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Behavioral analysis can help end mass shootings, violence

December 27, 2013 A small unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation may be paving the way for state governments in search of a system that could help prevent mass shootings and violence, not through weapons bans,... more »»

A very Merry Christmas to all!

December 25, 2013 Merry Christmas to kids everywhere who last night tightly squeezed their eyes and strained to hear reindeer footsteps on the rooftop. more »»

Research options before getting pet

December 20, 2013 With the gift-giving season upon us we urge potential pet owners to have patience and think things through before bringing home a cute and cuddly companion. more »»

Sen. Reid pushes hurry-up farm billIf Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has his way, Americans may get another important law we have to read in order to know what it contains. That didn’t work well the last time around, with Obamacare. A new five-year far

December 19, 2013 If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has his way, Americans may get another important law we have to read in order to know what it contains. That didn’t work well the last time around, with Obamacare. more »»

Bill allows judges to order treatment

December 18, 2013 Too often, the mentally ill do not receive the help they need, even when it is apparent they are threats to themselves and/or others. A new study of the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. more »»

States downwind going after Ohio

December 17, 2013 Ohio and West Virginia are among nine states targeted by our neighbors to the north and east in another attempt to burden our people with higher electric bills and our industries with job-killing ne... more »»

Let’s keep up the giving this season

December 16, 2013 Thanksgiving usually kicks off the holiday season in most of our minds. Usually it is during this time of year that we clearly see a need by some many people in our community. more »»

No accountability for prison guards

December 11, 2013 In the private sector, a night watchman caught failing to make his rounds and falsifying documents to make it appear he had probably would be fired. more »»

Nelson Mandela united homeland

December 10, 2013 Nelson Mandela is gone, and with him goes the steadying influence he brought to governments across Afric. more »»

Dec. 7, 1941 branded into into nation’s consciousness

December 7, 2013 It was the most profound and cowardly sneak attack in the history of man. At exactly 7:55 a.m., on Dec. more »»

Ohio candidates fail candor test

December 6, 2013 Millions of Americans have run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service at one time or another. Usually, honest mistakes are involved. more »»

Let’s hope this works better than old plan

December 5, 2013 A new national security strategy, replacing one he initiated in 2010, will be unveiled next year, President Barack Obama has informed Congress. more »»

Root out guilty at Ohio tax office

December 4, 2013 Ohio’s Department of Taxation is a mess, and Tax Commissioner Joe Testa has a host of problems to sort through — some of them criminal. more »»

Look objectively at climate change

December 3, 2013 Two scientific studies that nearly crossed paths on the way to publication by the National Academy of Sciences raise serious questions about climate change - and the liberal knee-jerk reaction that... more »»

There’s a reason it’s called Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013 Today is a day for reunions, good food-make that a lot (burp!) of good food-good cheer and for watching parades and football on TV. But it is also a day for each and everyone of us to give thanks. more »»

Shopping choice rests in your hands

November 27, 2013 H ere's a thought: Don't blame the merchants who simply are in business to make a dollar for turning Thanksgiving Day into Black Friday Minus One. more »»

Obamacare ad appeal backfires

November 26, 2013 Americans don't seem to want? Appeal to heavy drinkers and promiscuous women. That's what some in Colorado are trying in an attempt to get more people to sign up for Obamacare health insurance. more »»

Smokeout raises important facts

November 22, 2013 We're going to throw some numbers out, so wrap your mind around these, if you can — an estimated 58.5 million of U.S. adults were smokers in 2012, and of those, 41.6 million smoked every day. more »»

Homeland nominee has priorities wrong

November 21, 2013 Ask most people what they believe is top priority at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and they are likely to say battling terrorists. more »»

Mental health system lacking

November 19, 2013 Few weeks go by without some new proposal for additional restrictions on gun ownership by Americans. A constant debate rages — and that is probably the right word — over the issue. more »»



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