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July 6, 2008
Salem News

Responds to letter

To the editor:

I feel compelled to respond to a letter to the editor recently penned by Mr. Pirock from New Waterford (published 6/29).

Mr. Pirock stated that he was very upset that I was unable to attend a recent meeting in Columbus of the Ohio Democratic Party State Central Committee and that I instead decided to attend the Supernationals After Party in Salem.

I too am disappointed that I was unable to attend the meeting in Columbus. It is true that before the meeting I did release a statement saying that I planned to attend the meeting and that I felt our current Ohio State Treasurer would make a great attorney general.

Unfortunately, I could not travel to Columbus the day of the meeting because I could not find a baby sitter for my 3-year old son that could watch him the whole day.

My wife could not watch him since she had to work in Cleveland until the evening.

Instead of traveling to Columbus, I spent the entire day attending events in the county with my son. In the early afternoon we visited the American Legion's street fair in East Palestine. Then we spent the day looking at cars and passing out balloons to kids in Salem at the Supernationals After Party.

I admit I did drive my truck, but a car seat doesn't fit in a 1974 Corvette. Besides a friend and I spent hours unsuccessfully trying to get it started. My son and I had a great day together. As a side note, I want to commend the great people who spent time organizing and working to make those events such great successes.

Mr. Pirock also referred to a list of my recent activities as being "fluff" and "PR stunts." I am very sorry that you feel that way.

I take my responsibilities as an elected official and community member very seriously. I am very proud of what has been accomplished in your recorder's office during the last three years. Spending has been reduced, newer technology has been adopted and debt has been eliminated.

It would have been nice to cast my vote for Mr. Cordray to be the Democratic Party's nominee for attorney general, but as a parent I also have responsibilities.

Please be assured that if I had a babysitter, I would have attended the central committee's meeting. (Mr. Cordray was unopposed in his efforts to gain support of the committee and received a unanimous endorsement.)

Craig Brown,


Fire victims thankful

To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to thank everyone who has helped us since the night our house burned down, which was May 22. The fire was started when our pool heater malfunctioned and caught the garage and then the house on fire.

Thank you to the many fire departments who came to our rescue: Hanoverton, Guilford, Winona, and North Georgetown and Franklin Township; and to the countless firefighters who worked diligently to try to save our home. We deeply appreciate everyone's effort as they fought the fire. Unfortunately, it just was too far gone and not able to be saved.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and helped as we started demolition. To those who worked so hard to get the pool replaced and operational again, we greatly appreciate your efforts.

To the residents of Hanoverton, to all our friends, and family we so deeply appreciate the outpouring of care, concern and support. We thank you for showing us your thoughtfulness through monetary donations, food, phone calls and offers of help. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful friends at this trying time.

Eventually we will be back in a home and we appreciate everyone who helped us get back on our feet. Whether you helped in a small or a big way we are truly indebted to you and this wonderful community we live in.




Survivor speaks out

This past weekend (June 21 and 22) I was privileged to take part in the Salem Relay for Life at Reilly Stadium as a 22-year cancer survivor. As I listened to more than 70 survivors' names being called out I was in awe of all the smiling faces as they took their place on the track to walk the survivor lap-the beginning lap of the relay.

They came on scooters, wheelchairs, on the arms of families and with care givers. I was very humbled to be a part of this wonderful group of people.

It took many survivors a long time to make the lap around the track with family and friends cheering them on. This year the Salem relay brought in over $60,000 making us the top money makers in the county. This took a whole year of planning and a lot of sweat and tears by all the teams as well as many individuals and businesses.

I was very disappointed by the lack of coverage from our local newspapers. At the beginning of the relay neither paper was there to accept their "Sponsor Awards." We did get a small picture on Saturday of the "backsides" of people while the opening prayer was going on. The picture was very far away and had little to do with the real meaning of the relay.

I realize we were up against the "Super Nats" that weekend-how unfortunate! I know the "Super Nats" bring in a lot of revenue to our town as well as a lot of family entertainment. What's wrong with this picture when "cars" get four days of pictures and articles and the relay had almost no coverage at all.

If you've never been to the relay mark your calendar for next year (hopefully the dates will be different) and we won't be up against "the cars."

Come walk a lap with us to "knock-out" cancer. Just be sure to bring your own camera!


What happened?

What happened to the days when your local police department was a place where you could go to for help?

What happened to the days when seeing a police car sitting by the side of the road, or following behind you, gave you cause to wave?

What happened to the days when you would not give a second thought to driving through a local town?

If you are thinking that those days are still here, you don't live in or near Salineville, Ohio.

There is something going on in Salineville that causes a shiver to run down the backs of the citizens who reside there.

It is inconceivable to me that a police department and local mayor would try to control a town with such arrogance and intimidation. We have a vast majority of the citizens who live in or near Salineville talking about the chaos that has become common place in this village.

It has become a place where you can get pulled over for something as minor as a light being burned out on your license plate, and end up getting your vehicle searched.

How many people have ever heard of having to pay a $100 fine for a burnt out license plate light? There are several people you could speak to in Salineville who could enlighten you. The ones who have had the fine, are those who have refused to let the local police search their vehicles (which is a constitutional right in the United Sates).

There is a village council in Salineville who is trying to do the right thing. They are facing an uphill battle. I can understand the citizens of Salineville not wanting to come forward and talk to the council about their experiences with some of the local police.

There is an aspect of intimidation that surrounds that department, starting at the top. But the conversations are being held, albeit softly, in the local church or at the weekend homecoming or in a local business, about what has happened to our community.

I am appealing to those people. There is a quote that has been attributed to a survivor of the Holocaust that says " When they came for my neighbor, I did nothing. When they came for my other neighbor, I did nothing. Then they came for me."

We need to stand up for what is right, bring into focus what is wrong, and not be afraid.

The next Salineville Village Council meeting is being held on July 7, 2008, at 7 p.m. I would encourage you to be there.



They are at it again

Our government, including our own Charlie Wilson, is at it again. They think we're stupid.

Mr. Wilson says, "The first step is to focus on the millions of acres already leased for oil production that aren't being used.

Today, an estimated 68 million acres of onshore and offshore land leased by oil companies remain undeveloped. I believe those 68 million acres should be drilled as soon as possible.

I believe the government has worked hard to make the land available; now oil companies need to do their part."

Why are the liberal democrats, who have fought so diligently for us all to ride bicycles and electric scooters so we don't pollute the environment, all of a sudden so willing for the oil companies to drill?

Could it be that they know there is not enough oil on those federal lands to make it profitable for the oil companies to extract it?

A friend of mine recently told me how he did some research of his own to determine oil company profits. He came up with this interesting information. Currently, for every $1.00 an oil company invests it gets back between $1.05 and $1.10. He also discovered that in 1960 when gasoline was $.18 per gallon that the oil companies got back $6 for every $1 invested.

I believe that the oil companies don't care to be in the oil business anymore. What happens if that return falls to $.95 per $1 invested? If they do find oil, even on federal land, Mr. Wilson and the rest of the arrogant politicians will not allow them to build a refinery nearby. That might harm a bird and create jobs.

If I were in a business that only returned a nickel for every dollar that I invested, I would quit that business and look for something else. I wonder if Mr. Wilson would have survived in the furniture business if he only made a nickel or dime on every dollar he invested.

The most basic law of economics is supply and demand. When the oil companies stop producing, the supply shrinks, and the demand grows. When the demand goes up, the price goes up with it.

Our arrogant politicians have been working hard for years to increase the prices so we will stop burning gasoline.

Mr. Wilson promises to support legislation that will ease our burden at the pump. Well, Mr. Wilson, when will you support legislation that works? Why don't you sign on to Rep. Lynn Westmoreland's, (R.-Ga.), petition to "vote to increase U.S. oil production to lower gas prices for Americans.''?

Of course Rep. Westmoreland's ideas go much further than allowing the oil companies to drill where there is no oil. A total of 175 members of congress have signed and only one, Neal Abercrombie of Hawaii, is a Democrat.

Mr. Wilson thinks we're stupid. Maybe we are. We elected him.


Martins Ferry



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