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November 2, 2008
Salem News

Responds to letter to editor

To the editor:

Generally, I don't like to respond to comments made in the "letters to the editor" section newspapers. I prefer to think that my record as our county recorder speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, a letter was published which not only criticized my job performance but insulted and misrepresented my character.

The letter was written by a Carrol County resident who frequents the Columbiana County recorder's offic e.

This individual is an outspoken partisan Republican and frequently voices her disdain for anything related to the Democratic Party.

Three years ago I made the decision to move my personal office out of the basement and to the second floor. I made this decision in order to better supervise staff and to interact more with office visitors.

As a result, I moved the contents of the office's primary book room, research computers, and books that were stored in the courthouse hallway to a much larger room in the basement.

This move provided a centralized location for many books and researching computer terminals. It was carpeted, heated, and air conditioned. Square footage was increased and more surface area was provided for researchers.

A couple of months ago the courthouse received new windows and we learned that we could not use our window air conditioners in the basement.

I discussed the situation with Judge Baronzzi and we came to an agreement that it would save the county money if we jointly cooled our office's spaces in the basement.

Unfortunately, we were unable to schedule the project before the arrival of cooler weather. Please note that the office will be heated by the boilers in the courthouse throughout the winter.

I understand that this was a difficult situation and that the heat of summer can often seem unbearable even if for a couple of short months. I have discussed this matter with office users, recorder's office staff, and other county office holders.

Most of which came to understand the situation and decided to make due with a less than perfect situation.

As an office holder and as a person I have an "open door" policy and am open to receive constructive criticism and comments.

Although, I am disappointed that an individual chose to use this scenario as a basis for a politically biased attack against me instead of discussing it with me.

The most upsetting part of this partisan attack letter was that it went beyond the level of job criticism but insulted my very character.

Attacks such as these are unnecessary and immoral. I never threatened to put public documents online, because I was unhappy with this individual's treatment of my staff or myself. Documents are not online because many documents contain Social Security numbers.

To place public documents online without properly searching and covering up Social Security numbers would be irresponsible.

The most insulting aspect of this letter was that the individual said she expected retribution from me.

This statement is both ridiculous and an insult to my upbringing and my religious beliefs. I am not a vindictive or vengeful person. Such action is deplorable and I could not condone it.

During an election year it is challenging for many people to judge a public official by is or her job performance. Some people find it much easier to condemn others based solely on their political party affiliation.

Every day I work very hard as your county recorder. Spending had been reduced and debt has been eliminated. I have created new programs for military veterans and office users.

Also, I have prioritized the identification and masking or covering up of Social Security numbers in order to help protect us from identity theft.

When you vote please try to make your decision based on my record of accomplishment as your county recorder .

Ignore the partisan "politics as usual" mudslinging and please make your decision on what I have contributed to our county recorder's office.

It is a pleasure to daily serve as your county recorder. I hope that you will provide me with the opportunity to continue serving you.



Workers don't deserve criticism

To the editor:

While running my errands around town I have been confused by the criticism of the workers at American Standard. I've come to the conclusion that those people just don't know the facts.

My husband has worked for American Standard for 31 years. We have been bombarded by so many numbers- 5 percent decrease in wages, 25 percent increase in health insurance premiums, 25 percent decrease in 401k contribution, etc. It is confusing!

I would like to share with you what these numbers mean to my family. By the third year of their "last, best and final offer," we would be making $3.18 less an hour, $127.20 less a week, $508.80 less a month, $6,105.60 less a year.

How many of you could give up over $500 a month? We can't.

Please remember when you are calling these hard-working men and women "hot heads" and "greedy" that there's always at least two sides to a story.

The last thing any of these employees wanted was to strike but this is a matter of survival.

Please support these workers.



Disgusted with 'smear campaign'

To the editor:

I am disgusted by the smear campaign and negative attacks on County Treasurer Nick Barborak. How refreshing it is to have such a bright young man with innovative ideas serving us in the courthouse.

Because he understands how severe the foreclosure crisis is, Nick formed a task force designed to educate families about the issue and help find them ways to save their homes. In spite of his opponent's attacks, our tax collections are up in this county. Nick has also been able to keep our investments strong in such turbulent times. Maybe his opponent has been attacking him because he can't say anything about his own record or what different actions he intends to take as treasurer.

I think we should be concerned about Nick's opponent's desire to add $4 million of new property taxes to our homes. We should be concerned about his lackluster performance in Salem, where hundreds of jobs have left town and income tax collection has plummeted. We should be concerned about his willingness to close his office doors so that his staff can watch as he received a politically motivated reward and again so that his staff can watch as he filed petitions to run for office. We should be concerned about his desire to cut the County Drug Task Force at the same time as drug-related crime and drug-related deaths are skyrocketing.

In deciding whose judgment we will trust with millions of our tax dollars, I think the choice for county treasurer is clear. Nick Barborak has proven himself to be very astute at his job. His opponent's judgment is questionable at best.



Doesn't mean a thing to a thief

To the editor:

Times are hard and people are struggling. That does not give a person the right to pull up to a gas pump, fill their tank and drive away without paying. Worse, why would anyone go into a restaurant, eat, and walk out without paying for their meal? Are these "people" thinking the gasoline place or the restaurant can afford it because they make a lot of money?

Don't these "customers" aka thieves (because stealing makes you a thief) realize that the clerk behind the cash register making minimum wage gets to pay for the drive-offs out of her paycheck? Don't these thieves realize that the server/waitress is making $3.50 or less per hour and tips and get to pay out of their paychecks for those who don't pay their bills?

Do the math. Minimum wage times part-time hours minus taxes minus how much you put in your gas tank equals paying (or not because you had to pay for someone's gasoline) the rent, buying the groceries, or a winter coat for your young child. Or, $3.50 times part-time hours a week plus tips equals paying (or not because you had to pay for someone's meal) taxes, bills, car insurance, and eating. Oh, the tips can total less than $14 on a bad day. Or when there is only one server in the whole restaurant and someone leaves a one-cent tip because the server wasn't perfect. And these employees pay taxes on their tips, too.

So, when you drive off without paying for your gasoline, or when you eat at your favorite restaurant, get up and walk out without paying, the person who suffers is the employee, not the company. And they can't afford the loss. But I don't suppose that means a thing to a thief.



Lends support for recorder

To the editor:

As a registered Republican, I am writing this letter to support Candidate Democrat Craig Brown as county recorder. Despite my party affiliation, I base my vote on the issues.

Craig Brown has served our county well over the last four years. He has implemented programs to mask our Social Security numbers to protect us from identity theft. He has lobbied for passage of legislation to allow county recorders to reject documents containing Social Security numbers. He has renegotiated contracts to save money for our county. Craig has never accepted money from the county for travel expenses related to his position. He has also accommodated our veterans. Each veteran may receive a free wallet size copy of their military discharge paperwork. He has also made genealogical tracking easier for veteran's families by listing burial information and making it available to them. Each time I have contacted the recorder's office, Craig has been there to answer my questions as a full-time county recorder.

Craig gives of his personal time throughout our county at various fund-raisers, senior activities and children's events. As a mother of three with two autistic children, he has included them in various social activities, which in turn gave them opportunities that they may have never had. He cares about our community and his family. The negative campaigning lately has not swayed my position and has inspired me to write this letter. I would encourage you to meet him personally and see what he is really like. It's not hard to do. Just find a community function, and he will be there. I have seen him in action and appreciate what he has done for our county.



Can't take from rich and give to poor

Throughout history, many have tried to take from the rich and give to the poor. It does not work. It is not fair to ask one man to work two days for himself and one for someone else, it just won't work.

The Communists tried it, and it didn't work. The only time it was successful, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, was Robin Hood or Jesse James, and I'm not sure about them.

I also wonder, about someone who belonged to a church for 20 years, and did not hear the views of the pastor, who preached not to God Bless America, but to God d ... A man who only stepped away from the reverend after he went on national T.V. preaching his hate for America. I also wonder, if the polls say 94 percent of the black vote is for Obama, do they share the same views as Pastor Wright?



Labor group offers endorsements

To the editor:

The Hall of Fame Central Labor Council (CLC), AFL-CIO, is pleased to announce the following endorsements for the Nov. 4 election.

President of the United States: Barack Obama

U.S. House of Representatives 6th District: Charlie Wilson

Ohio Attorney General: Richard Cordray

Ohio Senate 30th District: Jason Wilson

Ohio House 1st District: Linda Bolon

Columbiana County Commissioner: Penny Traina

Columbiana County Treasurer: Nick Barborak

Columbiana County Recorder: Craig Brown

Columbiana County Sheriff: John Soldano

We ask that all working families support these candidates, so that they can support you.



Executive Board Hall of Fame


In defense of recorder

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in defense of Craig Brown.

The political attacks against him are not only ridiculous but also unfounded. His opponent has openly and publicly tried his best to sway voters by attacking Craig's character over and over again. Stating such idiocies such as Craig is a "part-time recorder."

What does that even mean? Does the fact that Craig teaches a class once a week and does go out to talk to the voters of our county (yes, the voters that he works for and the voters that put him in that office) occasionally, supposed to imply that he does not do his job as a recorder?

Adam Booth has used every opportunity to use these dirty political tactics including his own website, literature, etc. Craig on the other hand does not attack anyone and constantly showing his good character, he talks about the issues that are important to the taxpayers.

Maybe Craig's opponent needs to look up the job description for the office which he is trying to hold. We do not need someone holding this office that is only interested in bashing a good man that does his job!



Responds to treasurer

To the editor:

After reading the letter to the editor submitted by the current county treasurer, Mr. Barborak, I need to respond to his remarks.

Mr. Barborak not only skirted around the responsibilities of what he really has done over his time as treasurer, but more importantly he has been negligent in telling you that he is a practicing attorney.

He states he is in the treasurer's office every day, as he should be; however, as a Columbiana County taxpayer, you deserve to know that this man is collecting a salary as treasurer, and at the same time, he is also filing cases as an attorney for his own private law firm! This is public information, obtained through the Columbiana County website.

This office holder should be ashamed and embarrassed by his actions for misleading the tax payers of Columbiana County into believing he is a full-time treasurer. How can he, when he is a full-time lawyer?

Mr. Barborak ... the taxpayers pay you $60,000+ to be county treasurer, how much more do you make as a lawyer?

I've done my homework on the two candidates running for county treasurer, and with no question, Jim Armeni (the current Salem auditor) is more professional, accountable, responsible and loyal with the public's money.

Mr. Armeni has received numerous awards from the state auditor's office for his government accounting practices. I urge you to do your homework on these two candidates as I did, and I'm sure you will agree that this county needs a change and deserves an honest, accountable, full-time fiscal officer in the treasurer's office.



Differs with endorsement

To the editor:

I expected that your paper would endorse the McCain-Palin ticket but I was surprised at the weak argument that was presented.

The endorsement mentioned Sen. McCain's military record as a reason to elect him but as I recall, in 2004, Sen. Kerry also had a military record but it didn't seem to help him win any endorsements. General Colin Powell has deemed Sen.Obama as being more than capable of being commander -in-chief. He is certainly the most respected military voice in the nation.

The endorsement mentioned that Sen. McCain is a maverick but what sort of maverick is forced to pick a VP he didn't really want?

If picking Sarah Palin,who most people agree is both unqualified and unprepared to assume the presidency, is an example of McCain's judgment then his judgment needs to be seriously examined.

Sen. McCain wants to reduce spending? Then why did he vote for four out of five Bush budgets that sent our deficits through the roof and increased government spending. McCain has also been the strongest proponent of deregulation and we can see the results of that in the financial meltdown.

Mentioning William Ayers but not the Palin family ties to the Alaska Independence Party, which is a government hating militia seems a bit odd.

Finally there's the tried and true "liberal" label put on Obama. Hopefully his upcoming win will finally put this to rest but let's examine what liberals have been mostly responsible for: Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, the union movement, labor laws that help workers and also winning WWII among others.

Not a bad record. As for the conservatives,well just examine the last eight years.



Watch out for liberals!

To the editor:

You really have to marvel at the modern day liberal. You know who they are-they live in the nicer homes, have at least one foreign car, they give to Emily's List, the NAACP, the Sierra Club, and Common Cause. And they have an Obama sign in their front yard.

These liberals look upon America as a pernicious, chauvinistic, bigoted and oppressive capitalist state that has trampled upon the rights not only of the great masses of America, but upon the rest of the world. They are mortified that the socialists in Europe don't like us. Liberals are just ashamed of America.

Not all that long ago, Michelle Obama decried: "for the first time in my life I am proud of America." Of course, we haven't seen much of Michelle since these remarks, have we? Nor have we heard much from Reverend Jeremiah Wright-that business of his "damning America" from the pulpit of Obama's own church didn't sell too good with suburbia or Appalachia.

Never mind that we have the highest standard of living in the history of the world nor that we give more humanitarian and, yes, military aid to the world than any other nation, ever. Don't dare bring any of this up; it just might call into question the wholesale "change" which the liberals have in mind for us.

Make no mistake about it: if the liberals get the chance, they will carry through with their promises of massive new tax increases, of an expanded federal grip on our lives, of a nationalized healthcare system, more bailouts of their friends on Wall Street and the gutting of the nation's war fighting capability.

They would also reshape the judiciary by stacking the courts with far left liberal judges who would validate the liberal agenda that they wish to thrust upon America.

And oh, if you cling to your guns and your bible, look out-that bothers liberals. They are extra leery of churchgoers.

Ultimately, the liberals want to incite the masses with rhetoric designed to rile everybody up and make them eager for the "change that is needed."

This year they have the mouth piece to articulate it all in such a palatable way. Therein lies the danger of it all.

I pray that America wakes up before this nightmare becomes a reality.



Upset with behavior

To the editor:

I feel that I must say how upset I am about Adam Booth and his recent behavior at the recent Lions Club roast beef dinner at Crestview High School.

One of the things that makes organizations like the Lions Club so great is that it is not a political organization.

Community organizations do not make endorsements and do not allow campaigning by its members at its events. It is these rules that Adam Booth chose neither to respect nor follow.

Adam's job at this event was to literally point people to where they were to sit during the meal. I have no problem with politicians belonging to public service organizations or even attending meetings.

Commissioner Dan Bing is a member of the Lisbon Kiwanis and Salem City Councilman Justin Palmer is a member of the Salem Rotary.

My criticism of Adam Booth is that he was openly campaigning at this event by wearing a large over-sized badge featuring a picture of his campaign sign. This type of activity is prohibited by Lions Club rules and should be looked down upon.

There is nothing wrong with politicians attending club events or dinners wearing shirts or other political materials.

Unfortunately, this is a different scenario. Adam volunteered at this event as a Lion, wearing a Lions Club shirt, and decided that his political career was more important than the mission of the Lions Club.

I do not agree with Adam Booth's decision to place the interests of his campaign above those of the Lions Club.

I have never seen a politician so openly ignore the interests of a community organization in favor of his own political ambition. It is hard to get to know the true motivations of people, but with Adam Booth it isn't the mission of Lions Club.

Adam Booth is motivated by Adam Booth. It is a shame that his activity cast a negative shadow upon himself, but it is worse that it made Lions look bad.



Impressed with recorder

To the editor:

I am writing about our current county recorder, Craig Brown. I am from Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims. My name is Kimberly Mitchell.

I spent my entire summer with the the CCFHV going to every event of the summer.

One of the first places we set up was the East Liverpool Pottery Festival. We met Craig Brown there and we were shocked that any political candidate would be interested in us.

Once he discovered what our organization was doing, he was right on board.

He introduced us to people we needed to meet to help us get better organized as a non-profit organization. Every place we set up our booth this summer he always stopped in to see how we were doing.

He has come to nearly every event we have had, including our Candle Light Vigil on Aug. 23, where he gave our opening prayer. And, thanks to Mr. Brown, I actually took the time to meet many of the candidates running for office this year which is something I have never done before.

There are a lot of rumors about him that are unfounded, all coming from his opponent. Craig Brown cares so much about his community, and it shows by the interest he has taken in our little group, long before anyone else did. He is doing a great job as our county recorder.

He really has an awesome wife and son and a great pickup truck, unlike his opponent, whose flyers depict him with these things falsely. No truck, no wife, no children-not even a dog.

Mr. Brown has done a good job and has earned the right to four more years as our county recorder.


East Liverpool

Casting a vote for McCain

To the editor:

I've been a Democrat or an Independent voter most of my life. One election I did vote for Buchanan. This election I am voting for John McCain, the Republican candidate for President.

I know that my father and my wife's father would have changed their party from Democrat to Republican this election.

The Republican Party has a history of cutting taxes while the Democrats raise taxes.

Obama will raise taxes for his socialistic programs to provide medical and welfare benefits for the millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants and those people already on welfare, and those who shouldn't be on disability, and those who are too lazy to work. The working people will have to support those not working.

The present campaign has not mentioned the millions of illegal Hispanic and others who are presently in this country. Obama and the Democrats will want to give amnesty to these illegals, stop the building of the fence on the Mexican border, and also open the border so that millions more will come into the country with their drugs, crime and diseases.

Those receiving the amnesty will take the jobs that American citizens want and the influx of foreigners will have a very negative effect on this country's economy.

This country is headed toward being a third rate country and is more likely under the control of the Democratically controlled House, Senate and Presidency.

Obama has very little experience. He even has less experience than Sarah Palin, the candidate for Republican Vice President. He is a good talker and apparently received a lot of debating experience at his two colleges. He reminds me of a smooth talking salesman that you wouldn't trust. He reminds me of an organizer that was in power in Germany who convinced a lot of people that he had the answers to the Jewish problem and the economy. I also think his character and background are in question.

I am an older person who is concerned about this country's future for the generations that come after mine. My generation knew what the depression was like. We paid as we went. We didn't want everything at once like the new generation.

The present problems of bankruptcy and foreclosures are no surprise. The Democrats started this by putting pressure on banks to loan money to people to buy houses and other things that they couldn't afford, especially blacks, Hispanics and poor white people.

The free trade policies supported by both Republican and Democrat parties don't make sense.

How can we compete with cheap labor in other countries. I also believe that we do have to give tax breaks to large and small businesses in this country. Without business you don't have jobs for people.

I didn't agree with the war in Iraq, especially since my younger son, who is a Navy doctor, was with the Marines from the beginning.

But I do support the troops and in supplying them with what they need. The surge has worked and I believe it is just a matter of time when we can mainly leave with safety. We can't just retreat. We didn't retreat at the Alamo or at Pearl Harbor.

My son and most of the fighting men do respect and support Mr. McCain.





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