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SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL...Successful sleep resolutions for the New Year

December 30, 2012 Staying up late to attend holiday parties and then sleeping in the next day are often ways that we celebrate at the end of a year. more »»

Merry Christmas from the Family Recovery Center

December 25, 2012 Merry Christmas. The staff and I at Family Recovery Center wish you and your loved ones a very special Christmas Day and Happy New Yea. more »»

SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL... Protect yourself from the flu

December 16, 2012 Many people are already starting to feel that tired, run-down, achiness brought on by influenza, commonly known as the flu. more »»

Roots: Where teen depression begins

December 16, 2012 By Cathy Brownfield Family Recovery Center Publicist No matter what else she was doing—and mothers do wear a lot of hats—Eve kept an observing eye on her children. more »»

Seatbelts: For your protection and defense

December 10, 2012 The drivers coming toward you…are they sober? Are they under the influence of a mind-altering substance? How can you possibly know? How fast are you traveling? How fast is the vehicle coming... more »»

SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL...Coping with holiday stress

December 3, 2012 The holiday season can be a time of joy, parties and family gatherings. But for many people, it is also a time of high levels of stress or holiday blues. more »»

Think before acting

December 3, 2012 LISBON — By Cathy Brownfield Family Recovery Center Publicist When you live constantly in crisis there is little time to think about anything or contrive a plan for your short- or long-term life. more »»

Surveys:?Binge drinking remains a problem for college students

December 3, 2012 LISBON — Surveys show that the percentage of college students who binge drink – defined as five drinks for men and four drinks for women in two hours – has held steady at about 40 percent for most o... more »»

SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL...Don’t let the holiday season hurt your health

November 26, 2012 Thanksgiving marked the start of the holiday season, which is a challenge for anyone trying to eat responsibly, since most holiday traditions center around food. more »»

How do you leave a loyal pet?

November 26, 2012 Claire’s dog sleeps at her feet while she writes letters to family and friends who live a distance away from her, when she knits and when she reads. Sometimes he sits with her on the porch swin. more »»

SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL..Sinus pain versus migraine pain

November 19, 2012 “A troublesome headache might not be a migraine or a tension headache,” said otolaryngologist Wayland Wong, M.D., “it could be caused by sinus problems. more »»

Laughter: The best medicine

November 19, 2012 “Do you remember…?” Many get-togethers erupt into a stream of memories that elicit laughter, often hearty belly laughs that bring tears to our eyes and hurt our mid-sections because we laugh so har. more »»

Recovery from eating disorders can be done

November 12, 2012 LISBON — When she received the news that a young friend of hers died due to an eating disorder, MJ was hit hard by the news. more »»

SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL...Men, women and heart disease

November 4, 2012 Many people believe that heart attacks are only a problem for older men, even though heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.. more »»

Smoking cessation plan in the works?

November 4, 2012 Smoking. It’s a good time to quit. Several weeks ago we suggested you plot your plan and get ready for the Great American Smokeout. You have to want it to be able to quit. more »»


November 4, 2012 It’s hard to escape the upcoming presidential election and even the youngest members of our society are fascinated by the process of voting and electing a leader. more »»

GUEST COLUMN...A Republic… If you can keep it

November 2, 2012 Some 225 years ago, as an aged Benjamin Franklin departed from the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a woman in the street called out: “Well Doctor Franklin, what have we got, a republic or a... more »»

SALEM COMMUNITY HOSPITAL...Living with peripheral neuropathy

October 29, 2012 Over 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which can occur at any age, but is more common among older adults. more »»

Advisory:?Holidays approaching

October 29, 2012 LISBON — Nobody wants to hear it, but we’ll make these announcements anyway. Forewarned is forearmed. Halloween is Wednesday. Thanksgiving is four weeks from this Thursday. more »»

Taking care of your eyes

October 16, 2012 LISBON — What is your favorite digital media? Smartphone? iPad? E-reader? How much time per day do you spend with your digital device? What are the effects of that on your eyes? The Vision Council... more »»



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