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Salem High mourns student killed in crash

March 5, 2013

SALEM — Counselors assisted students and staff at Salem High School Monday as they mourned the loss of one of their own, 17-year-old junior Brittany Gulu, who died from injuries in a car crash late......

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Mar-09-13 7:00 PM

This is what we call plausible deniability.

One of these days, we will stop playing the mourning game and start playing in the reality world of truth and start recognizing every contributing factor that plays part in why this young girl is dead.

In the meantime, we will keep seeing these senseless deaths grow and we will keep on burying each and everyone them.

My heart breaks for her family it truly does. But for her friends...LEARN FROM IT.

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Mar-08-13 6:44 PM

For those of you making negative remarks about this young lady....Just remember that something like this could happen in your own family as well. Would you want to read remarks like your making about your loved one? Show some maturity by giving this family respect.

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Mar-08-13 12:52 PM

I only gave counsel and am not Karma's judge. You all can hate and speak badly about anyone who has died and so that their friends and loved ones can read it...I only gave Biblical counsel.

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Mar-07-13 10:20 PM

She certainly has a lovely twitter account. I'm not sure how they can say alcohol didn't play a role when she was obviously hung-over on Sunday. Christ there's even a photo of her with liquor bottles at 1AM.

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Mar-07-13 6:13 PM

It's unfortunate that something like this happened to someone so young. It's sad, we can all agree.

But before we all stand in a circle, hold hands and say a prayer, Karma1 does have a point. Stop hounding her for an apology for standing up for her family.

Where is the justice and sympathy for the kids she harassed at school? You have no idea how hard is for the entire community to talk about how "great of a person" someone is, whom they never really knew, when they treated you and other kids you know like crap. She was a bully, and died because she was driving dangerously. Let's try not to forget that.

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Mar-06-13 6:32 PM

Karma1...We have all said things that we wish we had not.

You should say your sorry and ask forgiveness. That closes off the situation. If you say you made a mistake and said something wrong "BUT" says you aren't really sorry except you made yourself look bad.

Again, if you mean it...just say you're sorry and ask for forgiveness.

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Mar-06-13 3:58 PM

Ok. I do feel horrible about what I wrote. I don't wish this on anyone. I'm just a family member of a little 4 year old girl that was harrassed more than once by her. I am very sorry for the 1st comment and for her family's loss. (and btw, I've tried multiple times to delete the post, but I can't, so if anyone can get it deleted that would be great!) I'm really not a heartless person. I lashed out without thinking. I hope her family can find peace.

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Mar-06-13 12:13 PM

"Gulu was the only occupant of the vehicle and had been ejected during the crash, according to the patrol."

Another senseless death.

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Mar-06-13 3:53 AM

Tribute written for Brittany Gulu<3 rest in peace, we miss you!

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Mar-06-13 3:52 AM


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Mar-05-13 9:49 PM

Please pray for this family...

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Mar-05-13 5:43 PM

Before you go running your mouth about the dead. Remember that she has family and loved your ignorant karma1 You don't need to post if you cant say anything nice.

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Mar-05-13 8:31 AM


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