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Turns out, more Ohio charters falling short

February 10, 2016 Charter schools, touted by some as one of the keys to ensuring more children have access to quality educations, have become a scandal of sorts in Ohio. more »»

Clinton candidacy no service to Dem voters

February 8, 2016 After Democrat voters caucused in Iowa last Monday night, Hillary Clinton told reporters she breathed “a sigh of relief” at the results. She won, the Democrat contender for president noted. more »»


February 7, 2016 Roses, finally, for the Browns being poised to dump Manziel. He is a sterling example of what is wrong with many of the pampered, entitled, privileged, babied athletes of today. more »»

IRS: Don’t fall prey to phone scammers

February 6, 2016 'Tis the tax season. With it comes all the predators like phone scammers. An alert reader sent along some information courtesy of the IRS. Heed it and don't get burne. more »»

Show your appetite for feeding the pantry

February 5, 2016 Performing a good deed and the nice feeling it creates is often reward enough. An upcoming event will provide just that and more. more »»

Federal spending still out of control

February 4, 2016 Spending by Americans was flat in December, but they socked money away in savings accounts at the highest rate in three years, the Commerce Department reported this week. more »»

Obama’s policy fails in Iraq, Afghanistan

February 3, 2016 At least President Barack Obama was politically smart enough not to declare “mission accomplished” in Iraq and Afghanista. more »»

Military returns to the Jeep for mobility

February 2, 2016 Millions of military veterans remember the famous Jeep, which made its mark as a light military vehicle that never seemed to meet terrain it could not conquer. more »»

Is it wrong to have a registry for rights?

January 31, 2016 Last week, a South Carolina legislator introduced a bill to require journalists to register with the government before reporting the state's news. State Rep. more »»

St. Paul School remains a community landmark

January 30, 2016 Since 1904, St. Paul School has been a community landmark. It is firmly entrenched in our history as is St. Paul Church which originated in 1881. Throughout the decades St. more »»

Bill would protect victims of violence

January 29, 2016 A bill pending in the Ohio General Assembly would protect victims of domestic violence, and it makes sense. more »»

Cyber bullying holster carrying another weapon

January 28, 2016 March 21 will mark the 10th anniversary of something that changed the landscape of the cyber age communication realm. more »»

Find ways to make school affordable

January 27, 2016 Federal student loan and grant programs have not made college more affordable. They have merely provided billions of dollars in taxpayer money to help pay for it. more »»

Numbers only goal for Obamacare

January 26, 2016 Like shady used-car salespeople who need to meet quotas, federal officials in charge of the Obamacare program are far more concerned with numbers than quality care for customers. more »»

Helping low-income children in school

January 25, 2016 Closing the academic achievement gap between children from low-income households and their more prosperous classmates is among the biggest challenges facing educators. more »»

Hold down the cost of college

January 24, 2016 Federal student loan and grant programs have not made college more affordable. They have merely provided billions of dollars in taxpayer money to help pay for it. more »»

Bill could preserve thousands of jobs

January 23, 2016 Celebrations of victories against President Barack Obama's assault on coal and affordable electricity have tended to be short-lived. more »»

Beware of the profiteers with next marijuana issue

January 22, 2016 Ohioans who shot down a get-rich-quick marijuana legalization scheme last year may vote differently if looking at a ballot issue allowing medicinal use of the drug. more »»

Bowie’s talent helped to change our world

January 21, 2016 A champion for the oddball. A hitmaker. A starman. An actor and composer and playwright. Androgynous. Andy Warhol 2.0. more »»

Public unions free ride claim backfires against unions

January 19, 2016 Labor union leaders may have had their fingers crossed, hoping no one would spot the Achilles heel in the self-preservation argument they have used so successfully for many years. more »»



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