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Ohio must better fund roads, bridges

August 12, 2015 Ohio seems to do a better job of maintaining highways and bridges and finding money for new ones than some other states. Still, trouble may be on the horizon. more »»

Case of missing boys in Atlantic raised questions

August 11, 2015 The judgmental quality of Americans, enabled by the relative anonymity of social media, reared its head during the past several days as a search for two missing teenagers droned on off the waters of... more »»


August 9, 2015 Roses for those filing to become candidates in the upcoming election. The democratic process is reliant on proactive citizens who want to serve. more »»

Obama going after natural-gas fueled power too

August 7, 2015 During the past couple of years, Americans worried about how they will pay their electric bills in the future have had one consolation: natural gas. more »»

Training is key when owning gun

August 6, 2015 The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms. more »»

Lawmakers must act to reduce deadly force police tragedies

August 5, 2015 When most Americans think about tragedies involving use of deadly force by police officers, the word “Ferguson” probably comes to mind. more »»

Protecting Ohio children at risk

August 4, 2015 After 5-month-old Erin Warfel died in March 2013, the authorities in Medina, Ohio, decided her cause of death was "undecided." Everyone involved moved on with their lives. more »»

Infant mortality in Ohio remains alarmingly high

August 3, 2015 Ohio continues to suffer from a higher infant mortality rate than most of the rest of the country. According to the Ohio Department of Health, in 2013 there were 7. more »»


August 2, 2015 Roses for dedicated youth giving up good chunks of their summer vacations to devote to pre-season conditioning for upcoming sports. It is not easy to train in the foundry-like hot weather we have had. more »»

UMW should not get fooled again

August 1, 2015 At the top of the agenda for the United Mine Workers of America's 125th anniversary convention ought to be a vow not to get fooled again. more »»

Shipping more of our jobs overseas

July 31, 2015 We Americans consume a lot more aluminum than our country produces. more »»

Put down cell phone; beware of distracted drivers

July 30, 2015 More than 17,000 vehicle crashes — 44 of them fatal — occurred last year due to driver distraction, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. more »»

Iran deal won’t guarantee peace

July 29, 2015 White House political aides are doing an excellent job of fear-mongering to convince members of Congress to support the proposed nuclear arms deal with Iran. more »»

Minimum wage hike detrimental to many workers

July 28, 2015 It is likely that soon, thousands of fast-food restaurant workers in New York will have personal understandings of the warning, "Be careful what you wish for. You may get it. more »»

Import-Export Bank should get out of coal politics

July 27, 2015 Members of Congress are being pressured by President Barack Obama to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank — but they should refuse to do so on the White House’s terms. more »»

Appeal of Kasich will likely increase

July 26, 2015 For too long, the economy has been the political playground of presidents — of both parties — and many members of Congress. Ohio Gov. more »»

Can Obama be rooting for terrorists?

July 26, 2015 I struggle to be less provocative than to suggest the president of the United States is rooting for terrorists who would harm us, but consider the evidence. more »»

Jihad on U.S. troops is not a ‘circumstance’

July 26, 2015 Four U.S. Marines, barred from carrying weapons at naval training facilities despite explicit ISIS threats against our military, are dead in Tennessee. more »»

Hillary’s Glass-Steagall mistake

July 26, 2015 Hillary Clinton recently noted that too many of America's major financial institutions are still too complex and too risky, and she promised to offer plans to rein in excessive risks on Wall Street. more »»

Planned Parenthood investigation warranted

July 25, 2015 Planned Parenthood officials have cried foul over an expose by an anti-abortion group. more »»



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