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Defending liberty in Garland, Texas

May 7, 2015 Initial indications were that two gunmen killed during an assault on an art exhibit in Garland, Texas, were motivated by extremist Islamic hatred. more »»

Make criminals with guns pay with hard time

May 6, 2015 Too often, law-abiding gun owners are the targets of those who want to reduce violent crime. That makes no sense. As many gun enthusiasts point out, criminals don’t obey the law anyway. more »»

Another reminder of an unkept Obama promise

May 5, 2015 For seven years now, President Barack Obama has annually broken a promise. In 2008, while able to say whatever he thought would garner the most votes, Obama pledged to recognize the slaughter of 1. more »»

The House passes the state operating budget

May 4, 2015 The budget process took another step this when the Ohio House passed Amended Substitute House Bill 64 (on April 23), which was our version of the state operating budget. more »»

Freddie Gray needs to be front, center

May 3, 2015 Did Baltimore's mayor wait too long to call for backup to the city's police department as riots spread in the streets Monday? Hindsight would say "yes. more »»

Reliable background checks are essential

May 1, 2015 School systems use Ohio's criminal background check system to ensure they are not hiring someone who may be a danger to children. more »»

House Reps should use realistic figures

April 29, 2015 Nearly two-thirds of the members of the Ohio House of Representatives were not serving in those posts in 2009. Perhaps that explains the House's collective short memory regarding overconfidence. more »»

John Hinckley Jr. hasn’t been cured

April 28, 2015 John Hinckley Jr. shot then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The attack nearly killed Reagan. His press secretary, James Brady, was left with permanent brain injury. more »»

Distorting justice to fit own biases

April 24, 2015 F airness and impartiality are at the foundation of the American concept of justice. It has been eroded to an alarming extent. more »»

Yemen blockade risks Iran reaction

April 24, 2015 When then-President John F. Kennedy used Navy vessels to blockade Cuba in 1963, he made it clear they were to prevent Soviet ships from delivering missiles to the island nation. U.S. more »»

Officials quick to quash records plan

April 22, 2015 Ohioans should not have to bear the expense and aggravation of going to court to force government officials to comply with the open records law, state Auditor Dave Yost believe. more »»

A few bad cops spoil public trust

April 21, 2015 It takes just a few rogue cops to make many people — members of racial minority groups in particular — suspicious of all law enforcement officers. more »»

Point of no return for coal power near

April 20, 2015 Americans may be approaching a point of no return to reasonably priced electricity, as a result of President Barack Obama’s war on coal. more »»

Let constituents decide Dem endorsement

April 19, 2015 Ohio's Democrat Party leaders have endorsed former Gov. Ted Strickland as nominee for a U.S. Senate seat without bothering to consider whether that may be the choice of Democrat voters. more »»

Tax Freedom Day later every year

April 17, 2015 Bad news about taxes for Ohioans came out this week, but don’t blame local and state officials. It is not their fault. more »»

Congress must end VA stonewall

April 16, 2015 True public servants are frowned upon by some in the federal bureaucracy. Anyone daring to rock the boat by going public with evidence of malfeasance risks retaliatio. more »»

Police can’t sit on evidence for years

April 15, 2015 Ohioans should be pleased impressive progress has been made in clearing up a gigantic backlog of old evidence in rape cases. more »»

Broken promises: Ohio should consider revoking casino credit

April 14, 2015 Legalized casino gambling in Ohio has followed a trail worn well in other states. First, promise voters enormous riches if they approve table gambling and electronic slot machines. more »»

Tsarnaev must be held accountable

April 13, 2015 "The devil made me do it" was a popular line by comedian Flip Wilson in the 1970s, but it fails miserably as a defense in a terrorist's trial. more »»


April 12, 2015 Thorns to the ongoing downtown crumbling building(s) saga. It has virtually hijacked our front page (no ransom note yet but we expect one). more »»



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