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March 6, 2016 Roses for all contributing to the Salem Police K-9 Fund. Through Friday afternoon, more than $39,000 had been collected toward an initial goal of $55,000. more »»

Maybe Apple can secure IRS files

March 3, 2016 If you have used the Internal Revenue Service’s computerized program to obtain copies of your old tax returns, there is an excellent chance criminals have personal information about you. more »»

Intelligence coverup in national security?

March 2, 2016 Dozens of military intelligence analysts complained last year they were pressured to alter reports to make it look as if U.S. more »»

Heart health to take center stage this month

March 1, 2016 It's American Heart Month and a good time to start living a healthier lifestyle. more »»


February 28, 2016 Thorns for a stalled streets project in Salem. We don't even have an engineering firm in place yet. more »»

Let the selection process play out

February 27, 2016 There is nothing unusual, nor unconstitutional, about what's going on regarding choosing a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. more »»

No new money for Zika fight

February 26, 2016 How worried are you about the Ebola virus? You remember, Ebola — the disease that was in the headlines in 2014. How about the Zika virus? Yes, the one making news no. more »»

Appreciate the role of Future Farmers of America

February 25, 2016 We should all realize —and not ever take for granted — that agriculture plays a critical role for all of us living in Columbiana and southern Mahoning counties. more »»

What does Obama expect from Castro?

February 23, 2016 President Barack Obama has said that when he visits Cuba in March, he will discuss human rights abuses by that brutal regime. more »»

Senators shouldn’t fall for SC ploy by Obama

February 22, 2016 In order to get the person he wants on the Supreme Court, President Barack Obama is willing to nominate someone acceptable to conservatives in the Senate, it is being reported. more »»


February 21, 2016 Roses for those shoveling out fire hydrants following the big storm. Thorns to those who didn't if physically able to do so. more »»

Why isn’t Columbus machete attack also considered hate crime?

February 20, 2016 Offenses against Muslims in the United States seem to be automatically labeled as “hate crimes” by federal officials. more »»

How good will security be on Cuban flights?

February 18, 2016 President Barack Obama seems determined to “normalize” relations between the United States and Cuba, regardless of good reasons why the process should proceed slowly, if at all. more »»

Inch after inch after wet and heavy inch

February 17, 2016 So much for El Nino, 'ey? We knew snow was coming and it did. Inch after inch after wet and heavy inch. Tuesday's snowfall came as expected. more »»

Lawmakers must close drug loophole

February 16, 2016 Appeals court justices are supposed to interpret laws as they are written, not as someone claims legislators meant the statutes to be read. more »»

Will Obama choose people or politics?

February 15, 2016 A humanitarian campaign launched in Congress could help hundreds of millions of people — saving countless lives — if President Barack Obama will put politics aside. more »»


February 14, 2016 Roses and a box of chocolates – non-fattening, of course — for all the Valentine’s Day sweethearts. Especially the longtime elderly sweethearts. more »»

Residents take heed: Another scammer alert

February 13, 2016 Scammers are relentless. Just a few days ago we warned of deception by criminals using the IRS guise to fleece innocent folks. more »»

Yet another example of the horrors of heroin

February 12, 2016 We have written on numerous occasions about the growing depth of the heroin problem in our society, and we have been realistic in realizing that it will get worse before it gets better. more »»

Zika virus finds its way into Ohio

February 11, 2016 Unlike many multisyllabic-named diseases that we can’t even pronounce let alone give a passing care about, there is an easily recognizable disease emerging throughout the world. Zika. more »»



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