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SEAL named EMA chief

January 11, 2013

LISBON — The Columbiana County Emergency Management Agency has a new director whose special skills will come in handy should al-Qaeda invade....

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Jan-30-13 8:27 AM

I know a person who applied with over 250 hours of FEMA all the courses halleck said he wanted. Field experience too. Not even an interveiw. Easy to see why that happened. Once the new guy gets bored he will leave. Big difference from active duty and admin position.

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Jan-29-13 10:30 PM

I may be mistaken but I believe it was the new director lately. And not worried about wrath. I respect David's position as party chairman and the job he does there. But I have not regrets about speaking my mind and praising the great job ms Dillard has done . But thx for the concern.

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Jan-29-13 5:15 PM

Republicans, politics over everything................

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Jan-29-13 5:14 PM

This is BS government at its' best. Why did they hire this guy. Simple, the name. He will only hold the job for a year or two and then the Republicans will move him into the elected arena. This is nothing more that a ticket punch. The really messed up part is watching the same people (Mike Hallack) get re-elected time after time. Getting re-elected by the same people that ***** at everything they do. Idiots. By the way Cyndi. Your risking Davie's wrath speaking public like this.

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Jan-29-13 2:48 PM

I believe it's his brother who frequents the domestics in the paper..

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Jan-28-13 7:20 PM

I want to mention that for many months now Edie Dillard, the deputy, has done a fabulous job running the department. She is a dedicated, educated, qualified woman. Too bad she now has to train her replacement. And isn't he the same man who has been in the paper lately with domestic complaints and the sheriff involved. Welcome back to Columbiana county.

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Jan-13-13 12:39 PM

Makes one wonder...just how much is those kickbacks?

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Jan-13-13 12:37 PM

Maybe it's time to ask for an investigation. Talk about total disregard for public safety...this is a very dangerous game these fools are playing. You know people, we have dodged a lot of bullets and we are riding on borrowed time for a major disaster or emergency to occur in our area. Only a fool would be this complacent to that fact. This game these commissioners and First Energy is playing is grown now beyond any sense of reality.

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Jan-12-13 8:54 PM

Who is going to be in charge when he is on reserve duty? For 59,000 dollars a year the county should be his ONLY priority. The only reason he was hired over the people with the CORRECT training and experience is because of who he knows. IS THIS MAN RELATED TO CRAIG NEWBOLD? THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT.

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Jan-12-13 10:10 AM

Talk about making themselves look stupid !!

The position went unfilled even though qualified people had applied for the job.

Then turn around and pay the new guy $9000/yr more even though he isn't as expericened as the oldguy or the temp. filling the job.

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Jan-11-13 6:15 PM

These commissions just screwed the public over big time.

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Jan-11-13 6:13 PM

dump the monkey blame on when it all goes wrong.

I trust First Energy as far as I can throw them.

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Jan-11-13 6:11 PM

...with the money coming from FirstEnergy."

That is what I am having trouble with and getting my head wrapped around. I am not wanting to disrespect this Seal but I think they just made a laughing stock out of him and that very first line of this article.

FirstEnergy didn't like any of the candidates? They want to protect their interests and liabilities. I get that but what about everything else. Not every threat of disaster would affect their interest, what about the rest? What I can't figure out is to hear so many people talk...resumes with experienced, qualified people didn't even get interviews. Just some letter of denial. I got a close friend that applied and he said the letter was a laugh. Thanks for applying and if your qualifications are ever needed we will contact you. There was some on here that even stated the same thing. What exactly was they looking for?

I guess we just found out...a puppet. Yes man and somebody for the "after the fact" to

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Jan-11-13 4:46 PM

As long as he jumps when they call for roads to be plowed in the order they want he has a chance. We lost two proven ema leaders over not giving a raise. Then the paper spins it for the commissioners. I wonder why Dillard's salary was never revealed.

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Jan-11-13 2:38 PM

wait, let me rephrase that...they think they found their new money is on the puppet.

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Jan-11-13 1:28 PM

They found their puppet...

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Jan-11-13 8:14 AM

Congrats to the new director. May you never have to do the job you were hired for.

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