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January 18, 2009
Salem News

Agrees with state of Salem streets

To the editor:

I just read the letter from Jeff Nunzir about the pothole on State Street. I would also like to add that while driving through Salem on Monday, Jan. 12, 2009, that I was disturbed that the streets were still snow covered.

I moved out of Salem, I must say I am glad I did. The "Safety Director" seems to have forgotten what safety means. When driving through Salem the roads are terrible, then as soon as you are out of the city limits-the roads are great.

Maybe when Salem has its next election they should keep this in mind. So I do encourage all drivers who plan on driving in Salem to give yourself extra time because its streets are not very clean.



Beaver Local needs renewal of levy

To the editor:

In 1994, the community demonstrated its commitment and dedication to the Beaver Local School district by passing an Emergency Operating Levy. The community continued to support the levy in 1999 and 2004. The levy will be up for renewal next year. An unsuccessful attempt was made this past November to renew this operating levy. This levy is critical to the operations of the Beaver Local School District. Although information was put in the newspapers, a comment that was heard was that people did not know it was a renewal.

This levy is critical to the financial well being of the district. If the levy is not renewed, the district will lose $1.2 million. This money is used for general operations of the district. You may have read that the Ohio Department of Education is cutting its budget by 5.75 percent. Unfortunately, these cuts are being made before the fiscal year ends. Without the money from the levy compounded with the 5.75 percent cuts by the Ohio Department, the district will need to make cuts,

Originally, this levy was for 10 mills. However, the millage is now 5.3 mills due to the growth in the community. There will be no additional costs to the taxpayers by passing this levy. Please support Beaver Local Schools on Feb. 3, 2009.


President, Beaver Local

Board of Education


President, Beaver Local

Education Association


Superintendent of Schools


President, OAPSE Local 564

Don't hold your breath on fed freeze

To the editor:

Editor, I normally don't write to editors, but I feel you're dropping the ball. There was an article in the Columbus Dispatch on Monday, Jan. 12, written by Jim Siegel. It was titled (Pay raises for politicians? Not in this economy). I don't understand why our local paper didn't run the story?

Most people in this county are interested in what's going with our state lawmakers, county and township elected officials. Well, people, they are taking a freeze, the first in 13 years! Now if the federal government would follow suit. Don't hold your breath though. We know all of them. Don't we? Now the push for a drop in major medical benefits to a 80/20 package which I feel is workable.Who do these people think they are? Forty million Americans have no insurance. Get used to it public servants, your time is coming.





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