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Arizona makes it a (fantastic)?contest

February 1, 2009

A friend described to me that Super Bowl Sunday is the "holiest of all American holidays." He then also went on to say that after kickoff he could walk naked to the mall and still be able to shop.

Cashier: What can I help you with sir?

Naked patron: Well, I'm looking for something in the "clothing" department.

He of course, is a diehard Steelers fan from the Iron City. But honestly, I'm not so sure he couldn't of gotten away with that last night after kickoff.

Yes, the nation stopped, as it always seems to do, whether it be for football, new commercials, parties or all of the above.

As Americans, it's not like we need an excuse to, choose one (celebrate/drink). Super Bowl Sunday is certainly up there with other "holy" holidays with no real ties to anything religious whatsoever.

We drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day. Like slaves to the grind we hit Hallmark every Valentine's Day and even Sweetest Day, shell out a hundred bucks on dinner and eat and drink ourselves silly hoping to keep our bearings long enough to make it to the "romantic" portion of the evening. Whatever the real meanings of these "holidays" are is purely an afterthought.

But last night, no matter how hard the Steelers tried to make another Super Bowl background noise, the Cardinals showed up to make it anything but.

If not for a misread by Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner right before halftime, the Cardinals just might have pulled off what no one thought they could.

Warner and the Cardinals played inspired football. When Pittsburgh tried to turn the game into Steeler-ball with runs and clock control, Arizona was having none of it, erasing a 20-7 deficit to take the lead 23-20 with just minutes to go.

Most people wrote off Arizona before the game even started, but they rolled through the playoffs as one of the league's hottest teams.

I don' t know if an Arizona win would've "shocked the world," but it would've certainly rattled Pittsburgh and Steelers fans worldwide.

For now, my friend can walk through Pittsburgh naked all he likes, because the Steelers just etched themselves in NFL history as the greatest franchise of all time.

Heck, he can even buy a Super Bowl XLIII shirt to cover himself with.

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