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Council gives mayor go-ahead to handle bridge with ODOT


March 19, 2014

City council gave the go-ahead Tuesday for Mayor John Berlin to act as the city’s go-between with the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding the 2015 project to redeck the Dean ....

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Mar-19-14 4:23 AM

You can't park your own car on your own lawn? What? Somebody lost their minds. I am going to park my car on my property and where I want, when I want. What is wrong with this town?

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Mar-19-14 7:09 AM

It's a little thing called zoning (and this is an example of why I hate zoning). Does it look trashy to park a car in your lawn? Yeah. But should there really be something explicitly on the books preventing it? I don't know about that.

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Mar-19-14 7:45 AM

I find Mrs Townsends remarks quite interesting, having moved from that area, I used to see her daughter playing with the children who live in that house. If she is so worried about the mud in the alley then why is it she allows her daughter and her friends to play on the property owned by the funeral home. She complains about where they park but has no regard for the funeral home property. She has complained about that rental for years. She and her ex husband used to block that alley at any given time with their trucks and she didn't care about whether the people around there had access to that alley. Why is your daughter playing in the alley anyway and not in your yard. Why complain to Brown Nestic is councilman in that area.

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Mar-19-14 3:53 PM

I will never for the life me understand how garbage complaints like this can end up tying up our city council from important matters.

"Does it look trashy to park a car in your lawn?"

Then I guess I am going to look trashy this summer, because we are going to be black topping and redoing our driveway and the busy body neighbors will just have to s.uck it up. That includes Council.

And Clyde? You still cruising for a bruising? You act like a peeping tom. Do you wear binoculars around your neck with night vision too? What do you got in that spy bag of tools?

Clyde, seriously, cut it out for somebody mistakes you for a pervert and you end up getting punched out because your creeping down streets and ogling homes. Good lord. Counting cars?

I have seen cars parked on lawns of even the most influential of the city. Parties, weddings, graduations and yah yah yah. Salem council come on.

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Mar-19-14 7:21 PM

Mingus said to tell you.

Yap Yap Yap, quit your complaining. har har

Here's my complaining. I park my truck up under the tree in my yard a lot during the summer months. Don't have a luxury of a garage and any wear and tear I can save on the old beast I am taking it.

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Mar-20-14 6:06 PM

to oakleaves: the ex blocked the alley with his trucks. I did not approve of it one bit!Don't accuse me of someone elses wrong doings.My daughter as well as other kids play in the alley as it is safer than the street because of less traffic. She can't ride her bike or play basketball in the grass. I personally got permission from the funeral home owners before I let my daughter play in their parking lot. Do I let her disrespect their! If people want to park in their yard that's their business. But when it damages my personal property then yes I have a problem with it. Thank you for your comment but don't cut me down until you know all the facts

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Mar-20-14 6:53 PM

My complaint wasn't about parking in yards. It was about the damage to my personal property as well as anyone that uses the city alley due to the mud hole caused by doing so. Big difference then just parking in your yard.

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Mar-21-14 4:38 PM

I know this will sound rude, but yes, while playing in an alley is safer than playing in the street, I don't think either is meant to be a playground.

If there is tar or asphalt in the street and you get dirty playing there, it would be kind of the same thing as with mud in an alley. I don't think the city has to remove a mudhole to make the alley a playground.

I'm glad the funeral home lets kids play there. I was thankful for a nearby church parking lot where our kids could roller skate.

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