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Democratic candidate challenges rival on taxes

March 26, 2014

LISBON — What do delinquent taxes and public urination have in common? Both issues have come up in the Democratic primary race for Columbiana County commissioner between candidates Dan Bailey and......

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Mar-30-14 1:33 AM

I should probably never think of running for public office. I did some pretty stupid things when I was in college.

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Mar-28-14 10:09 AM

nS, have a granddaughter ready to be potty trained. Only problem--she won't sit on the potty seat, wants to/tries to stand up like her brother.

I don't know if our (females) disgust of peeing outside comes because we can't do it, or if it's because it's actually disgusting. (And yet it seems every guy, or mother of a guy, has a peeing outside story--please don't feel the need to relate them here though)

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Mar-28-14 10:04 AM


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Mar-27-14 2:20 PM

I think Walker owned up to his deed. He got caught, doing something many people have done, and paid his fine. The article gives a sharp contrast between the two candidates. Both have made mistakes, but only one has paid the piper and is ready to move on. Either way somebody needs to beat Halleck. We have enough of his style of governance.

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Mar-27-14 1:39 PM

Nathan I know you will be reading this and I know you and few others on here will be mad as a hornet with me. You made this statement:

"Bailey would be or one day could be a great candidate if his statements accurately reflected his professional experiences but unfortunately they do not," Walker said.”

Practice what you preach Nathan. Examine who you are and what you stand for in your own professional experiences, not the other guys.

As for Mr. Bailey, he has a lot of damage control to run.

As well as Mr. Halleck.

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Mar-27-14 1:35 PM

As rpmwwe stated and he was the only one that nailed it. OWN IT. Mr. Walker did not score any points with me today. First, he is in denial for what he was charged with and that is troublesome. Second, Mr. Walker made this about him and not about the public he violated with his indecent exposure. Three, he made no humble apology for his misconduct to the public, just gave a list of personal excuses for his misconduct. Four, he finger points away from his own bad choices with a distraction to the other guy’s bad choices. All of that is not integrity. That is not owning it.

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Mar-27-14 1:32 PM

If we, as the public, judge everyone by whether or not they have a blemish, a scar or skeleton in their closet as a reasoning and disqualification for office, then NOBODY would be able to run for office. There is no such thing as the perfect person. We have ALL somewhere and someplace in our past made bad choices or bad decisions in our lives. We will make them even as we move forward in life. We are human.

The level and degree and repetitiveness of those bad choices should always be weighed in on and considered. But the most important factor that should be a priority is the INTEGRITY of that person and how they accept or portray their bad choices or decisions. That is what makes the difference of whether a person can be trusted when the public is asked to reward them with an elected position that requires a great deal of trust and integrity.

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Mar-27-14 1:32 PM

I think I will do a yap yap yap here! Ladies, gentleman and "germs". Mr. Walker was not charged for public urination because there is no such charge.

Mr. Walker was charged for PUBLIC INDECENCY. That means by the law, he recklessly exposed his private parts with total disregard to the public. That is the law he violated, anything else is just an attempt to candy coat his misconduct.

He should be fortunate that no children were in the area when he made his bad choice or he might be singing a different excuse tune in his seeking of understanding and sympathy. Admitting urinating is an admission of guilt for the indecent exposure. The severity of his crime was measured. He was charged with a misdemeanor crime. So, no, he is not a monstrous criminal.

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Mar-26-14 11:59 PM

And not only are there tax issues, but no calls to the newspaper are returned to state his (your?) case? That's leadership at it's finest.

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Mar-26-14 11:57 PM

So, Mr. Bailey (the 3rd person stuff is weird man), since there are tax cheats in other political offices, that should be justification for me to vote for another one? Truth be told, some people are more qualified. If someone has a hard time paying their taxes, excuse me if I have a hard time trusting them with my tax dollars. It's a moot point really, I would vote for Halleck either way. But if we're comparing resumes and one guy can't pay his taxes and the most damning thing about the other is that he peed outside, it's not really even an argument.

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Mar-26-14 8:20 PM

Bailey is running saying he is a good business man, but he isn't. That makes it an issue. Walker said it best. He should pay off his taxes first.

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Mar-26-14 6:54 PM

Maybe Mr Mingus you should check out who owes back taxes, you would be surprised who they are and what walk of life they come from. I think you might find that Mr Bailey is on a payment plan like many other businessmen in this county. I find it exceptionally ridiculous that you sit on your computer and judge everyone who just might do this county or city a good job. Mr Baileys qualifications are as good as the next person who might decide to run for office. It is hard enough to get good people to run without all the ridicule they take from others who don't put their money where their mouth is

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Mar-26-14 2:17 PM

It's all pretty lame, but I'll take the dude who peed outside over the guy who can't pay taxes to dictate how dollars are spent in the county. I mean, is that really even a choice? What dude hasn't peed outside?

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Mar-26-14 11:50 AM

I agree that using the undiagnosed diabetes excuse is lame. Own up to it. At least he hasn't come on here and started boasting about a bunch of made up qualifications.

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Mar-26-14 11:28 AM

Why do they need qualifications ?

Look how our countries being run now

By a bunch of little kids whose only concern is getting re-elected in Nov.

Fighting and pointing fingers at each other

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Mar-26-14 11:09 AM

How interesting that Mr Walker has Public Urination on his record Using the excuse as undiagnosed diabetes is really lame. You Mr Walker wants to play dirty politics and got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. What qualifications as a business person do you have Mr Walker?? My understanding is that you have none. So your qualifications are none. Your being a hypocrite fueled by your campaign manager the fallen from democratic party grace Craig Brown. Be your own man not Browns mouthpiece and run a clean campaign.

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Mar-26-14 10:21 AM

Wow....just wow..

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Mar-26-14 9:22 AM

Hahaha...again, congrats on your reelection Mr. Halleck.

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