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State lets Salem off hook on expired vaccines

March 1, 2014

SALEM — The Salem Health Department won’t have to pay the state to replace two wasted vaccines from the Vaccines for Children program....

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Mar-01-14 9:35 AM

"Berlin commented that the state sends out letters when vehicle registrations or licenses are due to expire. He questioned why they couldn't do the same with vaccines."

I don't think we need to put this one on the state.

Know the job, know the rules, do the job, follow the rules.

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Mar-01-14 10:21 AM

The biggest concern here is that we as a health department know the expiration dates on our medications so that we don't give people expired drugs. Having policies and procedures that ensure we are following the rules and protecting the public is vital. But policies and procedures are only as good as the compliance. So it is on director Setty and his staff to comply with every regulation and follow every procedure. The health board needs to be watching that this is occurring and not depending on the state to remind us. I can't imagine how many tax dollars would be required for the state to police us.

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Mar-01-14 10:35 AM

I'm not critical of the Mayors comment. I'm sure he was brainstorming ways to have checks and balances on regulations. I' m just giving my opinion on the system. I believe in personal accountability. Our dept ought the be able to handle that. We ought to be more proactive with our services and cover the cities needs. There are things that could make the dept more financially self sufficient also if the can get well followed procedures enacted and work from a computerized calendar. This could alert them when meds are expired, when it's time to order flu shots, upcoming community services and etc.

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Mar-01-14 11:05 AM

Computerized calendar sounds doable and easy. Please pass the suggestion on to them--it's a very good one. Drugs come in, notation gets made.

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Mar-01-14 11:15 AM

My question is why is it necessary to have all these vaccines .?

When every drug store and grocery store in town offer them.

Including the hospital.

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Mar-01-14 11:37 AM

Another good question. No appointment necessary, any time, same price.

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Mar-01-14 1:02 PM

Or....just don't get a vaccine every year. You'll be fine, I promise.

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Mar-01-14 3:44 PM

The public trust is gone and it's just another day in Salem. Mayor Berlin, you really surprise me. Are you not looking for a second term? You better decide what is important. The public or your buddy Setty? You are looking for excuses for him and that is not a good thing.

I am proud of you Councilwoman. It's either we do it right in Salem or we don't do it at all.

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Mar-01-14 4:34 PM

Most health depts give a variety of vaccines to the public, esp required pediatric vaccines. These can be paid for by government grants to the health dept. The city is mandated by population to pay for this service. We can pay it to the county to provide the service or provide it in the city ourselves. We also issue birth certificates and various other health related services. They can differ from dept to dept and according to what programs the govt funds that year.

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Mar-01-14 5:51 PM

"We can pay it to the county to provide the service or provide it in the city ourselves."

We know, double taxation. Keeps growing and growing.

We know...convenience. Instead of fixing why people get afford these out control health costs we rely on health departments to pick up the slack. Band-aid is all coming back full circle and it is destroying this country.

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Mar-02-14 1:53 PM

I never understood why they were so bent on resurrecting the health department to begin with, and given how poorly it has functioned since it relaunched, it's just confirming that opinion.

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Mar-02-14 5:28 PM

we don't need a health dept.especially one with so many issues

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Mar-02-14 5:40 PM

They did and we are stuck with it. This whole thing has been nothing but problems. Any place else, Setty would have been kicked down the road. I can't even get my head wrapped around why the Mayor is sitting on the board. I have never heard of such a thing. And all he does is look for excuses for Setty. What is up with this?

When the level of trust is gone, it's gone. What worries me? What don't we know? The only thing I see is the price of everything they offer is going up to cover their over head expenses and MISTAKES. Look what they did with the business owners. I thought they were going to make it convenient and save people money?

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