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Refueling the hardwood: Fans strike back

Possible trades and how they could work for the Cavs

June 25, 2008

In the last installment on the Cleveland Cavaliers off-season antics, I delved into the current roster and what I thought about their futures in the wine and gold.

This time around, I look at possible ideas to improve the team, a few given by me, but most of them posed by other fans that want to get their voices heard. I sometimes post on the Cavs official Web site message board at and I thought it would be fun and interesting to allow people from there to pose trade and free agent ideas and place them here for the world to see.

Following the trades I have selected, I will be showing a trade idea of my own. If you think you have a better idea, feel free to send me an email at and I can try to give your idea some face time in a future column.

Trade One

Compliments of Robin, who posts as "L-Train" on the message boards. Robin is 19-years-old and hails from Munich, Germany. This is a two-team trade involving the Cavs and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Cleveland Cavaliers give: Wally Szczerbiak, Anderson Varejao, Damon Jones, Sasha Pavlovic and a 2009 1st and 2nd round draft picks.

Milwaukee Bucks give: Michael Redd, Charlie Villanueva, Bobby Simmons.

Why the trade works for the Cavs: The Cavs get rid of Szczerbiak's bad contract and get the second scoring option they need so badly in Michael Redd. Also, Simmons contract ends with Ben Wallace's in 2010, so they can use them next year for trades with rebuilding teams or in 2010 when Wallace's $15 million and Simmons' $9 million get off the books to sign a superstar via free agency like Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. The Cavs also get a young big man who can score in Villanueva.

Why the trade works for the Bucks: The Bucks get rid of two of their worst contracts in Redd and Simmons and they get expiring contracts in Szczerbiak and Jones, so they have a lot of cap space next year. The Bucks also get young talent in Varejao and Pavlovic, who both will improve the Bucks defense. They also get two veterans in Szczerbiak and Jones, who both can shoot. Along with the players, the Bucks also get Clevelands 2009 picks, which they can use to get some young talent.

Marcus' thoughts: I really like this trade from the standpoint of a Cavs fan. The Cavs get to pick up a proven second scoring option in Redd, which is what Lebron needs and has been clamoring for. They also get a young talent in Villanueva and get rid of some bad contracts. As for the Bucks, I would say it is not a horrible trade for them. Redd and Villanueva have both expressed that they want to be traded and Simmons is a big contract without a lot of use. The cavalcade of players and two draft picks the Bucks would be getting would allow them to rebuild around their young stars, Andre Bogut, Mo Williams and Yi Jialian. It seems like it would be better for the Cavs, but I think the Bucks could bite on it because if they cant get rid of Redd soon, his value will continue to decrease and even this deal will seem great in time.

Trade Two

Compliments of "Da_James_Gang," who hails from Cleveland. This is a two-team trade involving the Cavs and the Seattle Supersonics.

Cleveland Cavaliers give: 1st round draft pick (19th overall).

Seattle Supersonics give: 1st round draft pick (24th overall), 2nd round draft pick (32nd overall).

Marcus' thoughts: This trade may not seem like the most attractive or exciting, but it is actually realistic. I believe this works for the Cavs because it allows them to pick up an extra pick in a draft where many experts have said that, when you get past the first 10 or 15 picks, the talent pool is pretty even throughout. "Da_James_Gang" mentioned in his/her post about the trade that the two picks could be used to pick up Kansas State freshman, small forward Bill Walker at 24 and the best big guy left at 32 to fill needs and gain a young talent pool. This trade works well for the Sonics because they already have the 4th, 46th, 50th and the 56th picks in the draft, so they have no real need for another second round pick and this allows them to move up 5 spots in the first round to get a better talent.

Trade Three

Compliments of "Arsenal for Trebel 09" who hails from Broadview Heights. This is a four-team trade involving the Cavs, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Charlotte Bobcats and the Detroit Pistons.

Cleveland Cavaliers give: Anderson Varejao (to Detroit), Wally Szczerbiak, Sasha Pavlovic (to Milwaukee) and their 2009 first round draft pick (to Charlotte).

Milwaukee Bucks give: Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons (to Cleveland), Mo Williams (to Detroit) and their 2009 second round pick (to Charlotte).

Charlotte Bobcats give: Emeka Okafor (to Cleveland) and Gerald Wallace (to Detroit)

Detroit Pistons give: Chauncey Billups (to Milwaukee), Rasheed Wallace and their 2009 first round draft pick (to Charlotte)

Why the trade works for the Cavs: Cleveland gets their long needed second option in Michael Redd. He can both slash and shoot and is a great player to have. Emeka Okafor is a young power forward, something the Cavs need on a team of aging big men. He is a great rebounder and can score from inside.

Why the trade works for the Bucks: We all know the Bucks are rebuilding. With this trade, they dump a lot of salary and get expiring contracts. They get a good veteran point guard in Billups, who they have indicated that they want, and get Sasha Pavlovic, a player who, in the right situation, can make a contribution to Bucks.

Why the trade works for the Bobcats: Both Wallace and Okafor are on the trading block and Michael Jordan has stated that he wants to build around Jason Richardson. The Bobcats still have Felton and Richardson as guards and they get a good forward in Wallace to dominate the post. They also have indicated that they want Wallace. Along with the other perks, they also receive future first round picks, with which they can get Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson or Tyler Hansborough, players who all go to UNC, which Jordan seems to like drafting from.

Why the trade works for the Pistons: The Pistons General Manager has already stated that it is time for change. The Pistons get a lot of younger talent in this trade, giving up older players in Wallace and Billups. I expect more moves from them and Gerald Wallace would have a place to play. They get two good defensive players in Andy and Wallace, and get a young point guard who can score in Mo Williams.

Marcus' thoughts: First off, this has to be the most interesting trade I received and I commend "Arsenal for Trebel 09" for taking the time to think it up and show why it could work for all the teams. As for its workability in reality - the trade could not work as projected originally because of salary cap problems with all four teams. I figured out a way for the trade to work, but it changes it up substantially: The Cavs would have to get Sean May from the Bobcats and give up Damon Jones to Milwaukee and Joe Smith to Charlotte. The Bucks would give up the same players but would also have to receive Damon Jones from Cleveland and Jared Dudley from Charlotte. The Bobcats would have to give up May and Dudley, but would receive Joe Smith from Cleveland in return. The Pistons would remain the same on both fronts. Though I think the trade could be possible and I would like it for the Cavs, I don't know if the Bucks would be willing to give up both Williams and Redd and if the Bobcats would be willing to part with May and Dudley and only get Joe Smith in return.

Trade Four

Compliments of Alex, who posts as "cavfaninjapan" on the message boards. Alex is 16 and is originally from Columbus, but has since moved and now resides in Japan. This is a three-team trade involving the Cavs, the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks.

Cleveland Cavaliers give: Sasha Pavlovic, Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak (to Milwaukee), Anderson Varejao, Damon Jones and their 2009 first and second round picks (to New York)

Milwaukee Bucks give: Michael Redd, Dan Gadzurich, Bobby Simmons and their 2008 first round pick 8th overall (to Cleveland), Mo Williams, Charlie Villanueva (to New York)

New York Knicks give: Zach Randolph, Jared Jeffries and their 2008 first round pick 6th overall (to Milwaukee), Renaldo Balkman and their second round pick 36th overall (to Cleveland)

Why the trade works for the Cavs: It works out nicely for the Cavs with them getting the 8th pick and the 36th pick while still retaining No. 19 (as well as getting Redd and some other players).

Why the trade works for the Bucks: The depth chart looks better for the Bucks. They get a quality point guard in Delonte West to go with Ramon Sessions, who I think would do a good job running Milwaukee's team. They also move up 2 spots in the draft, which could help them secure Eric Gordon or Kevin Love. They also get two quality back up guards in Szczerbiak and Pavlovic. They also get Jared Jeffries, who has a load of potential at the Small forward. This leaves plenty of playing time for Bogut, Randolph, and Yi at 4 and 5.

Why the trade works for the Knicks: The Knicks get a great young point guard in Mo Williams who, along with Jamal Crawford, could become a lethal back court for years to come. They also get Varejao and Villanueva, who will bring extra energy and depth to their frontcourt.

Marcus' Thoughts: Let me again thank "cavfaninjapan" for coming up with such a long and intricate trade idea. I was surprised to see the depth of this trade and even more surprised to see that, from what I know about salaries and cap space, it works out. As for its validity - it really isn't bad. I still don't know if the Bucks would trade away both Redd and Williams, but they get a better pick in the draft, a good expiring contract in Szczerbiak (who is also still a good shooter) and a number of decent players to build around and use for future trades and what not. The Knicks and the Cavs should have no problem with this trade because the Knicks give up some big contracts and some picks and get a treasure trove of young talent and a premier talent in Mo Williams. The Cavs get rid of some less than needed pieces and get Michael Redd, who could push them over the top, and some other decent players.

Trade Five

Compliments of "Fat Cat Theo," a member of the message boards who has been a member for over 3 years and has logged over 4300 posts on the website. This is a three-team trade involving the Cavs, the Phoenix Suns and the Portland Trailblazers.

Cleveland Cavaliers give: Ben Wallace, Anderson Varejao and Eric Snow (to Phoenix)

Phoenix Suns give: Shaquille O'Neal and Alando Tucker (to Cleveland) and Leandro Barbosa (to Portland)

Portland Trailblazers give: Channing Frye (to Cleveland), Martell Webster (to Phoenix)

Marcus' thoughts: This was the most interesting trade of the group. I had never thought of this in any facet and had heard no rumors about it, save that the Blazers were interested in Barbosa. As for the trade and how it works - I think it would work. If the Suns would be willing to have Wallace and Varejao to replace Shaq, they would also receive a great young talent in Webster. Portland may lose Webster and Frye, but they gain a valuable player and team leader in Barbosa, who could be used with the young Blazers to bring them to the next level. As for the Cavs, I just honestly dont know about it. Shaq would back up Z I guess and could be used as trade bait/cap relief in time and Tucker and Frye could be used on the time or used to make a deal for another talent before the season begins. I still probably wouldnt do it if I was Danny Ferry, but then again, the thought of Shaq in the wine and gold kind of makes me cringe.

Marcus Barkley is interning as a sports writer for the Salem News. E-mail him at



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