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Walmart celebrates 10th anniversary in Salem

March 17, 2013

SALEM — It doesn’t seem that long ago ... 10 years. It was March 19, 2003 when the doors for Salem’s Walmart were finally thrown open after years of haggling and protests....

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Mar-19-13 4:21 PM

salem1361, sadly, because of the horrible economy and the impact of median wages in this area, those clearance items are in demand and a Godsend to many families in these surrounding areas and communities.

Unfortunately, you personally may not like it but that happens in all stores. Stopped in at Walmart in Boardman last week and it was the same way.

I happen to love those clearance sales. Especially the clothing seasonable items that are reduced. In this day and age, every penny saved makes the difference in every day lives.

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Mar-19-13 4:02 PM

"watchdog I wouldn't say Walmart did it to down town."

concerned I don't agree it did as well and I apologize I didn't express that comment very well. I wrote my opinion based on previous arguments of some of the business owners down town that was against Walmart coming in. The "haggling and protests" mentioned in the article.

Some still complain about it today. Thus, the reason for the rest of my opinion. Quit pouting and complaining about it and compete with them. There are still a few that still blame failures of businesses downtown on Walmart.

I agree with your point about the 50's and the 60's.

If I say anymore past that point, I will bring out the Cahill supporters and be accused of being the wicked witch of Salem trying to destroy downtown, LOL.

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Mar-19-13 7:08 AM

Walmart did not play any part in the problems downtown if anything they brought more people to Salem to shop. Competition is always good in business. But, when I commented about the stuff in the aisles I was not referring to Walmarts restocking pallets, its the aisles full of old clearance merchandise that no one wants. It brings down a business to be run in this manner. There is nothing wrong about putting items on clearance, its all in how you market them. I love a bargain probably more than anyone else, I am extremely frugal, but that being said I will do my best to shop at our Giant Eagle now by being careful to use their sales to my advantage. I just can't bring myself to continue to give our Walmart business when it continues to be in decline. Until they step up to the plate to provide our city with a clean, well stocked store I will take my business elsewhere. Management is everything in business and this particular manager is failing this store.

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Mar-18-13 11:06 PM

watchdog I wouldn't say Walmart did it to down town. It was pretty much done for long before Walmart came to town. You can't run a retail operation by being open 9-5 and 10-1 on Sat. and expect to make a living. Retail depends on sales everyday. Yesterdays sales don't help today or tomorrow. You also have to have selection. I remember going downtown even when J. C Penney was still in town and only could find a couple choices in the item I wanted. I always ended up going to the mall where they have a lot of selection and could go after work to buy it. Downtown never got out of the 50's and 60's when housewives did most of the shoping during the day. they could not meet the demand of their customers who require selection and convenience for busy schedules.

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Mar-17-13 7:35 PM

How many consumers actually know this? you want help make this economy better regardless of where you shop? Pay attention to the barcodes. They are not just about prices.

When you pick up a product refer to the barcode -look at the first 3 digits are:

690-692 … then it is MADE IN CHINA 00 – 09 … USA & CANADA 30 – 37 .. FRANCE 40 – 44 … GERMANY 471 … TAIWAN 49 … JAPAN 50 … UK

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Mar-17-13 7:23 PM

I know Walmart has put a damper on our local downtown businesses, in hurt them when it come in. But you have to find the way to compete with them. Pouting over it or complaining about it will not change it. Salem has to find a way to drive the competitive edge.

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Mar-17-13 7:14 PM

018edx, I included your thoughts with my opinion. I agree, I don't think anyone can compete with Rulli Bros, meat. But again, they make up their costs in other stocked merchandise.

Walmart has a monopoly in this area right now. We lack competition. I know I anger people when I say this. Why I was so disappointed that we gave up an area for low income rentals, when we could have a Kmart or Target, competition that lowers prices in Salem. People are shopping for convenience and savings because of gas prices and this economy, people are going to stores just like Walmart that offer "One stop shop" for everything they need. That happens to be the reality.

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Mar-17-13 7:08 PM

"With Giant Eagle getting a huge makeover I am taking my business up the road."

Wish it could be that simple for a lot of folks but it isn't. This is not to insult you or your opinion salem1361, don't misunderstand it please, but sometimes what comes with those "huge makeovers", the costs are absorbed by the consumer in raising prices.

I do agree, management of Walmart needs to pay closer attention to understocked merchandise. But the fact still remains the store is constantly packed with consumers. Area communities rely on those low costs, a lot of folks can not afford to shop anywhere else and because of the economy prices are high everywhere. With Walmart open 24/7, we have to accept the fact of those crates sitting in aisles when they are restocking. They don't exactly have the luxury of stocking between the hours of shut down most stores have with their hours of operation.

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Mar-17-13 11:10 AM

I have to agree that the store is not near as nice as it was in the early years. Palates of shrink wrapped material blocking aisles, items that are out of stock for weeks at a time, etc. The people are always friendly and nice, but overall, I only shop there occasionally where it used to be all the time. They cannot begin to compete with Rulli Bros. on meat, deli and produce.

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Mar-17-13 9:00 AM

Now if it was just a clean and nice place to shop it wouldn't be so bad. Lately the store has gone completely downhill. They seems to never keep items in stock, except their own brand and the aisles are always cluttered with clearance items. Looks like a junk store. With Giant Eagle getting a huge makeover I am taking my business up the road. Not a snob either, just have some pride left in me.

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