology that will make them economically independent and healthy for years to come.


Washington, DC

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Randall Skoglund is executive director of Americans for Technology Leadership, a broad-based coalition focused, in part, on public policy issues affecting the technology industry.)

For once, focusing

on a positive

To the editor:

All too often people only write to complain or criticize and in this day, we have enough bad news. Fortunately, this is not my intention; I want to focus on a positive. I would like to applaud and cheer the staff and students at Southern Local Schools. I am an a alumnus, a mother of two students and the Mini Relay for Life chairperson.

We recently held our event titled "Shooting for a Cure." When I asked for help for the various student organizations and staff departments the response was overwhelming! The amount of support provided was outstanding. It is comforting to know that an event benefiting others was so important to them. The participation from the K-12th graders tell me (and anyone who attended that evening) these are good kids, who are directed by a caring staff.

Whether for you, a family member or a friend, hearing "You have cancer" is a terrifying sentence. However, it is schools like Southern Local who let the people in this community know they are not alone and people truly care. Our school presented the American Cancer Society with a check in the amount of $2,432 for a one evening event. I am very proud to be a part of this relay. Along with the involvement of business sponsors, volunteers, the game participants and the spectators; you all deserve a cheer!

If your community is sponsoring a relay, please do your part in assisting such a worthy cause. Supporting a Mini Relay for Life tells a cancer patient, "You will not fight alone." Tells a cancer survivor, "I celebrate you" and for those who lost their battle, "I will never for get you." Relays make a difference in peoples lives and it will make a difference in yours! This is what the staff and students at Southern Local already know and they make me so proud.

Good luck at your relay!



Disgusted with all the

clutter, trash and junk

To the editor:

For the fourth day in a row, I have come home from work and once again, our neighbors living behind us have cluttered up their yard with more trash and junk. The people living in the house are just renting. I thought the city of Salem had an ordinance on keeping up one's property. I don't know if any city official periodically goes around and checks how people are keeping their property, if they don't I think they should.

All of us in my neighborhood work hard in keeping our property up. And unfortunately, we have to one neighbor who doesn't care about their property. If I had rental property, I would see that my renters took care of the house, inside and out.

Of course some landlords apparently don't care as long as the rent is paid! Whether someone owns the house they live in, or is just renting, they should take pride in it, inside and out. Even if one can't afford the best, it doesn't take any money to keep the trash and junk picked up in the yard.



Venting emotions after

losing his job

To the editor:

This is in response to the rich getting on welfare while owning a $300,000 house, driving a Porsche and having $80,000 in assets. (I am not too sure on these figures, but you can correct them) and then they get $500 in welfare. Well, here's my story.

I lost my job (a few years ago). I tried to get unemployment, but they said I wasn't eligible because I quit my previous job (with a two-week notice), to better myself. Well the company I went to laid off after about eight months. Well then, about a month later my wife lost her job. She was able to get unemployment. That wasn't enough so we went and applied for food stamps.

Had to show them all of our information, such as titles to cars, mortgage, bills, etc. and guess what, yes you guessed it we were ineligible. (Thanks government)

I've worked since the age of 18. Only collected unemployment twice (for a short period). And I couldn't get help. Therefore we were forced to file bankruptcy, send our vehicle back and sell my motorcycle. Although now my wife and I are now working.

Thankfully! I'm afraid of losing my job now and then going through all that again. Because I quit my previous job and took this one. And it's really slow for everyone right now.



Suggest letting taxpayers

stimulate the economy

To the editor:

Well, let's try this again! Stimulus! $300 and $600 didn't work in 2008 and the proposed $400 and $800 in 2009 won't work either. Instead of giving more money to the banks, why not divide it among the 2007 taxpayers? Give every tax return that made less than $200,000 gross a check in the amount of their net 2007 earnings.

They could make a few house payments while negotiating a lower loan and lower interest, or they could buy a car, or a TV, or go out to dinner or spend it any way they want to "stimulate" the businesses in their own back yard.

This would would create jobs as the money would transfer from one person to the next, and voila, it eventually ends up in the "bank."

Right now there are no jobs to speak of (13.5 percent unemployment) and 2009 doesn't look as good as 2008, so you can't go to the bank to get a loan, because you can't pay it back (by the way that's where you put all the money) because you don't have a job.

If you can't fathom this, then why not give us all a check for $4,700? We don't get to vote ourselves a raise, like you do, but our expenses have gone up too.

What, if anything, have you done about getting rid of the millions of illegal immigrants?

What about closing down the immigration into this country; maybe you can see now that we don't have enough jobs to go around? And now there are over 9,000 "pork" amendments, over $8 billion in the proposed budget; that campaign promise didn't last long, "politics as usual in D.C."

What are you doing to stabilize Social Security??All loop holes need to be closed, no pay for illegal work, no totalization agreement with Mexico, this applies to past, present and future. All Social Security funds should be kept in the trust fund and not used for other purposes.

I can go on and on about all the opportunities you have to fix the many items that are ailing our economy and our country, but why should I, you've had months to work on the items above (only six) and nothing positive has been accomplished on any of them, and you still haven't done a thing about the items mentioned in my Nov. 24, 2008 letter. Election year 2010 can't get here soon enough!

I'm still bitter, still angry, still totally disgusted with the whole lot of you! I'm awaiting your reply as will the bills sponsored by you show what you're made of.



(Letters sent to Rep. Charlie Wilson, 336 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515; 202-225-5705

Sen. George Voinovich, 524 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510; 202-224-3353

Sen. Sherrod Brown, 455 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510; 202-224-2315.)

Opposed to perceived

socialistic movement

To the editor:

April 18th doesn't have significance to most Americans. For my family, however, it represents the battle of Lexington, 1775 - the start of the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere made his famous ride that night.

My family and their neighbors stood ready against the awful reality of an army that massively outnumbered them with men and weapons.

They fought for the right to choose their destinies, even if it meant death in trying.

For 200 years we've enjoyed the prosperity of freedom. But our autonomy is slipping away from us. In its place is socialism. Liberal pundits prefer to use the term Europeanism. It softens the "why can't we just get along" idealism that's being forced into our faces.

The reason we can't be "one" with the world? It's simple, we work harder, we're smarter (when we put forth the effort) and, until recently, we've been wealthier than any country on the planet, not to mention the most powerful.

Consider this, in the last 100 days of the "Change We Need" administration, financial institutions have gone from Wall Street bulls to lap dogs of Uncle Sam. We've been told that this has happened to protect us. What about GM's ex-CEO Rick Wagoner? Here today, gone tomorrow. All with Uncle Sam's design. I believe in an America where businesses rise and fall on their own, thank you. It's worked for 200 years, even through the Great Depression.

Now, the government is after healthcare reform. Be prepared, because we're heading for a National Healthcare System with a few select National Healthcare Hospitals. Those hospitals will be staffed with underpaid doctors and nurses. Choice will be a luxury of the past. And don't forget the life preserver that infrastructure will throw to unemployed Americans.

Do we want our best educated and most brilliant achievers paving asphalt when they could be designing space stations or genes with the ability to cure cancer?

The choice is yours. If you do not choose your future, the government will choose it for you. I may be an alarmist or maybe I hold the lantern from the past - "one if by land, two if by sea." Either way keep your bows taut and your blue steel oiled. It's your only certain security against tyranny, may God forbid.





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