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Our readers write...

February 22, 2009
Salem News

Young student seeks your help

To the editor:

Dear Readers,

Hello! My name is Megan O. and I'm a fifth grader from West Ridge Elementary in Harlan, Iowa.

Our class is studying the geography and the history of the United States.

I would appreciate it if you would send me information of Ohio, postcards, or brochures. My social studies teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would really appreciate a car license plate for a school project. I really appreciate your time! Thank you!


Mrs. Newlin's Class,

West Ridge Elementary,

1401 19th Street,

Harlan, Iowa 51537

Upset with top executives

To the editor:

I have been reading that the government is trying to limit the bonuses paid to top executives of firms that have already received part of the taxpayers' bail out monies and future payments to other firms.

Are we, the people, to believe that a lavish bonus is still being paid to these top employees?

The very ones who are responsible for the conditions that exist in the financial institutions they head? Not only that but scheduled Las Vegas junkets at the most expensive hotels?

The answer is yes, this is all part of doing business within these firms and its no wonder they need $30 billion to continue their life style.

When was the last time you received a million dollar bonus along with an all expense paid 12 day vacation to Puerto Rico or the Bahama's along with private entertainment by Jimmy Buffett, Cher, or Jay Leno? All for screwing up your job so bad that your company needs $30 billion of tax payers money to exist for another quarter?

I say if Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and the like, want to do business like this then fine.

But when you take bailout money from the taxpayers and continue this lavish life style then its wrong. Morgan Stanley just announced they are canceling a appreciation trip for their employees to Monte Carlo, boo hoo.

Our Congress is right to set limits to this type of practice as long taxpayers money is being used in bailouts. But what angers me the most is why pay bonuses at all?

Not one employee of a firm that is in trouble should receive one red cent over and beyond their salary until their company is solvent once again. No one should be receiving any compensation for screwing up on their jobs. They should feel lucky they still have jobs.



Strong words for Congress

To the editor:

Something is wrong. People losing jobs and their homes. Here it is. Wall Street wants to give them a bonus. Now here it is Congress wants to give themselves a raise. Wrong. They want the working man to tighten their belts but they want to loosen their belts.

Taxpayers tell Congress to shape up every time they do something they say taxpayers will take care of it. Wrong. Congress top officials should take a pay cut, they just work part time, they are overpaid.

Congress get out of Iraq and bring the jobs home from China and do something for this country. Congress, you get in office, you should work for the people but you work for yourself. I did something for my country, World War II vet.



Big game night turns ugly

To the editor:

Recently my family and I attended a high school basketball game between East Palestine and Columbiana. It was a game that will help decide the ITCL championship for the 2009 season-so as you cam imagine it was very intense both on the floor and in the crowd.

As the game wore on it was pretty apparent that the refs were losing control of the match. It was getting very physical on both sides of the court. I don't claim to be a high school ref, but it was pretty clear that both coaches as well as fans were very unhappy with some of the calls made on the floor. As I watched the replay on TV that night it was very clear that some of the calls were very bad and it had affected the play of the game for both sides.

Some of the fouls that were called were incorrect and some that should have been called fouls were not called at all. The game went into overtime which only magnified an already tense game.

In the end Columbiana won but not without controversy and some actions that were truly ugly on both sides of the court.

I saw bottles being thrown on the floor, adults pushing other adults to get the refs, grown men and women screaming at each other and just pure hate shown toward the refs. It was really an ugly display by so-called adults.

My 11 year-old daughter was afraid to leave the building because she thought that there might be a fight outside.

In today's world, don't we have more things to be concerned about? Our sons and daughters are fighting a war in a land where the enemy does not care whether they live or die.

We have a government that can't see eye to eye on anything and our economy is in the worse shape since 1930. Families are forced to move because they can no longer afford their homes due to lose of jobs and other issues.

I want to commend Ron Iarussi, Tim Saxon, Bob Spaite and others who risked injury to help restore order on that night. I hope in the future we can understand that it's just a game, a high school game at that, and my daughter as well as other kids that attended the game will feel safe to attend other games and will not be afraid to leave the building when it is over.

Remember-it's just a game nothing more.





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