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Our readers write...

March 15, 2009
Salem News

Unhappy Leetonia district

residents had fair warning

To the editor:

As we have all heard, many parents and community members are unhappy with Leetonia School's decision to limit the bussing of students.

I attended the school board meeting on Feb. 25 and listened to many members of our community chastise the board for their decision. As the meeting continued, I grew more shocked. Based on what most people had to say, you would think that we were not warned that this would be happening - which could not be further from the truth.

As frustrated as this made me, I was even more disappointed by what was not mentioned at the meeting. Not one person stood up and complained that teachers are losing their jobs, class sizes are getting larger, and kindergarten students will be losing half of their school day.

No one complained that our high school students are missing out on valuable classes that prepare them for the future, or that bus drivers, cafeteria personnel and custodians are having their hours cut or extinguished altogether. When did having our children bussed to school become more important than all of this?

Amid all of the blame and finger pointing, it was obvious that our priorities are not in the right place. It is time that we, as a community, take responsibility for making the decision that put us in this situation.

I hope that when we step into the voting booth in May, we will decide once and for all what our children are worth, and realize just how much we have taken from them.



Leetonia Schools

If it happens to you,

just do the right thing

To the editor:

Let's be good neighbors.

Accidents do happen. If you're responsible, be courageous and own up to it. Recently, while running errands, someone "doored" my new Pontiac Vibe. The door was struck hard enough to hit bare metal not to mention the dent.

And the striker didn't notice what they'd done? Has this ever happened to you? How did you feel? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

If no one is around, write a note with your contact information on it and slip the note under the driver-side windshield wiper. It's the right thing to do.

You too can be part of the change for the better in this world. Better yet, be more careful as you enter or exit your vehicle.

Spare your neighbor a several hundred dollar repair bill. None of us can afford the cost of careless mistakes in these difficult times. Be kind to your neighbor.



A special thanks to staff,

especially nurses, at SCH

To the editor:

So often people in our community say negative comments about our local hospital. I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff and especially the nurses at the Salem Community Hospital.

I recently had a very emotional surgery and not only were the staff extremely sympathetic to the situation, they were professional and over-the-top helpful in every way.

Although from Salem originally, I have lived in many large cities over the past few years and received care at other large hospitals. I can say with certainty that the care I recently received in Salem was far superior. We are very lucky to have such a fantastic hospital in our little town.



Raffle held at Giant Eagle

benefits Alchemy Acres

To the editor:

Alchemy Acres held a benefit raffle on March 6 at the Salem Giant Eagle.

Winners of various prizes were John Simonds of $100 Giant Eagle gift card; Diane Dull of Lisbon, $20 Ohio Lottery Ticket Tree; Christine Kline of Salem, $20 Pizza Hut gift card; Erin Fuschetto of Canfield, antique caned chair; B Shilling of Salem, flower pot bench; Pat Lease of Salem, pastel lap quilt; Ken Yash of Diamond, large birdfeeder; and Y. Levandoski of Salem, small birdfeeder.

Thank you so much for all you did to make this benefit so special. All together, the sale of raffle tickets and generous donations totaled $1,287.78! Thank you also for all the food and supplies that were donated.

We are very fortunate to have such a caring community. The money raised will provide food, shelter and veterinary care for the animals at Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary, the only no-kill shelter in our area.

Thank you for your warm and loving hearts.





Family of late Salem

residents express thanks

To the editor:

From the family of Earl and Mary Wilkinson,

We would like to thank everyone for their support through the loss of our loved ones, Earl and Mary Wilkinson.

Earl and Mary were lifetime residents Salem. They will be greatly missed by all who knew them.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at the Office on Aging and the Holander House. The love you showed to Earl and Mary was above and beyond what anyone can imagine.

Thank you all again.



Employee impressed

with ACH management

To the editor:

I felt the need to write to you to tell you how hopeful I feel.

Yes, the economy is in dire straits and the jobless rate continues to climb. Horror stories about foreclosures and bankruptcies fill the pages of this paper and so many others every day.

So, why am I optimistic?

Because I am an employee (internally, we use the term "colleague") of Alliance Community Hospital.

Sure, things are tough everywhere and the hospital is no exception. We are definitely feeling the impact of the depressed economy in our overall volumes and the amount of certain elective procedures scheduled.

Yet, the management team of the hospital recently announced that they would take a pay cut to avoid any layoffs. When was the last time you read about a CEO taking a pay reduction and seeing that his leadership team followed his example? Frankly, I was flabbergasted when I discovered that Stan Jonas and his management team were willing to make this sacrifice for the good of the entire staff.

I know there are no guarantees that things won't get wor se and that we won't all be asked to take some concessions, but I can't say enough how encouraged I am to see these changes coming from the top down.

Wall Street and the rest of corporate America could certainly learn a thing or two from Mr. Jonas and his leadership team.

I think I speak for the entire hospital staff when I say thank you.


Berlin Center,

Office coordinator,

ACH Wound

Care Advantage,


Appreciates kindness

during time of loss

To the editor:

Losing a loved one is never easy, but friends, family and caring professionals can sometimes make the grief a little more bearable. I would like to thank the following people for their care of my Dad, Mutt Schaeffer, before his passing on Feb. 3: The second floor and ICU nurses at the Salem Community Hospital, Drs. Mendez, Vijayakumar, and Cohen, and his many friends who were always there by his side.

Special thanks to Stark Memorial, Pastor Alan Smearsoll, Ila Jeanne Paxson and the prayer ministry team from the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, and Becky at Earl Miller's office.

To the Saturday morning breakfast club and the Wednesday afternoon gang - carry on - he would want it that way!

The signs of sympathy and support that were shown to me during those two weeks were something that I will never forget.

It is exactly that spirit that makes me proud to be from Salem. Thank you all.


Norman, Okla.

Outraged over event at Mahoning County Pound

To the editor:

I was outraged as I watched the news story of Kate Shearer being taken to jail for trying to save puppies from being put down at the Mahoning County Pound. Apparently, someone had brought in a litter of baby pit bull mix puppies and the pound worker felt the need to take these "dangerous" 8-pound pups and put them in the back room of the pound with the intent of killing them by heart-stick just because of their breed.

While I understand that the city of Youngstown does not allow new ownership of a pit bull even if it is a mix, there is no Ohio state law as Dave Nelson erroneously stated that stops people from owning this breed in other parts of this area and state.

In any event, there should be the opportunity for rescues from out of the area to take these dogs and save them from dying.

There are a thousand opinions on the danger of pit bulls, but there are also a thousand reports on how it is not the breed but the owner that conditions a dog to attack. People have been severely harmed by dogs of all breeds.

In the past, it was Dobermans and Shepherds that were dangerous. I am not here now to debate this issue. I believe that no breed should be s made extinct.

There needs to be stronger laws and punishment for those who train any animal to be vicious. All dogs should have to be licensed and this should be enforced. I believe that the majority of the dog attacks come from irresponsible owners with unlicensed dogs.

The fact is the pound was going to put down these dogs and Kate Shearer acted emotionally in trying to save them.

She did not set out to steal or break any laws I am sure. She was at the pound and acted under the duress of the moment to save the puppies.

She did not break into the pound which was open to the public until 7 p.m. every Wednesday.

Some stories relayed the story as if she broke into the building after hours with malicious intent. She entered an area only for employees and then reacted to save the crying puppies. After viewing the pictures of those puppies, who wouldn't want to help them?

What is extremely frustrating is that it took four cruisers and five U.S. Marshalls to go this woman's house to arrest her!

Either crime is down or they just don't have enough to do but waste taxpayer dollars to send four cars and five officers to arrest a woman who had never even had a speeding ticket at her home!

I would like to know on whose order it was to send all those cars out for this arrest?

We all read about the man who had a shelter that he used to scam people of their money while he let their precious dogs slowly suffer by starving them to death. They didn't send out the National Guard to get him!

He wasn't charged with a felony and if I recall, he barely got a slap on the wrist for this atrocity.

Kate Shearer is a compassionate person that will help anyone she can.

She also is an animal lover and has rescued many dogs that were abandoned or abused. Does her emotional reaction warrant a felony charge against her which will cost her money she does not have?

In the end, her actions did save those puppies which were ultimately sent out of state to a rescue.

Now who is going to help Kate?





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