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Officials: Wait, see on cleanup


May 11, 2013

City officials said they want to see what happens with a second housing inspector in place before considering the expense of a curbside citywide cleanu....

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May-14-13 9:51 PM

watchdog how can they can afford to pay more on their water bill if they can't afford to hire someone to take their junk? In some areas of the country garbage pick is included in their taxes and handled by the county, but there again you have to pay. That is the way it always works there are no free rides. Someone has to pay somewhere along the way. That is the main problem with socialism and why it fails, sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

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May-14-13 5:15 PM

concerned this is what I am saying. The city can utilize the water bill and include charges for a one or two times a year city wide street cleanup. Many cities do this.

Just a couple months ago. My husband cleaned up his "man cave" garage. He put out in the trash, 3 paint cans. One was empty, the other two had a maybe a 1/4 inch of dried paint in the bottom of them. Imagine our surprise when we out the next morning to retrieve the empty trash can and the paint cans were still sitting there!

My husband and I don't own a pickup truck to gather everything up and haul off to some dump.

It doesn't always have to be about use of taxes. Everybody gets a water bill and the city can contract the service out. It isn't always about enforcement concerned, it about solutions!

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May-14-13 5:07 PM

concerned let's do this. Try and get past the mindset, that there is only Rich or Trashy people living in Salem shall we? Nobody in between. As if income levels define the quality of person you are or how you live!

I know folks that have lost their jobs and suffering financial hardships. I know neighbors that are splitting the cost of trash pickup between other neighbors and use one home for the billing and pickup. As for larger items, yep, I just don't see that once a month, one large item working out well do you? It doesn't make them trashy people concerned, it makes them doing what they have to do to make ends meet. PERIOD.

concerned, this is my point. Why do we always assume that because some can afford the costs associated to having their trash and unwanted goods properly taken care of, that it means everybody can afford to do the same. Just because this bad economy has not affected you, there are plenty of families in Salem that it has happened too.

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May-13-13 12:09 PM

Watchdog I am being serious. Do you know people that do not have garbage service? I can't imagine what their homes look like. If they could live like that I doubt a city wide clean up would do anything to get them to throw anything out. The majority of those that put stuff out for the city wide clean up last time had regular garbage pick up. So they could have put the crap out for their garbage man but no the taxpayers have to pay to have their junk hauled off. I personally think our tax money could be put to better use.

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May-12-13 2:17 PM

concerned, ugh, are you being serious? Really? Please tell me that I don't have to answer that question for you? Take a wild guess and I bet you get it right the first time!!

Think about it. Take into consideration of the makeup of this community.

Enforcement costs money! Solutions SAVE MONEY! For everyone and the entire city.

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May-11-13 6:12 PM

watchdog says "As if, every single resident of Salem has a trash pickup service" If they don't have trash service what do they do with their everyday garbage???

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May-11-13 2:16 PM

You poor lost souls! If you can’t figure out away to incorporate a city wide clean up effort and use the USELESS utility department and a water bill to ask all residents to pay a small clean up fee once a year, AS IF THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL MONEY at the WATER DEPT to cover the cost of a city wide cleanup effort every year, and charge the residents a small fee to absorb those costs, then I THINK ALL OF YOU NEED FIRED. My God, you know how many other city’s contract out for these services???

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May-11-13 2:16 PM

Mr. Apple, if the City of Salem can use my tax dollars to HIRE a second housing inspector, then you could have easily afforded a city wide cleanup. Which was cheaper? Unless of course your motive is to see how many low-income families that may not be able to afford to hire somebody to come clean up or take away his or her trash and junk as you obviously can afford to do. As if, every single resident of Salem has a trash pickup service. As if everyone has the luxury of owning a pickup truck. As if every single resident has family members to rely on to help them. What the hello is wrong with you people?

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May-11-13 2:16 PM

Maybe, just maybe, someday these geniuses will stop looking at everything through the eyes of their own personal INCOMES when it comes to what all residents of Salem should be able to afford and do. Oh my, never a day goes by that this bunch not cease to amaze me with those self righteous attitudes!!

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