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January 11, 2009
Salem News

Good work: Six drivers lost tires in crater

To the editor:

My letter is in regard to the pothole at the intersection of State Street and Broadway Avenue, westbound lane in Salem. Not only has this hole damaged several cars, it continues to grow! I believe I was the first unfortunate person of the night to hit this gaping crater. On Christmas Eve, around 7:30 p.m., I managed to lose two of my newly installed, passenger side tires, not to mention bending both rims and a sway bar link. Total damage, about $990 - Merry Christmas!

I immediately pulled my car into the municipal parking lot at State and Ellsworth and phoned police. As the officer pulled in the lot to survey my damage, another vehicle pulled into the lot and within 10 minutes, the hole had taken its next victim. How convenient that the officer was already there for the next guy to also file a report. I left my car to sit in the municipal lot until after Christmas awaiting a tow. When I met the fellow who would later tow my car to Expert Tire for repairs, I learned that he had towed three other cars that night, which sustained blown tires from this sinkhole in the middle of the State Street. When I talked with the technician at Expert Tire, I learned that they had a repair earlier that morning from another person who also hit the hole. All in all, that's six people who didn't have such a great Christmas Eve, due to the incompetence of the city to properly repair a hole.

I understand that it's the time of the year when holes like this occur, but this thing was like 4 feet long and about a foot and a half wide. It was also in the middle of town, on the city's main thoroughfare. We have come to find that it was blamed on the rain, which washed out, what looked to me like pea gravel. Don't you think, Mr. Service Director, we could have splurged and maybe placed some "real" patch in the hole? Something like asphalt, which would have possibly packed down, rather than wash out in the rain?

Oh, and thanks for having the hole marked - on the busiest street - in the middle of town- NOT!



Make sure donation helps area animals, too

To the editor:

No doubt if you watch television this holiday season you have seen the commercial for abandoned shelter animals featuring Sarah McLaughlin on behalf of the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The message is heartwrenching and compelling. Certainly, the ASPCA is a worthy cause and their efforts in the area of animal welfare, important.

But please, consider this. Unwanted and neglected pets need your help right here in Columbiana County. At least donate a portion of the funds you set aside for animal welfare to local organizations. I can speak to the needs and activities of one local non-profit animal welfare organization, the Humane Society of Columbiana County.

In 2008, two trained, court appointed volunteer humane agents responded to over 400 concerns about animal cruelty and neglect over the 532 square miles of Columbiana County. Over 300 cats and dogs have been cared for by volunteers who currently maintain a minimum of two shifts, seven days per week at our R.O.C.C. (Reduce Overpopulation of Cats and Canines) and Rescue Center located at 1825 S. Lincoln Ave. in Salem. The Humane Society is not funded by any local government agency nor any national animal welfare organization. Total programming and operations, including a mortgage, are supported by public donations. Should donations cease, so too will the services of the humane society.

I am not recommending that you stop supporting organizations like the ASPCA, but I am asking you to look out your windows as you drive your car. We all know there is great need right in our own backyard. Help us at the humane society help the animals in need right here in Columbiana County, first. If you are fortunate enough to afford more, then spread the love around to other parts of the country and beyond.

For more information about the Humane Society of Columbiana County, please call 330-332-2600. Doors are open and visitors encouraged and welcome Tuesday-Friday 1 to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to noon. Other times are available by appointment. Adoptable pets can also be viewed at



Humane Society of Columbiana County

First Night Salem

was a big success

To the editor:

Many thanks go out to the thousands of Salem area residents that participated in First Night Salem 2009! You helped make year number five a great community success story and the "best ever" First Night Salem! Whether you simply purchased a badge to attend the events, participated as a donor, helped prepare a church, lodge or non-profit organization dinner, offered your building to house a venue or office, designed programs and signs or volunteered that night, you are the people that made it happen! The seemingly endless morning wind, ice and snow did not dampen the celebratory spirit of over 500 people who waited in line to take a horse drawn carriage ride through the heart of Salem.

The First Night Mardi Gras necklaces that were worn by adults and children alike contributed to the festive atmosphere. The entertainment held in over 10 different buildings was professional and unique. First Nighters would have easily spent several hundred dollars a piece to see such an array of talent if they had gone out of town for shows of this caliber!

Special thanks goes out to the First Night Salem steering committee B.J. Abrams, Brian Amos, Donna Chappell, Connie Cranmer, John Gilbert, Mike Grimstad, Susan Hays, Mary Ellen Mayo, Fred Pamer, Bill Schilling, Arline Sekely, David Stratton and Barb Weikart- Kuder. They gave endless hours of volunteer time, not just at meetings but doing things weeks and months in advance of New Year's Eve to make everything flow smoothly on First Night. It took more than individuals for this community event to take place. Many Salem area businesses and organizations made a concerted effort to become part of the First Night Salem program. Without the help of Amos Communications, Pearce Foundation, Salem News, Morning Journal, Salem Community Hospital and all of our other generous supporters, we would not have had any entertainment. We provided a great entertainment value to our local Salem area residents. We could have done much, much more with more Salem community funding. Thanks to the following churches and organizations for allowing us to use their buildings as a home for the evening, Kent State Salem for Kent City Center auditorium, YWCA offices and gymnasium, St. Paul Catholic Church, St. Paul School, Elks Lodge, Church of Our Savior, Memorial Building, Salem Historical Society Museum, Masonic Temple, First United Methodist Church, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Community Action Agency's CARTS and Stark Memorial Funeral Home.

Work has already begun on First Night Salem 2010! Several new acts have already requested to perform. Thanks to the Salem area's consistent support of our program, First Night Salem will strive to maintain the high quality of family entertainment that is the cornerstone of this alcohol free, family oriented celebration of the arts.



First Night Salem




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