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GUEST COLUMN: Washington must help hard-working Ohioans

October 5, 2015 America is better off when we are making things. more »»

Accountability is simply the right course to take

October 3, 2015 “If there was a nuclear war, the only thing that would be left would be cockroaches and student debt. more »»

October: Talk, get it out in the open

September 28, 2015 Domestic violence impacts the lives of one out of four American women. It can happen to anyone, female or male. You may be a victim, or someone you know. It is a problem that affects everyone. more »»

Confronting domestic violence

September 27, 2015 This month during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we join women and men across the country to support victims of violence and send the message that domestic violence is unacceptable – in our... more »»

Ozone standard will be most expensive regulation ever placed on U.S. manufacturers

September 22, 2015 The U.S. EPA’s proposed massively expensive ozone standard will be the single most expensive regulation ever forced upon American manufacturers, estimated to cost the nation 1.4 million jobs and $. more »»

September recognized as National Recovery Month

September 21, 2015 If you have a mental or substance use disorder, you may believe you are alone and isolated. You are not. Millions of Americans experience the same things and do every year. more »»

Intense political season will reverberate across campuses

September 18, 2015 With the surprising emergence of a boisterous Donald Trump and the growing concerns about truthfulness surrounding Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, a dozen leaders from significant state... more »»

Addiction to substances can bring along many disorders

September 14, 2015 By CATHY THOMAS BROWNFIELD Family Recovery Center publicist You can say that addiction only happens to other people. You can say you aren’t dependent on any substances. more »»

FASD Awareness Month: The best gift a mother can give

September 7, 2015 News of a new addition coming to a family is exciting news to many of us. The parents, family and friends of the parents-to-be are all planning the future with anticipatio. more »»

Fighting for more jobs in our state

September 6, 2015 During August, I had a chance to travel all across our great state on a jobs tour that took me over 3,000 miles through 22 counties. more »»

Looking for heroes: Stand up to bullies

September 2, 2015 Bullying should not be taken lightly. Tolerance sends mixed messages and many of them are not good. more »»

Committees will visit our county

August 30, 2015 One of the most important responsibilities of a state legislator is to take the time to listen to the people of Ohio and learn about the issues that are important to them. more »»

Be Kind to Humankind Week is under way

August 24, 2015 Penny remembers her mother’s life philosophy. She had lived the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treate. more »»

Analyzing complexity of our school system

August 21, 2015 It’s the onset of fall and that means, as it does every year, that school is about to start. This is a process we take for granted. Because we take it for granted, we underestimate its complexity. more »»

A variety of reasons can cause addictions

August 17, 2015 There is a group of women who meet at Fleming House. Recovery is so important to them that they are willing to wait to get into the Intensive Outpatient Program because it offers them hope. more »»

Trying to control youth violence

August 3, 2015 Trying to control youth violence My grandson chattered about some of the video games kids are playing these days. Everything he told me spoke of violence … hatred, murder, evil. more »»

Family time: Do you know what you are missing out on?

July 27, 2015 In Grandma’s day, dinner hour was at 6 o’clock on the dot. You were at your place at the supper table with clean hands and face. You didn’t make your mother wait for you. more »»

GUEST COLUMN: Cutting through red tape to kick-start the economy

July 20, 2015 Recent economic indicators continue to confirm how disappointing our recovery from the 2007-2009 financial crisis has been. In fact, economists say it is the weakest recovery since World War II. more »»

Tobacco use related to a dozen cancers

July 20, 2015 Cancer. It seems we hear of someone in late stage cancer every day. They have horrible pain and just want it to stop. more »»

Weight management: Beating down obesity and getting healthy

July 13, 2015 Weight management is big business in the United States. more »»



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