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Don’t confuse a disaster with historic accomplishment

May 11, 2014

On April Fools’ Day, Obama did a victory lap around his teleprompters claiming Obamacare a success. Seven million people had signed up in one way or another. Let us put that in perspective....

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May-13-14 6:56 PM

While I a moderate conservative, I don't watch Fox (not having cable will do that). But even I know that they aren't balanced and they definitely will slant things. However, I also know the other networks do the same, and yes, there are more of them.

As a young "budding" journalist (I wilted before blooming--marriage can do that) I did attend a huge conference that vividly sticks in my memory because there was a gay journalist there who said they were actively recruiting gays to go into journalism so as to influence articles written and tone of those articles.

So yes, whatever the mindset and point of view of journalists (or teachers, etc) it is reflected in what comes out of their mouths.

BTW, relatively interesting new book out by Starnes: God Less America. Not worth $25, but some interesting chapters.

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May-13-14 2:53 PM

"You are fantasizing again. I never called you anything."

Didn't need to, the implication was loud and clear.

BTW, what was I fantasizing about in the first place, let alone fantasizing again?

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May-13-14 7:58 AM

And yet, the odds are stacked against a fair and balanced reporting except possibly Fox...

A poll released last week reported that 7% of American journalists say they are Republicans. The survey also found that the news force is aging, having a median age of 47. And 62% of journalists are men. A mere 8.5% of full-timers are minorities. Less than 1 in 4 are "very satisfied" with their job. In short, the profession that dubbed the Republican Party a refuge for "angry white men" is teeming with angry white men.

The irony here is wasted on the ink-stained-wretch community.

Indiana University has conducted this survey of journalists every decade since 1971, so it measures changes in the industry. The 2002 survey reported that 18% of journalists identified as Republicans. At 7.1% last year, America's newsrooms housed a lower percentage of Republicans than in San Francisco (8.4%).

No wonder conservatives don't trust the media.

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May-13-14 7:45 AM

Isn't it odd that more people watch Fox then almost all other Cable news combined yet there are those who continue to call those who watch Fox, names?

With Bill Weir hosting CNN Tonight on Friday, averaged its second-lowest ratings during the 9 p.m. hour in both the 25-54 demo and total viewers in nearly 15 years. The CNN show had 48K viewers in the demo and 226K total, according to Nielsen.

The only other time the 9 p.m. hour rated lower than that in total viewers dating back to 2000 came on October 11, 2010 when Larry King Live had 196K. In the demo, it occurred on May 15, 2012 when Piers Morning Tonight had just 39K viewers.

During that hour Friday night, Fox’s The Kelly File came in first place with 193K in the demo and 1.360M total viewers. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was second with 107K in the demo and 560K total viewers.

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May-13-14 12:24 AM

Several decades ago there was a man who believed that a certain religious group was unintelligent, useless to progress, and was degrading the quality of life for the rest of the nation. He rose to power on the euphoric effects of his promises and he chose the most loyal of his true believers to assist him with implementing the desired changes. All he had to do was convince his countrymen that the religious group had to go as well as some other undesirable groups that, due to some fundamental cultural differences, were not going to be of any use to the potential greater good. It was, after all, a new era.

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May-12-14 6:32 PM

Truth, you don't really believe rpm and everyone conservative is backwards, ignorant, unscientific and bigoted, do you?

Like ts, I kinda like hearing two points of view, but your comments weren't an argument for leaning left, or a rebuttal to what anyone wrote.

You just labeled everyone conservative idiots, with nothing to back that up. That's pretty closed minded, and doesn't do anything to sway my thinking to your outlook.

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May-12-14 6:08 PM

Your comment suggesting my knowledge of reality dates back to the pre-Enlightenment era show you have a lot to learn about the opposition, or perhaps you just have a lot to unlearn. This is a belief you have been taught so you would be instilled with a mind set that is useful to your leadership. It helps create the division they require to advance their agenda. I have seen examples of it many times over but the most ironic part is that it is nothing more than prejudicial thinking you people claim to be so much against.

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May-12-14 6:08 PM


You need to go back and reread the previous posts. This exchange started not as a complaint that a point of view from the left was printed but as a complaint that a point of view from the right was printed. I merely pointed out that there will be a significantly larger proportion of persons in this area expressing a point of view from the right because of the area demographics rather than some slanted media campaign

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May-12-14 5:51 PM

Rpmwwe. My comment was directed toward notsocialist. Sorry for the confusion. I should have made myself clearer.

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May-12-14 5:13 PM

Boy, Truth...hope you had some lunch. Your sugar must be high.

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May-12-14 11:56 AM

rpmwee, since we live in a leaning right area, the Salem news should only present the right leaning point of view? Why don't we take your belief into the schools also. Not only does the sun revolve around the earth, but the earth is flat and yes, only 8000 years old. And people wonder why we are becoming a nation of idiots. P.S. Hey Salem news, since you are a right leaning newspaper in a right leaning area, I can't wait for your editorial telling us all how the pope is a commie, Marxist, lazy liberial that is trying to redistribute our wealth and destroy America.

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May-12-14 11:37 AM

OSU600, I wasn't labeling you a lefty. I was asking why you would expect to see more leftist views printed in the Salem News when the Salem News doesn't cover an area that has a large leftist population. If you have facts, figures, and quotes that contradict what was printed in this article, then by all means put them in print right here. Readers won't have to go very far to see an opposing point of view.

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May-12-14 9:52 AM

Understood, I was suggesting it's more enlightening to me at least when you get a point/counterpoint sort of variety in the opinion pieces that are pulled (particularly with the national ones that are published), and not beat over the head with the same very slanted stuff every week.

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May-12-14 9:12 AM

It's in the opinion section.........

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May-12-14 7:21 AM

The difference is that people expect and know cable news is lopsided in its views (both ways dependent upon the network), and they expect their newspapers to be more moderate or at least showing both sides. No one expects to get FOX News in print every Sunday.

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May-12-14 5:58 AM

Figures, make a simple,factual statement and get labeled a lefty. I enjoy reading opinions from several viewpoints, not just one side. I would have said the same thing if the News printed nothing but the left. That being said, I never read anything in this writers numerous letters to the editor that merited giving him a column.

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May-11-14 3:31 PM

What did you think you were going to read? The local area isn't really known as a hot spot for leftist ideology.

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May-11-14 9:35 AM

Wow, just what the Salem News needs, another right wing columnist in the Sunday paper. Turning into the Fox News of newsprint.

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